Fri Nov 9, 2018 11:07am

Just quick not!!
We traded my old Ranger in and bought a brand new 2018 Diesel Ford F-250 Super Duty XLT 4x4 king cab. (4 doors with full size seating front and rear)
Itís a metallic gray that sparkles.

It has the roll up cover on the back and 18 inch wheels.
I feel like Iím climbing into a semi!! Lol

Shouldnít have anymore problems getting into the property, no matter what the weather.

Hawg Iíll send you pictures and you can forward.

The pictures were taken at a friends house where hubby stays in our other rv in Everett, when he canít get home from work.

We bought it all the way up in Anacortes!!!

    • Really Nice2lbgill, Thu Dec 6 12:53pm
      truck' WOW! It' been awhile since I posted and I had to switch computers and haven't transferred any links yet (old one now)I more than one older ones that I keep rejuvenating. Hey Hawg awhile back I ... more
      • Re: Really NiceHawg Haul'r, Fri Dec 7 6:33pm
        Oh to be that young again. Fishing, hunting, all the fun stuff. Maybe 97? I got the new truck then. Last year of the old model look.
    • Re: NewHawg Haul'r, Tue Nov 13 12:12am
      It is one sweet ride too.
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