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fuel injection
Thu Apr 2, 2015 15:25

I've made the decision to add FEI to my 66. I'm wanting to buy a single line, self learning.

Does anyone have any personal knowledge of any they would recommend?

I'm looking at the edelbrock EZ self learning, I currently have my Holley carb so I'm looking at those also. What about the brand FAST?

David has offered to come over and help me install. Just wanting any word of mouth that someone might share.


    • fuel injection doneharry, Sun May 31 20:41
      the conversion couldn't have been better. runs great with a noticeable difference for sure.. hg
    • EFI on 66Michael Belew, Thu Apr 16 14:19
      I've just about finished putting a Holley Dominator ECU in my 66 Holley has about the easiest computer interface and pretty much if you can get it to start it will self learn your tune. You are... more
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