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NO SEX parental disciplinarian Sacramento CA
Sat Nov 11, 2017 14:58

I am 100% No nonsense NO SEX disciplinarian. I have been married 44 years and my wife is involved not as a spanker but she knows who I spank and often vets the young ladies of any age first. I show her everything I send or receive regarding ladies that I am considering spanking. There are no secrets in our home. If you are on FetLife, you can find me as "FatherSpanks." It has a very detailed statement as to exactly what I do and what you could expect from discipline administered by me. If you are interested and you are close enough to make the trip or willing to fly out, go ahead and reply to this or contact me on FL. Just one piece of advice, join FetLife. It is free and it has thousands of disciplinarians all over the country. If I can't help, maybe someone on FL is close enough to be able to provide you with what you need.

If you want to, you can have someone to be there with you for your first discipline session. They could see that it stops if you can't handle it. They can ask you but should not interfere unless you ask to stop. I am not a fan of safe words but it is a possibility that should be explored, at least for the first time though I prefer a safety person over that.

You can have the discussion about what you want to have happen and what they tell you will happen as well as the actual discipline session recorded, you keep a copy and they keep one as well. It avoids having someone change what they claim they said or did later.

    • fetlife helpphil, Wed Dec 20 17:57
      i tried to follow your advice about fetlife. but i have no cell phone and can not join. fetlife has an option for joining that i think/hope you can help me with. please contact me at... more
    • Re: NO SEX parental disciplinarian Sacramento CAAnonymous, Sat Nov 11 15:51
      I'm sorry I live in Ohio you too far away from me. Wish you lived closer to me. I would like a good OTK spanking from you.
      • Your need to be spankedSternman42, Sun Nov 12 05:39
        Hello, are you a female and if so, have you ever contacted me? I am located in Cincinnati.
        • Re: Your need to be spankedAnonymous, Sun Nov 12 18:26
          Hello I'm very interested in a good OTK spanking my email address is
        • re:your needed to be spankedsternman42, Sun Nov 12 06:40
          hi sternman42 if u saw my sister raiichelle outside in her blue jeans what would u say to her she is 35. she has blonde hair blue eyes 36b nice body and a nice ass to spank
          • Designer Jeans?Sternman42, Sun Nov 12 06:50
            First of all I would ask her if those are designer jeans that she is wearing. Depending upon her response I would then remark that they look designed for spanking her cute little butt. And, I don't... more
            • re: designer jeanssternman42, Sun Nov 12 07:28
              sterman42 how would u take off raiichelle's jeans to give her a bare bottom spanking and what would u use to spank her
      • If you ever get out my way, let me know and we will get together. We can deal with past failures to get rid of any guilt feelings and to set the goals you want to succeed at.
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