Maybe itís a
Sat Jan 5, 2019 11:14am

Maybe Hawg can send you that picture of my hand beside the print in the snow.
I sure hope the wolfís havent migrated to our area after the big fires.
I know thereís a pack called Huckleberry Pack but they are east of the property.
Every time I see him heís running across the field trying to get to cover. Donít have enough time to get a picture of him , when I do get to see him.

  • Never seen2lbgill, Sat Jan 5 7:02am
    a black coyote. Coyote like to yelp continuously and their howl is a long whinning sound. If it's as big a a German Shepard that could possibly a wolf. Coyotes very seldom get over 45 lbs. A wolf is... more
    • Maybe itís a — Wolf, Sat Jan 5 11:14am
      • Re: Maybe itís a Hawg Haul'r, Sat Jan 5 10:26pm
        The track you took a pic of is pretty small and I would say coyote. That is all I have seen in the pics. No cougar. :( Tho with the one mauling and two human kills one for sure and the second, the... more
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