Pure punishment
Sun Dec 30, 2018 15:01

Need discipline, not nonsense. Need to be cleansed of what you have done...

Spankings like this one...


are the first stage to cleansing. They get more intense and longer till your behavior is truly changed.

If you are remorseful and want to put it behind you, contact me right away.

Southern California area...

    • disciplineneeds to be blistered, Tue Jan 29 19:07
      I definitely need that and can travel for it
      • me nextpainseekers, Wed Jan 30 08:46
        yes please i would take that, Orlando area
      • SpankingTruespanker, Wed Jan 30 01:20
        Message me at truespanker@yahoo.com
    • disciplineneeds to be blistered, Thu Jan 3 18:30
      swm here, I need it
      • Re: disciplineAnonymous, Thu Jan 3 19:55
        Email sent to you re: your response.
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