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Spanking in Connecticut - M4F
Sun Feb 11, 2018 15:36

Offering spanking and discipline to ladies who value this type of interaction. I do this in a non-sexual capacity, and it's more than just impact sessions.

A stern but caring disciplinarian who is also a trusted friend and confidant. I don't spank a lady for the purpose of beating her down; I do it to build her up and part of that means talking, trusting and finding solutions. It means bringing structure and accountability and reinforcing that with impact sessions.

I can and will be happy to provide non-disciplinary spankings for anxiety and stress relief, or just for play. Either way, I want to be your trusted friend. The friend you can laugh with, joke with, hang out with, and also get spanked by.

If interested, please contact spanks2010 at yahoo dot com.

Please note that I am only seeking local partners. Please be local to CT, RI, southern MA or the greater NYC/Hudson Valley region.

    • Do you know me?Kris, Sat Feb 17 22:22
      A few years ago, I had a handful of spankings in mid Connecticut. Do you have cats?
      • Re: Do you know me?RF, Sat Feb 17 22:46
        Nope, no cats. I'm allergic to them, so I've never owned one. I had a dog some years ago, but I don't currently have any pets.
    • Re: Spanking in Connecticut - M4FRF, Sat Feb 17 09:53
      Oops. The address is spanks_2010 at yahoo. Sorry if anyone got a bounce back. :-(
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