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Parental Discipline, Tampa Bay Fl
Wed May 18, 2011 16:53

I am a mature disciplinarian, in my sixties, who administers authentic parental/school style punishment spankings. I know that a spanking has to be very serious to be effective. You are ordered to get the hairbrush and bare your bottom for the punishment you deserve. This is not about role play, but spanking as I feel necessary.

Parental Discipline

    • spankingthomas, Sun Jun 4 16:37
      sir, I am a naughty boy in need of a real otk spamking. how can I meet you.7272267472
    • spankingthomas, Sun Jun 4 16:17
      sir, I am a naughty boy in need of a real otk spamking. how can I meet you.
    • otkthomas, Sun Jun 4 16:12
      sir, I am a naughty boy in need of a good otk spanking.
    • disciplineneeds it, Mon Apr 17 11:06
      I so need what you offer please tell me more how to find you etc I am swm 53
    • Needs a real spankingNeeds Spanking, Thu Apr 13 07:06
      Hello Sir, I'm a white male in my mid 40's in the Tampa Bay area. I'm seeking a long overdue disciplinary spanking.
    • Re: Parental Discipline, Tampa Bay FlAnonymous, Mon Jan 30 14:21
      I am a brat I need a spanking
    • Ive been naughtyAly, Sun Mar 13 04:02
      When can i come see you to get spanked? I need it badly
      • I will give you the spanking you needTriStateDisciplinarian, Sun Mar 13 21:57
        Disciplinarian with many, many years of experience blistering the bottoms of naughty girls,
        • Re: I will give you the spanking you needAnonymous, Tue Mar 15 05:40
          What TriStates do you serve?
        • TriStateDisciplinarian-In Need of Discipline.Anonymous, Sun Mar 13 22:12
          Hello, Can you tell me how a meeting would go, pls.? Thanks. ~Need Discipline.
          • Good Firm Spanker availableBen, Tue Mar 15 05:58
            Good Firm Spanker available I live in Central East cast FL. Treasure coast to be exact. And am available to spank any young lady between the ages of 18 and 60 who would like their ass cheeks... more
          • that would depend on what the meeting was for, what wwe had discussed beforehand and your limits. But to answer your question in a more general way you would have your bottom bared, and would receive ... more
            • I'm looking for strict caring discipline. Nothing brutal and no sex.
            • Schedule unyeilding at the moment.Anonymous, Mon Mar 14 07:53
              Thank you for replying. Although, my schedule is very busy at the moment and will be for a long while, I would like to explore our compatibility for when it lets up eventually, if you'd like.
              • What I deserveKiki, Tue Mar 15 21:12
                Hey there...I'm kinda new at this and we don't live near each other but would you be interested in me through learning about disciple/punishment? -Kiki
                • SpankingSpanker 976, Thu Oct 13 07:28
                  Contact me at my email address I would like to know what naughty things you have done
                • Kiki this is what you deserveBen, Thu Mar 17 07:13
                  You want to chat about getting to know how, where and when? My email is in the heading. If you want to discuss anything that is how you get to me. Privately is the best way and is your choice if that ... more
                • long hard spankingsispanker976, Thu Mar 17 01:45
                  I would love to talk about this subject and possibility schedule an appointment with you.Please email me with a full length photos of yourself and a list of reasons for your need to be spanked my... more
                  • looking to spank naughty girlsBoston spanker, Thu Oct 13 06:37
                    Hi nate here I read your message and like it I like spanking naughty girls over my old are you and what do you look blacl male,slim non hairy,friendly and im can email me at... more
                  • Re: long hard spankingsiAnonymous, Wed Oct 12 13:00
                    Could we talk through email?
                • seeking bad girlsAnonymous, Wed Mar 16 21:25
                  Hi kiki how are you doing im nate I live in Boston ma.I like your message,tell me what you look like,your height,age.what did you do to deserve a 57yrs old,blkm I hope to hear from you... more
                  • kikiAnonymous, Fri Mar 18 05:33
                    Morning kiki where do you live I would like to talk to you through email if you like.I have,wooden spoon,spatula,small bread cuttingboard,my hand and a belt which would you me... more
              • scheduleTriStateDisciplinarian, Tue Mar 15 05:55
                I would be happy to discuss this with you at length. Why don't you contact me directly at my email address. I would also like to know more about you, ie your age and location
      • Naughty AlyAnonymous, Sun Mar 13 21:22
        Hey Aly, Where do you live? I'm in east central FL. Treasure coast. If near you you might be in luck then. Ben
    • strict displinarianaran641211767, Sat Jan 17 06:27
      I need a session sunday 11815. Around. 200 in tampa sorry no email I am 48need the hair brush call me leave message 813 407 8681
    • hello Sir4strictDad, Thu Dec 18 07:21
      I am a male in my early 40's, fit, professional, attractive and live in St Pete. I am looking for a strict disciplinarian for parental style punishment spankings like you describe. Hand, hairbrush,... more
      • Florida Dad/MentorAnonymous, Fri Dec 19 18:20
        Florida Dad/Mentor can discipline you as needed. WM, 54, ht/wt prop, educated professional, near Tampa. Write back for more info.
        • I need of a long overdue bare bottom spanking Naughtyboy 813, Fri Sep 30 17:35
          I'm a very naughty petite little young adult boy in st pete Florida who absolutely most definitely seriously needs to be taken over your knee and given a really good and hard bare bottom spanking... more
        • spankingJOE, Sat Dec 20 08:23
          hi sir I would love to go over your knee for a bare ass spanking. I can not host.
    • SpankingsTom, Tue Feb 18 05:56
      Dear Sir: I am a 44 year old male in need of a spanking. I am very athletic, straight and like being tied down and spanked or caned. Please let me know if you are interested.
    • long overdue cherry red bottomjp, Sun Jun 9 12:43
      Sir, I am a 43 yr old straight male in Tampabay area who is harboring a lot ofguilt over multiple bad descisions in my life. I request that to help my release thisguilt i need acherry red bottom and... more
    • To Be Taken In HandRichard33782., Tue Jan 29 07:24
      I'm not looking just for a parental spanking, I'm hoping to meet a man who can be there whenever he feel's a sound spanking is necessary for my own good. He would have the authority to administer a... more
      • Re: To Be Taken In HandSir_helio, Tue Jan 29 21:05
        Tell me more about yourself and where you live. You can wriye directly to
    • Ive been badAnonymous, Mon Oct 8 18:56
      i need a serious otk hairbrush spanking. I would like more details
      • Hairbrush spankinggsdragonwood, Sun Jan 18 05:30
        I live on Long Island, been spanking guys for 6 years, hairbrush spanking is a good choice. When your ready, I am too. Makeyou get on all fours, i like that position, gives me the most leverage when... more
      • spankingRichW, Tue Oct 9 02:31
        Before going into details, where do you live? I live in NYC area. Brief bio: 69 yrs old married caucasian male whose wife is not into spanking. If there is no interest, I understand and a response is ... more
        • SPANKINGREMAINDERMAN, Wed Jan 30 03:59
          RichW--where in the NYC "area" are you located?
          • REMAINDERMANgsdragonwood, Mon Jan 19 03:38
            I am located in Farmingdale, Long Island
          • replyRich W, Wed Jan 30 05:41
            Forest Hills, but I am looking for female
    • spanking/paddlingRick, Tue Jun 28 10:01
      Hello, I am going to be in Tampa this coming Friday, 7/1 with some extra time. Do you provide discipline to males? I am early 50s.
    • needs a parents serious spankingneeds it, Thu May 19 15:21
      I am a 46 year old going on 11 sometimes...I nd a no nonsense mom and or dad to blister my bare bottom good, long and hard. Am willing to travel for this and or even relocate. If interestd please... more
      • serious spankingMath Teacher, Fri May 20 03:55
        Where are you located, and are you male or female?
        • locationneeds it, Fri May 20 20:12
          Portlnd male
        • Parental DisciplineSir_Helio, Fri May 20 08:03
          I am a male and in Tampa Bay, fla
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