Christmas 2018 Property
Sat Jan 5, 2019 2:22am

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and 2019 has been great so far!

We had our family Christmas on Dec 22, where I found out I have not one but two grandkids coming.

One in June ( I knew about that one) and one in July.
That one is a shock as they are not married. Not happy about that.
Christmas Eve we packed up the new truck and headed to the property.

Sure was nice driving the new truck and I never realized how nice cruise control is.
My Ranger didnít have it.

I actually let my husband drive the new truck too!!!
He hadnít been home, since we bought it, to be able to drive it.

Upon arriving at the property, there was 2-3 inches of snow.

After unpacking and putting up Christmas lights and decorations, we had pizza. :)
In the evenings we played cards and watched movie.

Christmas morning, and all day, we burned up our big brush pile of branches and stumps.
By night time we had a coal bed that was 3 feet high and 4 feet wide.
Then for Christmas dinner we roasted hotdogs and símores.

Next morning we cut down ( in the snow) 9 trees that were killed by the beetles.
Cut the wood up for firewood and made a second burn area to burn up all the branches.
Was snowing most of the day, while we were doing that.

The dogs had a blast chancing each other in the snow and the younger one drove us nuts, standing at the 5th door wanting outside. He just wanted to play in the snow.

The next morning I went through all the cameras.
Found lots of turkeys, deerís, and coyotes.
Think the bears went to sleep and no cougar.
Hopefully itís moved on.
No trespassers, which was nice.
As I was rounding up the camera disks, I found paw tracks.
They were new since we arrived and I think itís the big black coyote.
Heís real smart.
Havenít caught him on camera yet, but Iíve seen him in the field. Heís as big as a German Shepard.
He and his mate had four new pups this year. Had 5 last year.
Now that makes 12 coyotes that I know of.

When we were burning the branches, after dark, he howled out in the field. I think he was surprised we were there and burning.

I howled back at him and he answered back.
Did it a couple times, then he went quiet.
So I knew he was somewhere watching us.

The next morning we woke to 3 more inches of snow.

It was time to pack up and secure the place.

Put all new batteries , in the cameras, and cleared the disks for more recordings.

Had to use my new truck four wheel drive, on a hill, to get out of there.
This truck is so nice.

Anyways, roads were good and made it home safe.
The pass roads were really nice. The road crew doing a great job keeping the pass roads cleared.

Last few days of vacation we did small projects around the house.

Canít wait to go back to the property, but it wonít be before spring.

Neighbors have a six wheeler, they put snow tracks on it and check on our place just about everyday.
They make a big circle and go for a ride in the snow.
I sent pics to Hawg and he can forward them, so you all can see them.

Happy New Year Everyone.

Hope 2019 is good for everyone.

    • Never seen2lbgill, Sat Jan 5 7:02am
      a black coyote. Coyote like to yelp continuously and their howl is a long whinning sound. If it's as big a a German Shepard that could possibly a wolf. Coyotes very seldom get over 45 lbs. A wolf is... more
      • Maybe itís a Wolf, Sat Jan 5 11:14am
        Maybe Hawg can send you that picture of my hand beside the print in the snow. I sure hope the wolfís havent migrated to our area after the big fires. I know thereís a pack called Huckleberry Pack but ... more
        • Re: Maybe itís a Hawg Haul'r, Sat Jan 5 10:26pm
          The track you took a pic of is pretty small and I would say coyote. That is all I have seen in the pics. No cougar. :( Tho with the one mauling and two human kills one for sure and the second, the... more
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