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Re: spanking
Sat Aug 17, 2013 10:25

what do you ocnsider a GOOD spanking? until your ass tugns RED? until you cry? both things? i say it is until you yell the safe word: "red." or the "green" word, which means kaep it up, kwep going i hurts butfeels good! here's wiehing you a lot of GREEN calls, my name is ed.

  • spanking Anonymous, Sun Aug 11 20:23
    I need good spanking
    • Your requesttomas, Wed Oct 30 18:34
      Hi, I would love to come to Garnet LI and spank you in your panties. - Tomas
      • Re: Your requestAnonymous, Thu Oct 31 01:46
        How old are you
        • ageTomas, Thu Oct 31 02:38
          Old enough to have the experience to give you the spankings you want, need and deserve. Send me your email and I will send you my picture. - Tomas
    • spankingAnonymous, Tue Oct 22 09:16
      are you a woman
      • Re: spankingAnonymous, Tue Oct 22 09:30
        Yes I am
        • spanking.Anonymous, Tue Oct 22 09:39
          can you send me your phone number. i would like to talk to you on the phone about this. ty
          • Re: spanking.Anonymous, Tue Oct 22 12:32
            Don't want to put phone number on here Sorry
            • spankingAnonymous, Tue Oct 22 12:34
              ok then can you send it to me at this screen name. im here now. its 3 30pm
    • spankingWes, Sat Oct 19 12:02
      Take spanking from a guy? Wes
      • Re: spankingAnonymous, Tue Oct 22 09:29
        Yes I. Do depending how old you are
    • Re: spanking — Anonymous, Sat Aug 17 10:25
      • Re: spanking Anonymous, Sat Oct 19 13:06
        All of the above
        • seeks a spanking long islandAnonymous, Sun Oct 20 11:29
          52 mwm seeks a spanking in my panties
          • panty spankingWes, Mon Oct 21 08:07
            Long Island guy happy to spank you in your panties. Please drop me a line:
    • OkDave, Mon Aug 12 03:15
      Why do u need a spanking lil girl?
      • Re: OkAnonymous, Sat Oct 19 13:14
        Sometimes I'm mouthy lazy
    • spankingjustin, Sun Aug 11 23:00
      where are you located?
    • spanking Anonymous, Sun Aug 11 20:42
    • ?Anonymous, Sun Aug 11 20:30
      Are u male or female?
      • Re: ?Anonymous, Sat Oct 19 13:20
      • Re: ?Anonymous, Sun Aug 11 23:50
        where u live?
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