Los Angeles Spanking Service
Sun Nov 4, 2018 12:17

I am a wm 5'8" 170, no beard or mustache, clean, safe and healthy. For many years, I have provided spanking services to men and women, both genetic and transgender. I meet you at your place or a bdsm facility and find out the type of spanking you or your partner needs. (I get a lot of requests for spanking spouses.) You may be looking for a maintenance spanking, for a spanking to reach a certain goal (e.g. stop smoking or lose weight), for punishment, or something more sensual. In fact, the spankings can be intensely punishing, intensely sensual, or both. It's all up to you. Interestingly, the request I get most often is to administer an over the knee spanking to make my spankee cry. I have several ways of accomplishing this objective, without causing injury or permanent marks. I do not charge for my services, but my spankee must provide the place. Contact me, if you or someone you know needs a one-time spanking or an ongoing spanking program.

    • Discipline Anonymous, Mon Nov 5 10:25
      please contact me Sir,i am in phoenix az but if You can not come here i can come there.i am in need of a good spanking.2027663235
      • Hey arizona manIm interested male, Sat Nov 10 14:41
        Ill give u your spanking all u want come to michigan u already said u would come with someone else in michigan if you want where would you like to meet in michigan im by clare can travel some bring... more
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