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Looking for naughty girls deserving a spanking
Mon Dec 4, 2017 06:51

Hello, I'm a 41 year old man in Pensacola, Florida looking for that naughty girl who knows she deserves a sound spanking. I would place you over my knee and spank you while I tell you that it is for your own good. I would use any agreed upon implement, position, situation. You would then be placed in the corner with your bottom on display. No sex, only discipline in a safe environment.

    • Hellomirian, Fri Dec 22 01:30
      My Name is Mirian Olivia I am America soldier and i was serving in the American Army base in in Afghanistan, I also served in the military of the 3rd Infantry Division in Iraq under peace keeping... more
    • corner timerendi, Wed Dec 6 18:43
      Was wondering if Sir continues to spank while corner time is involved or is it just verbal abuse ...I have been very bad girl here in alabama
      • Sound spankingBig daddy, Mon Dec 11 00:45
        I'm in Alabama maybe I can help u out
        • response for Big Daddyrendi, Tue Dec 12 20:58
          Hi SIR...let me know how you would like to proceed with my punishment..maybe email will work or if you have private phone...would be south of bham...Thankyou SIR...waiting on instruction
      • SpankingPaul Freeman, Thu Dec 7 06:59
        I think I can help you with your problem please send me a full length photo of you and a list of reasons you should be punished young lady
      • Corner time - rendiXmyknee, Thu Dec 7 03:42
        Hello rendi in Alabama. The roleplay I'm into does not involve abuse. I am talking about spanking your bare bottom to a crimsom red for your transgressions, but corner time is a time to reflect; now, ... more
    • re: how would u spank raiichelleXmyknee, Mon Dec 4 14:17
      if u saw my friend raiichelle outside in her blue jeans bending over what would u do to her jeans she is 35. She has long blonde hair 36b nice body and a nice ass for u to spank. How hard would u... more
      • Your friend...Xmyknee, Tue Dec 5 03:52
        I would spank her hard and, depending on the fault, she would do some corner time. If your friend is interested, she can email me at I will not go into details in a public forum.
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