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Oklahoma Spanking
Sat Oct 1, 2011 18:05

Many forms of spanking/punishment available from firm handed professional trainer of naughty boys and girls. Send contact info. to Ms. Stone at:

    • Naughtymichael, Sun Apr 16 15:24
      i need to be paddled please help me asap
    • SpankingMentorMan50, Mon Jul 13 13:12
      Ms. Stone, your email address doesn't seem to be valid. Have you another way of communicating? I would like to talk with you.
    • in need of disciplinemichael, Sun Jul 12 13:26
      i have have been behaving badly an need the paddle applied to my back side my email is down so if you can please via a call or text at 5808270710 thanks
      • Spanking MentorMan50, Mon Jul 13 12:59
        I need a spanking and to give spankings also.......just can't seem to find anybody in my area. Minneapolis, Minnesota
    • himichael, Sun Nov 30 19:34
      can you help me i need a spanking
    • Re: Oklahoma SpankingAnonymous, Thu Mar 20 01:38
      To Ms. Stone: "Hello, I am a very naughty boy who could use a very good (OTK) spanking or an (OTK) paddling frm you if at all possible." "Its been a really long tym since Ive been properly... more
    • needs spanked barebuns, Wed Feb 27 05:57
      Im male straight always had a desire to be barebottomed spanked otk please help m/f,i live in tulsa ok area
    • needs spanked barebuns, Wed Feb 27 05:54
      Im male straight always had a desire to be barebottomed spanked otk please help m/f
    • YOU! Young lady!Pezzi, Wed Oct 5 22:09
      Ms Stone, if you ever feel the need for some OTK discipline yourself, feel free to contact me. It might be good for your 'inner girl'! Pezzi PS Yes, I'm in OK also.
      • spankingMs, Fri Oct 7 08:44
        LOL - I appreciate your generous offer...However, since my "style" is as an older/wiser/firm handed motherly type it would somehow feel incestuous for me to be placed across a "naughty boy or girl's" ... more
          Ms. Stone; "I would so like to go right ovr your knees my self & get a very good spanking from you if possible. I am long over due to go over a female disciplinarian's knees 4 a good ol fashion... more
          To Ms Stone; "I am in need of a very good otk discipline spanking by you my self if possible. I have not been properly spanked by a female disciplinarian such as ur self in a very long time. I my... more
          To Ms Stone; "I am in need of a very good otk discipline spanking by you my self if possible. I have not been properly spanked by a female disciplinarian such as ur self in a very long time. I my... more
          To Ms.Stone; "If you are stll in the Oklahoma City area, I would like to be spanked by you my self. Your email does not ceem to be very effective as some 1 had said. Anyways, I would like to be... more
        • needs spanked barebuns, Sun Jan 20 07:52
          I live in Catoosa would love to be spanked by a female
          • Re: needs spanked Anonymous, Tue Aug 6 22:20
            I like in Tulsa and usually am the spanker but want to know what it feels like to get one good. Turn me red. I'm havier.frank on
        • Wanting parent typeAnn, Tue Oct 11 20:10
          We are a couple in Tulsa. We want to have a spanking therapist. My husband and I grew up in a school ware spankings were used as discipline. We can travel. We had someone for a time, but now are... more
          • SParent type Spankingveteranjs, Thu Aug 17 06:41
            Hello Ann,my name is John I don't live that far from Tulsa. If you and your husband still need a Spanking therapist I would like to talk to you about that. I am an older Gentleman who gives sound... more
          • Re: Wanting parent typeAnonymous, Tue Aug 6 22:09
            I saw your post on spanking therapy. I've spanked both women and men for discipline. It was very effective. Lets talk about it. I'm
          • spanking therapyAnonymous, Tue Aug 6 22:07
            I saw your post on spanking therapy. I've spanked both women and men for discipline. It was very effective. Lets talk about it. I'm
            • Help NeededGinger, Tue Mar 10 22:48
              Battling depression and addiction to the point it nearly cost my life. I think finding a non sexual and serious proffessional mentor might really help me. Need a safe effective method for motivation... more
              • Giving helpBen, Thu Mar 12 05:38
                Hello Ginger, I come from that fair state, by birth rights that is, but now I am much further south and east! But that does not say we cannot converse about your needs, my dear! So, here is my email... more
              • I would like to helpMath Teacher, Wed Mar 11 21:06
                Ginger, Drop me a note. I would like to help if I can. I am in Tennessee. Maybe something can be worked out.
            • Spanking neededAnonymous, Thu Aug 8 11:28
              Looking for mature women to give a good old fashion Spanking in New york, long island aria.
              • Re: Spanking neededAnonymous, Thu Aug 8 11:31
                Looking for the mature women to give me a good old fshion Spanking in new york, long island aria. Pls drop me a line at
          • Couplestwspanker, Thu Oct 27 10:13
            Hello Ann. We are a couple from the Stillwater area that would be interested in helping you. I'm 35 and she is 40. We both have experience in providing discipline and would love to talk.
              To stw couple spanker; "I would like to be spanked my self by an adult couple or by 2 adult couples my self. I have never been spanked by an adult couple b4 & would like to be spanked by the two of... more
            • overdue punirhmentmichael, Sun Jul 12 15:00
              hi do you still live in stillwater area if i need the paddle applied to my back side please call or text me at 5808270710 as my email page is down
            • himichael, Fri Nov 28 07:01
              i need a spanking
            • himike , Sun Nov 9 20:10
              i really need spanked
          • TulsaJohn, Wed Oct 12 05:42
            I'm here Tulsa. Are you looking for a Woman?a Man? or a Couple? Let me know. You can e-mail my veterabjs on yahoo. OTK bare bottom spankings for both of you.
            • Need disciplined by adult maleJay, Tue Aug 16 17:54
              I am 50 yo tulsan that grew up getting disciplined by my dad whom spanked me bare ass till age 18 He told me at age 16 during a session when I asked him "How much longer?" As he was spanking and... more
            • Re: TulsaAnonymous, Tue Jan 7 06:27
              It doesn't matter be male female couple need A good spanking
            • need spankedAnonymous, Sat Feb 2 23:03
              i need a good otk spanking with no sex
            • Looking for parentAnn, Thu Oct 13 19:50
              a couple would be good. Seems like that would be hard to find. Would prefer a woman at least at first. We are new to adult discipline but want the definitive structure it would bring. A spanking on... more
              • Re: Looking for parentBen, Fri Oct 14 02:18
                Who are you, and where do you live??? And how old are you?
                • Looking for parentAnn, Fri Oct 14 20:41
                  Ben, As I said in post. Live in Tulsa. Age is spankable. This is play// real. this is a sexy yet for real fantasy. We will even pay for someone good, but it must be a fit. Demanding to know ware I... more
                  • Re: Looking for parentAnonymous, Tue Aug 6 22:27
                    Im a very good spanker. Turn your ass red and you will sting the next day. I'm in Tulsa
                  • good parentBen, Mon Oct 17 23:33
                    Ann, I would be your man with 40+ years of having you naughties over my knee, but unfortunately I am not anywhere near ztulsa, so sorry. Ben
                  • TulsaAnonymous, Sat Oct 15 04:40
                    Ann, You are right. You stated where you live which is Tulsa and that should be enough right now and that you are over the ge of 21. Any type of relationship has to be built from. First from e-mails... more
          • Special FriendMemphis Disciplinarian, Tue Oct 11 21:14
            I'm sure I could serve as your speciaal friend. I have over 4 decades of experience giving spanking and spanking therapy to people of all ages, sizes and experience. I think we need to talk
            • Re: Special FriendJay Rathbun, Wed Aug 17 08:20
              I am a a 50 yo male that was spanked growing up and seek being spanked by a man who understands how and what to do 5'11" 190lbs white male Please email me at Thank you
    • Re: Oklahoma SpankingOTKNOKC, Sun Oct 2 06:02
      I live in Oklahoma. Looking for some discipline. :)
      • Re: Oklahoma SpankingAnonymous, Wed Mar 19 19:40
        Yes i am if you are talking to me
      • Re: Oklahoma SpankingNancy, Sat Mar 15 14:57
        I'm 51,live in Tulsa I'm for real and female Need a good hard spanking
      • Re: Oklahoma SpankingAnonymous, Mon Feb 17 08:09
        I live in tulsa need good spanking
      • Re: Oklahoma SpankingAnonymous, Tue Jan 7 23:09
        I need belt paddle whatever it takes to help Me change my life
      • Re: Oklahoma SpankingAnonymous, Mon Jan 6 09:50
        Im 51 in need of a good spanking
      • Re: Oklahoma SpankingAnonymous, Wed Jan 1 21:18
        I need a good paddling live in tulsa
      • Re: Oklahoma SpankingAnonymous, Thu Dec 19 11:42
        Im 51need a good old fashion spanking in tulsa it Would have to be at your place
      • spanking Anonymous, Sun Aug 11 20:34
        Need a good spanking from someone in tulsa
        • Re: spanking Anonymous, Tue Aug 20 12:54
          How do you expect any results without posting an email address?
      • spanking Anonymous, Sun Jul 28 05:01
        Could use old fashion spanking in Tulsa no sex
      • Re: Oklahoma SpankingAnonymous, Wed Oct 5 08:46
        I have trained/disciplined many in need of such. OTK/Rack/Bench,etc. What do you seek/need/deserve? Ms.Stone
        • himike , Sun Nov 9 20:13
          i need my butt spanked
        • Re: Oklahoma, Sun Aug 24 18:04
          Could use a spanking but can't afford to pay
          • Re: Oklahoma SpankingAnonymous, Thu Feb 18 18:07
            I could also use a good disciplinarian, but cannot afford to pay. If anyone is interested please email me at I am a 35 yr old straight female in the Yukon area.
            • Re: Oklahoma SpankingAnonymous, Tue Feb 6 16:04
              I live in Weatherford, I could definitely warm your buns when needed
        • spankingmichael, Fri Jan 3 03:57
          i can help you please get back with me
          • Re:, Sun Aug 24 18:00
            Could use a spanking
            • spankingmichael, Sun Aug 24 18:53
              how can i help you
          • spanking Anonymous, Sat Jan 4 04:09
            Hello lets talk are you into spanking
        • SpankingNaughty Denene, Tue Dec 27 23:07
          I am a 47 year old woman in Oklahoma and in need of a good spanking. I treated my now ex husband very horrible, divorced him wrongly, lied about him. I would like a woman to really take it to my... more
          • spankedmichael, Thu Jan 9 09:01
            hello i can help i have a mean paddle
            • Re: spankedAnonymous, Mon Jan 13 10:16
              i would love to be paddled with your mean paddle .thanks
          • Re: SpankingAnonymous, Tue Jan 7 04:49
            To bad you are looking for a woman to spank you. ...
            • hi michael, Thu Jan 9 09:03
              do you spank
        • OTK and BenchOTKNOKC, Wed Oct 5 09:50
          Most likely OTK or bench....depending upon how hard you feel you need to do it.
          • Helloroyaldion, Mon Oct 10 08:32
            Hello Dear , My name is Royal, i have a warm and friendly feelings as i saw your profile today ,so i decided to leave a massage for you. if it Touches you to be a friend you can write back in my... more
            • Re:, Sun Aug 24 18:02
              Could use a spanking
          • DisciplineMs. Stone, Wed Oct 5 21:17
            It generally is based on how hard I feel you need to have the discipline applied. Do you cry easily?
            • To Ms. Stone; "This is my 3rd attempt to contact you about getting or being spanked by you my self. You have not returned my or anybody else's messages here on your web page. Evry body knows you live ... more
            • Naughty Boy Needs 2b DisciplinedAnonymous, Thu Aug 28 01:34
              To Ms. Stone: "I would totallly like 2b disciplined by U asap If U would b available 2 discipline m sme tym If ur around 2 discipline m tht is." "I need 2b disciplind my self, havent been properly... more
            • Re: DisciplineAnonymous, Tue Aug 6 23:04
              I need a spanking too. I tried to send to ms stone but address was bad. Anybody know how to get in touch with her? I'm
            • Re: DisciplineOTKNOKC, Thu Oct 6 05:45
              Never cried...thought my pain tolerance may not be as high as others. Maybe restraints?
    • I was in okahomaBilly, Sat Oct 1 20:58
      I was in okahoma last month i wish i had time for a session now i dont want to travel
      • Re: I was in okahomaAnonymous, Fri Oct 7 21:21
        And people don't want to travel to you. You continually piss and moan that you want someone to spank you...ain't happening your way
        • Anybody elseBilly, Sat Oct 8 15:31
          Anybody else tired of these rude comments excuse me for having disablilities that makes it hard to travel to anywhere and excuse for wanting to be spanked
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