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oth spankings and enemas
Mon Dec 7, 2009 05:36

looking for someone to administer an otk bulb enema and light spanking. live in northern NJ WILL ANSWER ALL

    • spankingjoseph R, Mon Aug 16 12:35
      Hi alan, I live in central NJ and I am interested in what you have to offer. lets talk, Joe.
      • Re: spankingAnonymous, Fri Nov 27 09:01
        joe leave me yourphobne and ill calll and meet you for a good spanking adn soapy enaa
      • otk spnakingalan.james, Mon Aug 16 22:43
        Hi Joe andthanks for responding. i am a spanker in northern nj and love to spank over my knee. i respect all limits and would loveto talk aboutit sometime with you. please reach me at... more
        • spankingjoseph R, Tue Aug 17 04:32
          Hi alan janes, I will love to get together with you as soon as possible my email is, can you host, I am interested in your style, how do you administer a spanking? and what else ... more
          • omk spankingalan.james, Tue Aug 17 12:04
            Hello Joe i would love to talk with you but letschat on my e-mail address we can get into more details there ok see you there
            • spankingjoseph R, Tue Aug 17 13:51
              OK Alan, will do, Joe
    • Re: oth spankings and enemasAnonymous, Wed Dec 9 06:55
      hey you male or female. Be specific you get more answers.
      • otk enemas and spankingsalan.james, Wed Dec 9 20:19
        • Re: otk enemas and spankingsAnonymous, Sun Jan 17 05:19
          hi, is your ad still on???? kr lisa
          • To LisaAnonymous, Tue Jan 19 10:39
            If you still wish enema info reply to
          • females for otkDr Marc, Tue Jan 19 03:35
            I am an enema expert and OTK lover in NNJ NYS area. Very serious about enema play.
            • YuckK, Tue Jan 19 21:32
              Look for constipated people I suppose.....
          • i do that tomarty4, Mon Jan 18 17:16
            lisa can call me at 718-836-2183 ask for marty i live in brooklyn
            • long timemike , Tue Jan 19 16:34
              Marty glad to see your up and running. You didnt miss anything here, most adds are bullshit, not sincere!! I dont think I will ever find anyone on this webb O well. take care MIKE
          • Re: otk enemas and spankingsAnonymous, Sun Jan 17 23:01
            Hey Lisa, If interested in getting some answer this ad. Ben
    • and email? (nm)nminem, Mon Dec 7 10:28
      • e-mailalan.james, Mon Dec 7 21:20
        my e-mail address is
        • replytang, Tue Dec 15 04:05
          Saw your post and if your interested in daddy type hit me up. live in PA.
          • Where in Pennsylvania?John, Wed Dec 16 03:20
            Where in Pennsylvania do you live? I'd enjoy meeting another man, and comparing experiences.
            • replytang, Wed Dec 16 04:03
              in the Poconos. Northeast. you can respond to my aol email. I check that more often.
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