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Hawg Haul'r
Great report!
Tue Sep 4, 2018 4:05pm

Such fun to read the adventures and antics of Kids up North. ;) Sounds like you had a hand full with the grandkids and snakes. What a trip. The bathroom thing I can see it is a yucky nightmare. We got something like you got with the tent thing but we use the self-composting bags, but we use it for camping. They can handle several #1's no problem, then just change out the bag, and put into a garbage bag. #2 is a 1 shot deal everything goes into the composting bag and can be disposed of into the garbage. Not much odor and disposal is legal and easy. Don has a great idea but really if you guys are going to be retiring, septic would be the way to go. I imagine that is what all your neighbors are using so perk must be good in the area and you are well away from any water.

Anyway, glad to see you are getting westernized now, that you are really living in the real west and not just the west side of the state. Boots, long pants, yup thar be times y0ou want to wear that stuff. At least those snakes weren't eaten' snakes and could live. Both are good ones to have around. Especially the bull snake around the place. They help keep the rodent's and bugs down plus the rattlers away.

Was there a part 1 of the report?

Can't wait for the next installment.

  • Part 3Trip report, Sat Sep 1 10:57pm
    Update part 3 After the snake incident we went to a boot store and grandma bought the grandkids new cowboy boots. They were just about grown out of theirs and grandma bought herself a pair of real... more
    • Great report! — Hawg Haul'r, Tue Sep 4 4:05pm
      • No Part 1, Tue Sep 4 8:22pm
        The Title:” Back” was the part 1. We aren’t planning on putting the well or septic in until retirement. So that’s why we are looking into the composting toilet. Will make things much better. I don’t... more
        • You were on play time - no work! Hawg Haul'r, Sat Sep 8 6:51pm
          Very cool those bads are pretty neat. Very little smell and disposal is legal and easy. You know how kids are, they have to over react before they even try it. Heck you weren't there on a working... more
          • Da Love boat is2lbgill, Mon Sep 10 9:48pm
            no longer, we had a problem with it like when it decided to become a submarine. My son was up with the family and we were fishing for a couple of hours and having fun.We did not know it at the time... more
            • Love Boat 2 Looks ready to goHawg Haul'r, Wed Sep 12 4:06pm
              Wow Don that was quite the fishin' trip/ Did you get the bass??? lol I had to ask. Glad everyone is safe, maybe a bit wet for the experience but all is well and can laugh about for years to come. We... more
            • Wow!Me, Tue Sep 11 6:33pm
              What a story. Sure glad you all are ok! You have to admit, since everyone is ok, that would have made a “Funniest Video” entry. Looks real nice and hopefully it stays upright for many future fishing... more
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