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Professional Spanker
Sat Nov 15, 2008 09:46

I am an experienced professional, mentor and disciplinarian. I use various forms of discipline to assist naughty "boys" and "girls" to curb unwanted behaviors and/or improve sour attitudes. Complete individual discipline programs available, as well as occasional attitude adjustments are available real time by appointment only. I am experienced in role play and therapeutic spankings as well. Online and phone consultations may also be arranged. I am compensated for my time, reasonable rates, at the low end of the industry standard. Spanking only, no sexual context at all.

However, if you have trouble with motivation, need a firm hand to assist with goal setting and accountability, or just need some caring correction over a maternal-type lap, drop me a note. I'm located in NE Alabama, I accept local, as well as, out of town clients. Reductions are available for regular clients. You'll never feel that it's all about the money.

Eventually would be interested in a permanent DD relationship.

Come on down now, y'hear? Your Auntie Rhi knows

    • paybill, Sat Dec 10 15:28
      she a scam and what she is doing is give spanking a bad name worthless fat women just wants your money ...get a real job loser!
    • auntie hoeVisitor, Thu Feb 18 11:53
      I don't have to pay a fat ugly women to spank me.
    • Domestic DisciplinePaul, Thu May 2 03:44
      I like, want, & need to be spanked. Stress, guilt, misbehavior, adittude adjustments, & life guidance are some of the reasons I need discipline spankings in my life. The mature matronly type lady is... more
      • Spankings for lifePaul, Fri May 3 08:21
        Many people don't realize how important spankings are to people who need & rely on them. It is not about greed, status, abuse, or labels. Spankers Spankees come from all walks of life. Rich, poor,... more
    • over the phonenorman locke, Mon Oct 4 08:15
      Hi...Do you offer intense,over the phone spanking? How is it arranged if you do? norman
    • ShameCp4me1, Tue Nov 18 10:22
      There should be shame here...But not on Auntie Rhi's part. The shame belongs to the low foreheads that apparently hide in dark corners and only come out to attack like a pack of wolves. This Lady did ... more
      • What a jokeMe, Wed Nov 19 03:02
        Buddy I give a crap who you know or what you are. I've been into spanking over 30 years also, I know or have met most of the spankers she "name dropped" here. They all have one thing in common, they... more
        • Re: What a jokeAuntie_Rhi, Wed Nov 19 23:29
          You might also try, that is a very nice place, also free and a nice group of people.. hmmmm you might not fit in...I think bragging about intolerance and hatefulness for a simple ad... more
          • sitebarerear, Thu Nov 20 16:16
            Thank you for the hint about the site Rhi. I have had a really hard time finding places to connect with people with similar interests, and this forum hasnt lead me to anyone that is even remotely... more
            • siteAuntie_Rhi, Thu Nov 20 17:21
              Happy to help. Are you aware of the Spanking Internet Network? That's another resource. Take care, Rhi
              • S.I.N.barerear, Thu Nov 20 17:27
                yes, I have been on SIN for quite some time, but I havent had much luck there either.
      • re Auntie RhiRick, Tue Nov 18 21:38
        You can sugar coat it anyway you want to but charging a man 200 dollars for an hour of her time is a big time rip off. Just step back and think for just a minute......200 dollars. Do you have even... more
        • Wait and think for a second RickKell, Wed Nov 23 04:23
          Rick, Auntie is hardly one of those wall street jerks. She does not make 200 an hour for a forty hour week. The one time that I had the privilege of meeting her, I was unfortunately suffering from a... more
        • re: Auntie RhiAuntie_Rhi, Wed Nov 19 23:21
          Now you're saying I charge 200 per hour, and I'm also responsible for our country's economic crisis.. whew? You are just making things up to incite more trouble. My rates are up front and on the web... more
          • Aunt RhiPaul, Tue Apr 30 04:14
            I think Auntie Rhi is a wonderful lady who provides a valuable service. My wife & I trust her implacably. After speaking to her I can't wait to be over her lap feeling the sting & burn of her paddle. ... more
            • SpankingLuis, Wed May 1 04:30
          • You just don't get it AuntieRick, Thu Nov 20 13:22
            If you charged 50 bucks I'd probably go partake of your services. But most people who visit this site make 10, 15, 20 bucks an hour and here you come saying let me give you a spanking, but oh by the... more
            • Re: Don't Get ItAuntie_Rhi, Thu Nov 20 16:22
              Well, you see, I think you don't get it. I never said "Let me spank you." I said "I offer a service, if any one is interested." I guess I didn't know I needed to add, "By the way, if you are not... more
        • To All My New BudsCp4me1, Wed Nov 19 11:57
          I started not to dignify these last 2 posts with a reply, but I'll try once more to reach some intelligent life this goes out to my new buds Rick, John, The Infamous "Me", and brave... more
    • It's all about the moneyAgrees with Rick and John, Sun Nov 16 03:35
      Lady, Don't sh*t yourself, I checked your site and it's all about the money. $40 bucks for email? Tell yourself what you want, but you are just a hooker with a paddle
      • you guys are nuts!she is greata naughty boy, Thu Nov 20 06:15
        auntie is worth every penny im sitting here with a flaming ass and the best spanking i ever had so think again ,i would pay twice,thats how good she is so get over it
        • HmmmmRick, Thu Nov 20 13:13
          The stock market just fell another 430 points today so in the current economy it's great to know that someone has 200 bucks to spend getting a spanking and would be willing to pay 400. You're a very... more
          • Astonishing lack of logicmsdolphinspanks, Thu Nov 20 19:43
            I am simply astounded. You know, I can't afford a Porsche, but I don't insult the manufacturer over that fact, I just say "how nice that some people can afford it" and move on. This lady offers a... more
            • phone spankingnorman locke, Fri May 7 11:31
              HI...I'm looking for an intense over the phone,over the knee spanking..Do you offer this service and how do we arrange it? norman
          • relaxnaughty boy, Thu Nov 20 14:00
            well lets see! if you have money still in the market you are dum we only hd a year to see it far as having the money isnt the point,she is worth it i said,and it nice to have someone like... more
            • DeservingImpartial Observer, Thu Nov 20 19:15
              From that post, I would say that naughty boy deserves the spanking he had and more, plus a mouth soaping.
              • ImpartialAuntie_Rhi, Thu Nov 20 22:45
                LOL, I agree, he certainly does have a way with words.. er symbols... I'll take it up with him directly.. next visit, lol.
      • Re:Agrees with Rick and JohnAuntie_Rhi, Sun Nov 16 07:39
        Then by all means, do not contact me for a session. Luckily it's free world. We all know what opinions are like and you three have certainly shown yours. Foul language included. There was nothing on... more
        • moneyAgrees with Rick and John, Mon Nov 17 01:44
          Lady, you came here advertising a high dollar escort service, what did you expect? Read the top of the forum I believe it says Spanking Personals, not escort advertising. Take the high road all you... more
          • Options in LifeAuntie_Rhi, Mon Nov 17 07:21
            So then stop writing me. I didn' force a response from anyone, and by the way, I have gotten some inquiries directly to my web page from here, that are not vitriolic. They are probably afraid to... more
            • MONEYtHEY DON'T POST HERE, Mon Nov 17 10:00
              they don't spam the board like you
              • Re: They don't post hereAuntie_Rhi, Mon Nov 17 10:55
                I did not spam at all.I simply posted one simple ad. The vicious attacks started without any provocation what so ever. It's reasonable to assume that people who were interested would respond. There... more
    • The price of a spankingRick, Sat Nov 15 11:00
      What does Auntie consider a reasonable price? $200 an hour, $250 an hour? But of course, it's never about the money, right?
      • Re: The price of a spankingAnonymous, Sun Nov 16 15:05
        200.00 a hour what are you running a escort service or something that is ludicrious
      • Re:The price of a spankingAuntie_Rhi, Sat Nov 15 11:50
        Dear Rick, Well, it's not ALL about money, but I do like to eat, lol. I started doing this professionally when my position at the school was eliminated and have been well received. I've never had... more
        • Your PriceJohn, Sat Nov 15 13:51
          One would either have to be foolish, a poor shopper,or really obese or ugly, to pay the price you are asking for. I can easily find a good looking lady, who would not only give me a spanking, but... more
          • Your PriceAuntie_Rhi, Sat Nov 15 14:27
            Thanks so much for you opinion. I don't see much value in returning the barbs.... Have a nice day. Take care, Auntie Rhi
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