Disciplinarian look for subslave toothless
Sat Jan 19, 2019 16:51

The profile is a bit longer however I want someone with ability to have patience to read and know what I expect and looking for fully before contact. So before I mention living arrangements etc want you to read through.
So unlike twitter you will find substance in here Lol. And I know for most shocked and thinking slave sub etc. And what I am liking as a Dom like man or this add is not what you typically think when responding at add like this.
I have a long history of helping from wife like to long term early woman I was with when younger of bad habits fix them all up and make their life way more improved or happy. And give a fresh start in life. So read on if serious. I am not typical type of this sort and not looking for huge amount of things here,
I am also looking for a long term to permanent type so not in to you being sub for a week or few months waste of time. You can be in Canada or USA or some other country possibly. You must be at least 30s to 60s or so in age if so read on.
Here is things looking for. If you are in town sitting wondering were did you go wrong?
Or you cannot find a decent place or man and your a submissive type. Or you live in a terrible accommodations loaded with violence, crime. Or near homeless. Or cannot handle your home on your own and longing for a man get you in line mate and a nice place to call home if so read on.
Are you a mature senior woman lonely widowed type?
Or you know of ,or are yourself a childish mature female? Canadian ,none Canadian needing a place and 24/7 structure and Dom male and mature loving man to have you and also you need sometimes a disciplinarian.
I especially like females of country background that either talk around the clock or do no talking. Ones like outdoors picnic to fish, hike . Along with many other hobbies from antiques to movies ,music and much more. Writing to art, to sitting by the lake or at a pub. So have many interests we may have in common.
I especially like woman ones raised in not the best of backgrounds like a trailer park like environment were she has many bad habits. These ones are even more suitable for me gives me ages to work on all these wild things wrong and more fulfilled.
So if you think you are none suitable for anyone then you may fit even better. I have dated and had long term with Nurses to female lawyers . But all of them although liking the bedroom discipline seemingly to me not as attractive as ones that truly need more guidance. I am very worldly and come from old school.
I also do all technology of today and appreciate the old and the new.So be it your younger mind or older I like being with ones that need more attention and some guidance. So maybe your a bit alcoholic, or lazy bad habits. Or you are older student not work ever and 40 years old or more.
Or your adult female alone cannot take care of herself well. Maybe mature older female stuck with lazy out of hand daughter. If so and you are a tag team like thing well nothing I would love more then to fix both of your issues. So in cases like that one the older one is my sub sensually in room. Now your bad daughter I just would discipline OTK nothing else if required.
Especially if she is pulling the going to school crap and 40s 50s and not even going or skipping. Or mouthy to you as the parent. Or not going to work if working. Or if she is leaving mess in home. Drinking around the clock, smoking to much etc. Any of these reasons.
Or bringing in people in my home without full authority from me. Or acting or dressing massive tramp like when going to go outdoors. Or coming in all hours of the night drunk. all of these result in a fire brim stone bum syndrome.
Otherwise if she follows rules then no discipline. I am not in to sharing here or having relations with more then one. However if I have to also baby sit mouthy daughter or juvenile mother all the time then this will be done if not follow rules.
So if you have older mother that was tramp like and had you way to young and still acts like a two year old. And you know you are even worse and later 30s to 50s.
Or your the mother and I am describing your daughter that is spoiled and lazy to the core then something like that although much work for me I would do to finally get you and your daughter on track.
Or you are family footing bill for messed up mother to daughter in home and costing you fortune ton grief and wish she had a man. Especially families of other cultures and your daughter or mother is just laying around wasting space then it is time you find her right man and stable life she needs.
Or if you are a family you have messed up mom or daughter living in some shelter etc and tired of her acting foolish and know she needs some attention 24/7 of disciplinarian but loving constructive.
Or if honest to yourself or a daughter of a older mother type granny that is very cranky 24/7 sad and all that see her know she needs some major long term attention and a man who can handle her if so we may fit and I may be your Daddy slash long term man.
Or you can be much more regular type and your a hard working older lady alone needs a decent home cannot pay bills etc and longing for a mature top man.
I tend to like a bit harder cases to love. As a for instance when younger I was with lady for few years that drink around clock and smoke anything moving. And would not show up for work or anything. Daily she drank and daily she got out of hand and daily I had to OTK her now over time this finally worked and she stopped being mouthy to her parents, stealing, not showing up for work, and then finally grew up and still drinks but responsible and not around the clock and now always showing up for work and holds a large job in the Government. So hundred percent success.
She was in jail at one point so even a woman like this I can love and help and give some stability an 24/7 attention needed. So this sort of thing can work and really improve someones life and stability.
However I am not wealthy and if you are one of them sorts think move in and start scam away then you be wrong.I am connected to wild family and associates that would not be pleased and not ones of type you like to make acquaintance if under wrong way so no ma barker sorts in to head games looking for rich sugar daddy sorts Lol. I am in to real life not scam people.
So I have no issue with a woman went wrong and no one will rent to you or help you because you have a bad past. But you do not take or cause issues to whom help you. So this is most important to me that you are of level like myself of not in to games and you want to change and need some love and guidance.
Or you can be regular female and decent with no issues. I have dated models to not the cutest of woman. But I prefer a woman that would more need this then ones with just needing some attention and a place to live.
I also am a huge animal person and would not be disciplining them so if you do have a loved pet they can come as well. I am pet friendly and consider them much more decent then most humans. Now here is what I am looking for.
You can be white ,black, Punjabi, Asian, Native woman, part breed some other cultures. Again between 30s to later sixties. Oddly have preference for submissive woman of not good looks ,toothless older.
I feel woman like that need more love and attention and 24/7 guidance.
So you do not have to be movie star looks.
Or if you have a mother or daughter cant take care of herself and needs to be in a safe 24/7 environment with some love discipline then i am open minded and you can be my sub to a wife like idea if suitable eventually.
I am not a typical one of these sorts and have a relative Nancy a Dom lesbian whom like myself is very loving and easy going but we enjoy the harder cases to make a difference. As well it is for female that likes and needs someone like this.
She before being lesbian disciplined men 24/7 and I agree with her these men were messed up and she fixed their issues with red back side as she does woman of today.
So although slave sub is used as words to describe all humans are of equal and this is a life style of choice of sensual and not because I or many Doms likely truly think you are below us.
So unlike typical kinds not in to taking advantage and actually very kind. However in sensual ways I need a female that likes this kind of attention and stability.
About my looks
Mature man early fifties. I am now widowed kind of idea and very Dominate bum spanking but very nice as well mature daddy like man interests in along term Dom to sub like dynamics as mentioned. About me I am toned and excellent shape blond ,blue eyes six pack like shape smoother skin no gray 160 pounds 30 inch waste.
I have two bedroom spread that I may allow a older female at least late 30s to 65 or so range move in to and become my submissive with her own room that can be furnished or not.
Prefer lady have rough time lonely no much family etc that needs lot of attention in and out of bedroom and some discipline sometimes and much love 24/7 master sub dynamics.
I have christian like values and will not throw you out or get rid of you type, but bad boy disciplinarian bedroom behaviors so you get best of both worlds.
I prefer one as mentioned whom is not the best of looks is fine and even toothless older sub denture lady is fine as mentioned I am not vane.
I am not type to get bored of someone or trade in etc.I oddly do not mind woman of older looks and I have monogamous like christian values so I am with one at a time, not many woman at a time so I am not one of these men with sharing you etc.
I am easy going and very fun to be around and will keep you amused .However I do not have time to keep clean your mess or problems etc. So you have to be responsible a bit slave sub.
I do think though subs to a slave or even if she was a wife or if was a husband for woman leader rolls no difference all need to have some responsibility so you do have to pay a small amount of rent and if ever late your bum will be fire and brimstone unless hundred percent proven to me you are not at fault. Otherwise again pretty easy going.
The rent would be all inclusive internet heat hydro 400 and when you make any food etc.
You are to do dishes right after you finish eating. If not major discipline. and keep all areas clean at all times. if not major red double red bum. No clothes all over floors.
Otherwise you may drink or smoke as long as withing reason and I may take you places ,trips or do things often, it all depends on your behaviors and how good a slave sub you are and loyal.
I also like to stimulate and methodical play with your areas with or without toys depend on mood. I am not in to topping much younger ones ,especially ones can still have children. So depending on your age you may just be given attention sometimes played with or from behind.
If you are really older and no issues of that then all areas be taken when required.
You can be on pension etc, work and full time to work some if you like I do not care.
Main thing you can clean a bit and do as asked and be ready when desired on times there.
If working or school etc obviously you cannot be two places at once but when home available If messy or not doing as asked then you get massive red behind nightly the nights you do not.
If you do then you are in easy street and can have a much easier time then typical master slavesub relationships.
I also like short or tiny some tall or even some very fat woman with larger behinds is good stimulation to me as well be suitable. As slavesub you also may be asked to take showers and shower if I think you are not cleaning and staying daily clean will make sure that is fixed.
No hiv aids etc obviously. So you must be same. Condoms if I choose to top your backside etc always would be used.
I prefer some woman who can cook and clean half decent. Most times you not cook for me etc However occasionally if we both have plenty of time that day then I may instruct you to do so. Now you may have school adult lady still trying to play the school game and 50 that is fine as well.
I am understanding but if you are taking up time 24/7 and not passing even or skipping school and this is just another idea you had then the bum be red again nightly.
Or you can smoke ,drink smoke 420 these things are not big to me.
However if you drink to much etc and come wobble in late then any over use of habits I will that night discipline that back side. It will be your bum in the issues if you choose to be childish if not no issues. So I am super nice and very loving and will provide leadership and daddy like needs . You must though be loyal and loving and appreciative.
No over night guests or men or woman brought in home unless authorized. If you are a daughter and mother and having to stay the rent would be 2 hundred more. As well if the daughter is a lesbian that is fine she can have a girlfriend. However again over only with my permission and be it she had a girlfriend or not if she is not doing the rules she will be OTK like you the mother, So if really have to help two of you then is much more work so I am very strict with some things.
Otherwise if she is straight no men over I do not want all of a sudden pregnant daughter older from Jamal promises he loves her never to be seen again. So will not allow such things in the home. other wise I am again super easy going help you get you a job to school But if you do not do as asked then do not whine when the bum is red
If you long for a mature safe loving with daddy like mentality that will keep you kept with love then contact NOW!
If you are younger type I may think of you like a daughter like figure just discipline your bum when needed but nothing else much. So if I cannot find suitable older female then if you really need a dad like figure and obedient i could except ones of bit younger types. Again though rather help lonely older woman with no one that needs 24/7 love and some dominance. Bottom line again the purpose is of this is to give a woman a chance here to help here grow ,get the attention and discipline needed to achieve the goals.
Be it your goal is to please me for life type. Or to be finally working.
Or doing things you always wanted to but not strong enough and to weak to motivate yourself enough to do so. I care and help but I do enjoy giving sensual attention and that is expected under a Dom and sub relationship. Main thing you are safe with me and well loved I have plenty to give. Or possibly if you have lazy daughter footing bill with useless older kids and she behaves bad and no discipline running farm etc by herself. I could under right type if parents desperate and a bit younger move to such a location with the full understanding I am in charge. Woman like these types prefer to wed. Contact if serious

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