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Kent Moxley
Railroad Ties
Sat Jan 10, 2015 17:11

I got some free ties through Kansas & Oklahoma Railroad at 1825 W. Harry a few years ago. Had to go and sign some papers that said I wouldn't hold them responsible if I hurt myself and how many ties I wanted then was told where the location was that they were replacing ties. Don't know if they are still doing that since places that sell them are probably buying them from K&O now. Good luck.

  • Railroad ties, pots and pansDan, Tue Jan 6 11:31
    Needing some old pots and pans if you got some also where can we get free or cheap railroad ties!
    • Railroad Ties — Kent Moxley, Sat Jan 10 17:11
    • pots and pansAnonymous, Thu Jan 8 18:41
      my son was telling me tonight that the habitat for humanity there at center and west (where the cruise in on fridays) just got a bunch of pots and pans donated. fyi
    • Pot and pansJR, Wed Jan 7 21:10
      Try the D.A.V. on Central and Oliver. As for the ties, I need some too. If you find some let me know... Beacuse I haven't found any Free or Cheap that are worth the effort to get... Atwoods sells... more
      • TiesDan, Thu Jan 8 10:05
        Thanks JR and you let me know if you find some too!
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