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Connecticut spanking
Tue Jul 11, 2017 18:26

Experienced spanking top available for ladies who seek the relief and relaxation that a good spanking can bring.

Have you though of a spanking? A good sting and a warm bottom? Are you curious to feel the sensations?

I offer stress relief spanking, guilt relief spanking, disciplinary spanking and spankings which are just plain fun! Do you have a role play fantasy? Don't feel shy or embarrassed about sharing it!

Light spanking for the new and curious, or harder sessions for seasoned veterans, just tell me what you prefer and I will be happy to oblige.

All limits are respected, and safewords are always in play.

I offer spankings only, and am not seeking sexual interactions.

I'm very tall and I have a luxurious lap for you to lay on. I function as a service top in the spanking community, so your wants and needs are my top priority. Tell me what you'd like, and I'll be happy to work with you.

Here are some testimonials:

"Every time I sit or move in a certain way I smile."

"I'm finding myself squirming on my desk chair just to feel the sensations of it. It's a delicious achy feeling - and I'm loving every minute!"

"I was hissing like a snake every time I sat down at work!"

"So relaxing. Better than a massage, even if I do feel like I'm sitting on bees. lol"

"I wasn't really going to go through with it, but I'm glad I did. Who knew getting spanked could be fun?"

Please contact spanks_2010 at yahoo

    • Wow!Debbie Dildo, Sat Jul 22 14:05
      You must be the best spanker in Connecticut!
      • Wow!RF, Sat Jul 22 15:52
        I try! :-) Agoodspanking gives me plenty of competition though. ;-)
    • R.E NurseAnonymous, Tue Jul 18 14:32
      R.E Nurse Tue Jul 18, 2017 06:46 2601:18e:101:a53e:8c61:97b2:3b33:60a6 Hiya Nurse i live in marlborough massachusetts 1 hour from Ct if you still offer free spankings over the knee i would be... more
      • Re: R.E NurseRF, Tue Jul 18 14:53
        Uh, was this supposed to be for this ad? It looks like it contains text from a guy seeking a female spanker down deeper in the chain?
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