Sun Jan 13, 2019 10:40am

After sooooo many days and weeks of rain, the sun came out yesterday!!!
Weatherman says sun till Wednesday.
I donít know about the rest of you, but our weather is really messed up.
It was 61 degrees here yesterday and low upper 30ís!!!
Thatís spring temps.

I sure hope the beats donít come out of hybernation and think winter is over.
We need the cold to kill off all the bugs or itís going to be bad this summer.

Sure glad we are finally getting a break from the rain!! :)

    • Re: FinallyHawg Haul'r, Mon Jan 14 3:53pm
      enjoy it while it lasts I have a feeling that it won't be around very long for you guys over there. It is our usual inversion here. Foggy just above town I am pretty sure it is nice and sunny above... more
      • Youíre Right, Wed Jan 16 1:06pm
        Today is last dry day for at least 5 days. :( Iím so sick of how much rain we are having. In all the years, Iíve lived here, I do not recall this much rain. And itís 60 degrees outside, in the middle ... more
        • Re: Youíre Hawg Haul'r, Sat Jan 19 8:47pm
          Now we have more snow which is nice. It helps get rid of some of that brown out there. It is supposed to be white this time of year. The El Nino weather is sort os wacko anyway. You back to rain and... more
          • Yep:(, Sun Jan 20 1:17am
            We had 5 dry days and now itís back to rain and some wind. Thatís all we need is add wind to trees with soaked roots!! We have a LOT of trees around our place!!!! I been painting one bathroom and... more
            • Yea but....Hawg Haul'r, Sun Jan 20 10:54pm
              look at what you guys have done at the property. If all that time, energy and money went into the house it would have been done years ago. So I think 8 years is quite good. Poor Mark only has so many ... more
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