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Christian Gentleman
I need a Christian father figure in Ontario, Canada!
Sun Aug 6, 2017 17:50

I am an educated, cultured, Christ-loving gentleman who needs a Christian father figure in my life! I mean well, but I need you to help me complete a literary project I have begun, which is inspired by the Holy Spirit, methinks! Your encouragement and CARING, sound spankings will help me type three to five pages of that apocalyptic, but beautiful novel written in French! I also will comply to your domestic discipline, because I want to be your LOYALLY LOVING, spanking-submissive "son" FOR LIFE!
May God bless you! MARANATHA!

    • tan that assart, Mon Aug 7 13:28
      Where are you in Ontario? And if your near the capitol then may consider it. Not a sugar type so if you trying to scam that way etc then don't bother But if you really desire that and are actually... more
      • Dear Art, I shall be in Gatineau during Christmas time!ChristianGentleman, Mon Dec 11 23:21
        Dear Art, I am Daniel, the man whose username is the following: "ChristianGentleman" (but WITHOUT the quotation marks I am using according to proper, grammatical rules). To refresh your memory, I am... more
      • Dearest Art, I have a NEW PLAN to submit to you!Christian Gentleman, Fri Aug 18 10:29
        Dearly beloved Mister Art, I am Daniel and I previously had posted TWO REPLIES to you on August seventh and eight of this current and increasingly violent, apocalyptically alarming Anno Domini 2017,... more
      • Dear Art, thank you very much for responding!Christian Gentleman, Mon Aug 7 22:50
        My dearest "Daddy" Art, First and foremost, I thank you from the bottom of my HUGE HEART for responding! I GREATLY APPRECIATE IT! My REAL, first name is Daniel and I live in Sudbury, Northern... more
        • No no no have no interest of having some like that. You need to have your own home etc. this would be huge work with below zero benefit you need to get your act together and stop wanting to move or... more
          • Re: Dear Art, thank you very much for responding!Christian Gentleman, Tue Aug 8 18:36
            Dear Mister Art, Thank you very much for your FRANK, but slightly disheartening response!I am DEFINITELY planning to move in the Ottawa area within the NEXT, FEW MONTHS! If everything goes well, I... more
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