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(NC/SC) Old fashioned Spankings for Ladies, over my knee
Sat Sep 16, 2017 02:11

You are a woman who has thought about going to a man for a spanking for a long time. You have dreams and fantasies about him being your counselor / mentor / daddy and yet you've kept this a secret and kept it bottled up inside you for a long time. You even read books about it, and you wish...and was you over an understanding gentleman's knee. Now, you've finally decided that you also want it to be real, and not just something buried deep in your mind, your psyche. I am a firm-handed professional gentleman in the Charlotte NC area who will meet with you discreetly, guide you over my knee and lower your panties, then spank you. That's it. Nothing more. We meet, I'll spank you, and then we go our separate ways - this will be very private and no one will know about it but us. I'm a very experienced older man (age 50) in good shape physically, and I have met ladies wanting this in their lives for one meeting or a series of meetings, for many different reasons from guilt feelings to weight loss and for other reasons. This is your session and I will respect your limits, talk with you about your needs, and provide you with the bare bottom spanking you have always wanted and had dreams about. Ladies, make the first move and contact me at

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