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Rochester, NY
Given a choice, I'll make you CUM over my knees.
Tue Sep 11, 2018 06:41

Hello Ladies,
First of all, I am a single white male, lifelong Spanko, I was born this way. I am 55yo, 5'5", 150lbs, long brown & gray hair, brown eyes, clean shave face. I like to say, if you want a good spanking, you need to find a good spanker. I am a good spanker. What separates me from the rest? I will give you the spanking you want, not the spanking I want to give. But, as my title states, given a choice, when I give you a spanking, I'll start with your mind and then I'll be doing my best with my hands, spanking implements, and lots of baby oil, to slow roast your bottom, and making you aching to CUM. Before I became a spanker, I so enjoyed making a lady cum with just my hands, incorporating spankings with teasing does my heart wonders. I can be strictly discipline if needed. When I say strictly discipline, I mean 1950's style Dad who spanks, scolds, and uses corner time, along with other time-honored traditions for those who are naughty or very bad. I am familiar with both ends of the paddle, as a youth and as an adult, so I am very understanding of individual wants, needs, and desires. If you want a spanking, have it your way, I'll be happy to take you where you want to be. Erotic or discipline? The choice is always yours. While I would enjoy being in an long term relationship, I will play while I am single. I am only interested in other singles or those in an open relationship, no cheater please. I identify as a Top Switch, as later in life, and with some persuading, I have taken some trips over the knees of ladies who like to spank. BTW, the tallest woman I ever spanked, was 5'10" - size does not matter when you are staring down at the carpet, and your bare bottom is over my knees with a view of the ceiling. Be Good. MrLoveTaps on Yah00 for Ladies who wish to reply. Thanks.

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