Mystical Tomes

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Sun Aug 13, 2006 04:50

Disclaimer: I do not own charmed, nor the story line there in, all characters belong to spelling productions, excepte for the charactors i create to further my story-line, and finally i am making no profit off of writing these stories, so seat back, and enjoy reading them.

Author note: This story concurs while cole turner went on his suicide biege, and before he becomes an avator,and starts right after the charmed ones try to vanquish him, and sp seat back, and enjoy.

Special note: This story is told in first person, but i might be flacky, considering it is my first story so bare with me.

Chatper 1: Coles warnderings

I stood there in amzement wondering how this has came to pass. The charmed ones staring at me as if i was something unnatural, and beyond this planet. My only thoughts now how can i kill myself when even the charmed ones can't kill me.

Deciding that i would take my leave of them, for i have no further use of them, and i have to rely on my own devices to kill myself now. As i leave, i say * I shall forever, and always love you Phoebe, and nothing will ever change that*

Activating my power i fade out of the room, leaving, the sisters three where they stand. I will my power to take me and whenever it wants, not caring where, or when i turn up, just knowing that i need to go somewhere, anywhere to complete my goal.

I materialize on a hot, dusty road the sun blazing my eyes, i cover them not, becuace i need to but out of habit, shielding them from the sun, i begin to walk forward, for what seems like eternity, my body showing no signs of exustion.

Fnally i come upon, what seems to be a gas station, but as i know looks, can be desieving. The gas station is ran down, and very old looking as if it's stood there standing the test of times for ages. Theres an old man sitting in a chair agianst the wall with his eyes closed.

I come closer, and closer until i'm standing right next to him. i snape my fingers waking him up abruptlly, and ask him * Where am i ?*

Oldman says * Well where in the hell do you think you are, i'll tell you where, your in the middle of nowhere, thats where*

I ask * I know that, but where is here ?*

Oldman says * Now sonny, thats not what you should be asking, what you should be asking is the importent qiustions, the ones you came here wanting to know*

Pondering that, wondering if the oldman knows more then what his letting on, i ask * What makes you say that ?*

Oldman says * Simple sonny, becuace the only poeple that come here, are the ones looking for answers they can't find else where*

I ask * In that case do you have my answers ?*

Oldman says * Maybe i do, maybe i don't sonny, but you'll never know until you ask, and so far sonny you've been asking all the wrong qiustions*

I finally dexide to ask a qiustion that has been burning a hole in my soul ever sence i've fall in love with Phoebe, i ask * Is there such a thing as true love*

Oldman says * Now there is a qiustion right for the answering sonny, love is a very powerful tool, and weapon for both good, and evil, but as for true love yes, yes it does exist you just have to find the right person*


P.S. i'd love it if you would email me to tell me if you liked the sooner so far, or hated it

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