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Da Love boat is
Mon Sep 10, 2018 9:48pm

no longer, we had a problem with it like when it decided to become a submarine. My son was up with the family and we were fishing for a couple of hours and having fun.We did not know it at the time but the fiberglass floats were slowly leaking. The floats themselves had a open area on the top in the middle which was not a problem unless everyone got on one side as like in a boat. Well by daughter-in-law had a big bass on and the 2 grand kid's went running over to her where she was fishing on the side in the middle. All of a sudden I am going under water and Donna is going in the water also. I found I couldn't swim much because I have this bad shoulder and can't extend the arm. My son came to the rescue and we got back to the raft. My daughter-in-law threw us preservers as she was still on it with my grandson I had extra flotation which kept it afloat. One of the neighbors saw what was happening and came over with his pontoon and pulled us back to shore where we started. Sure glad everything turned out safely for us and we can laugh about it now. A couple of days later I pulled it out and turned it over and took the floats off and started looking for some 55 gal.plastic barres which took awhile. So it now has 6-55 gallon barrels underneath, each one will float 450 lbs for a total of 2700 lbs. The platform weighs 440 lbs which gives it at least 2200 lbs of people room. We have had a couple of cruises in it already and it is pretty nice., tomorrow we plan to have the first fishing trip on it. Have tp finish painting but here's update

  • You were on play time - no work! Hawg Haul'r, Sat Sep 8 6:51pm
    Very cool those bads are pretty neat. Very little smell and disposal is legal and easy. You know how kids are, they have to over react before they even try it. Heck you weren't there on a working... more
    • Da Love boat is — 2lbgill, Mon Sep 10 9:48pm
      • Love Boat 2 Looks ready to goHawg Haul'r, Wed Sep 12 4:06pm
        Wow Don that was quite the fishin' trip/ Did you get the bass??? lol I had to ask. Glad everyone is safe, maybe a bit wet for the experience but all is well and can laugh about for years to come. We... more
      • Wow!Me, Tue Sep 11 6:33pm
        What a story. Sure glad you all are ok! You have to admit, since everyone is ok, that would have made a “Funniest Video” entry. Looks real nice and hopefully it stays upright for many future fishing... more
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