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Mon Apr 16, 2018 06:15

Looking for an experienced mentor in Chattanooga tn

    • PunishmentRandy Washburn, Mon Apr 16 21:09
      • PunishmentRandy Washburn, Tue Apr 17 01:45
        • Re: PunishmentAnonymous, Tue Apr 17 18:57
          Randy, don't waste your time on this little shit, he/she is a fake.
        • PunishmentRandy Washburn, Tue Apr 17 01:49
          Beat her butt
          • re: punishmentto: randy washburn, Tue Apr 17 14:05
            randy how would u take off raiichelle's tight jeans to give raiichelle a good spanking and what would u use to spank raiichelle
      • re: punishmentAnonymous, Tue Apr 17 01:43
        To Randy Washburn; what would u do to my friend Raiichelle's backside if u saw her in real tight jeans she is 35yrs old and she likes a good spanking
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