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Re: Spanking
Fri Sep 7, 2018 03:24

This guy is an ass all he dose is says his roody pooh jerbony bs he must have forgot his meds or he thinks he is funny and he even puts his roody pooh posts here oklahomos finest jerbony

  • SpankingBill, Thu Sep 6 10:20
    Has anyone ever got a spanking on this site
    • Response to BillLady In OKC , Thu Sep 13 10:12
      Yes; I have been spanked by a few on this site. I found this website in the late 90s. There was a funny man that posted on this site; years ago, he came and visited me. He gave me a birthday spanking ... more
      • SpankingAnonymous, Sun Sep 16 01:13
        I no it was then but now they are all fakes thank you for your response it sounds like you had fun wish i could find someone that likes spanking thanks again
        • Found a old Spanking Friend Lady In OKC, Sun Sep 16 08:31
          After I posted on here and sent you a message... I googled spanking personal websites. And I tried one that I had never noticed before. I responded to an Oklahoma ad. He emailed me; and through the... more
          • Re: Found a old Spanking Friend Anonymous, Sun Sep 16 18:54
            Good for you i hope that i can find someone like you some day i hope that you enjoyed your spanking
          • Life is good!!!!! (nm)Lady In OKC , Sun Sep 16 08:32
            • SpankingBill, Sun Sep 16 20:37
              Was it fun getting a spanking.?
              • Was the Spanking fun?Lady In OKC, Sun Sep 16 20:44
                This Spanking was not really a fun spanking and it wasn't discipline either. It was therapeutic. It was like medicine. I've been sick with depression and anxiety for a long time. And medicine is not... more
                • SpankingBill, Sun Sep 16 23:12
                  I ber it was hard to sit down after that
    • Re: Spanking — Anonymous, Fri Sep 7 03:24
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