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Bare bottom otk spanking Poughkeepsie, NY area.
Sat Apr 21, 2012 07:55

Single well built male, seeking naughty ladies for bare bottom otk spankings. I enjoy using my hand, paddles, hairbrushes and wooden spoons. I would like a woman with whom I can develop a friendship. We would meet for dinner, and then we would spank your butt later in the evening. Non smokers only, and please be in reasonable shape.

    • Over the knee spankingDebora Martin, Fri Jun 27 20:02
      I really need a proper spanking. I am only looking for discipline.,,, I am really bad in spending money and need to be disciplined please..,, Over your knee with your hand bare bottom if you would... more
    • Spank me otk bare bottomanonymous, Thu Feb 6 08:27
      I really want you to pull my panties down and put me over your lap. I would like a butt plugging, too....with your hand only...gentle, rosy red make her bottom warm up only....
      • Re: Spank me otk bare bottomAnonymous, Thu Feb 6 22:57
        Hey Lillie, You for real??? Been waiting to be spanked for a whole year. So when you gonna show up???
    • Hi:) im lilly, 19, blonde, 5,4, 125lbs, how old r u?
      • so you want otk on your bare bottom. That can be arranged. I am grandpa, age 73, 5.8', 180 POUNDS, RETIred university professor. at age 19k, are you willling to play a game with me? first I spank... more
      • spankingupstateny, Sun Jul 21 07:13
        HI Lilly i am near kingstom ny very experinced spanker/dad and i can address any of you needs ,wants. or fantasies contact me
      • LILLY, i am 73, a gradn father, and willinn bo take you over mylp. if theat't what you need. what do you need? have you had your skirt lift up? and youe panties pulled sosn? have you even been... more
      • I am 43.
      • Hi LillyBen, Tue May 8 12:14
        Lilly, Why do you manage to piss everyone here off? Send me your email and we can discuss it. Ben
      • Your spankingDaddySpanks, Tue May 8 05:26
        Lilly, I reside in Central Ct and travel to your area. I am in my mid-fifties and have many years of experience. If this is of interest to you please don't hesitate to contact me at the above... more
      • your spankingupstateny12401, Mon May 7 06:30
        Lets talk on how and what you need I am a real Dad and understand a lot when it comes to giving a spanking .I am near poughkeepsie
      • I am fine and you?
    • you can spank, Wed Apr 25 03:46
      hey:) my names lilly, i live in albany ny. im 20, 5'3, 125lbs, blonde.
      • Re: you can spank me.daron, Sun May 6 15:47
        Lily is a fake like most people on this site.
        • Re: you can spank me.Anonymous, Tue May 8 22:18
          You should talk daron. you and your stupid posts here to meet someone sound like you got your head so far up your ass. The only one who is a fake is you. don't apply your fake behaviors to everyone... more
          • Blow me!Daron, Tue Jun 12 19:32
            Anonymous, Your moron ass has been on here for years! You talk so tough! Your a little bitch!
        • Re: you can spank me.Lilly, Mon May 7 15:08
          Go ... urself loser
      • male disciplinarianAnonymous, Sun May 6 09:26
        I am a male disciplinarian/authoritarian, old school, firm believer in administering old fashioned over the knee bare bottomed disciplinary spankings...corner time. Can correct behavior... more
        • Re: male disciplinarianLilly, Sun May 6 11:00
          Were r u located iv been naughty;)
          • male disciplinarianAnonymous, Sun May 6 12:05
            Located In CT but I travel to to up state NY monthly for business. I can make sure that the day you want to meet that I am up there.
      • Albany disciplinarianUpstatenyspanker, Sat May 5 18:48
        Lilly-- I'm a disciplinarian living in Albany. 30, professional and new to the city. Want to meet up sometime for drinks and talk about spanking?
      • your spankingupstateny12401, Thu Apr 26 12:45
        lets talk on how and what you need im a real dad and understand a lot
      • lets meetAnonymous, Thu Apr 26 10:04
        I am a male disciplinarian/authoritarian, old school, firm believer in administering old fashioned over the knee bare bottomed disciplinary spankings...corner time. Can correct behavior... more
      • Hi LillyBen, Thu Apr 26 07:49
        Too bad you don't live in Melbourne, FL. cause then I could spank you! And the erotic way you would enjoy!! Ben
      • Re: you can spank me.Anonymous, Wed Apr 25 17:24
        Lilly, I'm near albany, NY, can certainly administer a good, firm bare bottom spanking. Drop a note - Mike,
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