Mystical Tomes

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BMG parts 1-4
Sat Nov 11, 2006 14:02

Disclaimer: All Charmed characters are property of the WB. Any other
non original characters are the property of their respective owners.
I am making no profit from this story.
This is set near the end of Charmed season 8 and may contain spoilers.
Warning! This story requires a certain sense of humor and will not be liked by any Billie or Christy fans!

BMG part 1:"With another ultimate power of course!"

The Charmed Ones are hiding out in a cavern in the underworld. They are trying to find a way to vanquish the unexplainably powerful Bille and Christie. They are all tired and dirty and startled when Odin the elder orbs in. "Aha, this is the last place I would have looked but I've found you at last!"

"What do you want Odin?" The sad and weary Piper asks.

"To help you my dear." He replies which causes Piper to faint!

When her sisters revive her Piper looks up at Odin and says, "I thought I heard you say that you, an Elder was going to help for a change?!"

Smirking Odin replies, "Yes, but don't faint again, I'm serious!"

"How can you help?" Paige asks,

And Odin replies, "By using my elder powers to boost Phoebe's premonition power I think I can enable her to find out just how this Billie got so powerful and thus how to defeat her!"

So moments later with Odin channeling his power into Phoebe she clasped a lock of Billies and hair and saw the past. She got an image of Billie's pregnant mother clutching her stomach having a miscarriage. Heard her plea of doing anything to save her baby. Felt something dark from beyond this world hear and answer her cry. Knew that the same darkness infused the embryonic Billie and gave her new life! Sensed that the evil from that thing spread to Christie after Billie's birth. Saw everything the dark entity had planned go terribly wrong when Billie's mother dropped her on her head! Realize that said drop had damaged the brain and scrambled the mind of the evil giving Billie dominance.

After relating this to her sisters she concluded, "But that's all changed now thanks to the Triad, Billie will become more evil each day and soon be the ultimate power!" With that Phoebe got another premonition and collapsed to her knees. She saw Billie grown to giant size with ram like horns growing from her head. She walked the cities of the Earth and turned them into graveyards!

After she told of this premonition as well, Paige wondered aloud, "How do we beat this monster,this ultimate power?"

At that Odin smiled and said, "With another ultimate power of course!"

BMG part 2:something huge came out of the jungle

"Since Billie's ultimate power is beyond anything in this dimension we'll need to search elsewhere for another power to overcome her." Odin said and continued, "In fact I fear that in time she may even drain the power of the Triad and add it to her own."

"So what can we do?" Piper asked and Odin replied without any of them noticing a demonic spy lurking nearby. As soon as Odin finished his explanation the spy went in search of the newly reincarnated Triad. Shortly thereafter the Triad contacted Christy and disguising themselves as Elders met the Jenkins in the underworld. They arrived at the Halliwell's lair just as Odin followed them through a dimensional portal! Acting quickly the Triad cast a tracer spell just before the portal closed. Two minutes later and the five began following their quarry across a multitude of dimensions!

For their search the Halliwells had enchanted 3 crystal pendants with secret spells provided by Odin to find a power capable of overcoming even Billie's full potential. After passing through uncounted dimensions they arrived on a tropical island. "where are we Odin?" Paige inquired.

"I can't say for sure," He replied "But as far as we have come we might have gone through a Ficreal nexus."

"Ficreal nexus?" Phoebe inquired and

Piper answered, ""It's a place where adventures of some people like us and other unusual beings pass through and are interpreted in other worlds as fiction. So on one side of the nexus unusual and exotic characters of other dimensions are fictional and the other side they are real and vice versa." everyone stared at her in surprise and she shrugged and added, "I do listen to what Leo says sometimes!"

Meanwhile as her group raced after the Halliwells Christy noticed that Billie was changing. Her skin turned red, her fingernails grew long black and pointy and something began growing from her head! 'She's growing horns? What's going on?' Christy telepathically questions the Triad and one replied, 'Apparently her power is manifesting itself more fully and showing it's true source. That is something that has always puzzled us. Where did one witch get such a vast amount of hidden power? Now we know, it came from outside our dimension. Traveling outside our dimnesion is allowing her to grow into her power much more rapidly!' Christy thought on this for a moment and then took Billies hand and said, "We're in this together Billie, use your power to boost mine so I can help you defeat the Halliwells." Overwhelmed by the new power flowing into her Billie didn't reply but Christy felt the power flowing into her and thought, 'Perfect the Power of Three will no match for this Power of Two!'

Back on the island the sisters were consulting their crystal pendants. When they glowed bright blue they would have found the power they came looking for. That was when something huge came out of the jungle and whirling the Halliwells saw ...

BMG part 3:"Hey buddy, do I look like a blond to you?"

"A giant gorilla!" The sisters exclaimed as an impossibly large one emerged from the jungle. He was walking unsteadily and eating a handful of large red berries. "He has to be over 100' tall!" Phoebe said.

"He's like King Kong only bigger!" Piper said. At that Paige started to remember and thought 'Didn't Henry show me an old movie or two with a bigger King Kong from eating some sort of red berries? Like those?' And hearing his name Kong looked down on the one who had said it, leaned over and snatched Piper from the ground! 'Uh pretty!' He thought. Disoriented at being grabbed by Kong, Piper heard this in her mind but it didn't really register.

"Careful Piper," Paige yelled, "I just remembered those berries make Kong drunk!"

Piper rolled her eyes at this and checking her pendant saw that it was still dark. 'Not what we are looking for thank goodness!' She thought and then held out her long brown hair and said to Kong, "Hey buddy, do I look like a blond to you?"
At that Kong shoved the rest of the berries into his mouth, looked at Piper carefully and she heard him think, 'Not blonde,' At that Piper realized, "Hey, I've got some sort of telepathy with this monster," and Kong finished his thought, 'throw away!' causing Piper to finish her's, "and NOOOO!" She screamed as Kong casually tossed her over his shoulder and sent her flying over the island! As she flew through the air Piper thought, 'I hate giant drunken gorillas!'

BMG part 4: could only watch as the monster came closer and closer...

Phoebe was running and Paige orbing after Piper when their pursuers arrived! Billie was now over 30' tall and still growing! Her horns now grew like a rams horns and crackled with dark lightning! She fired off a bolt at Paige just after she reappeared from a short orb. Trying to keep up with Piper, Paige didn't see it coming and was stunned by a near miss! Phoebe turned to see the source of the attack and paled when she saw the fiendish 5. With the demonic giant Billie, the smaller but also growing Christy reaching 25' tall and the Triad things looked grim. But Phoebe had an idea. Yelling at the top of her lungs she screamed, "HEY KONG LOOK, TWO BLONDES!!!" Kong turned from watching Paige and Phoebe who had run between his legs. Then he looked at the sinister sisters thought, 'Ooh blondes!' and lumbered forward to grab them!

"How did I miss noticing him?" Billie yelped as the amorous ape grabbed a Jenkins sister in each hand! To that one the Triad thought , 'Because you have the brains of a retarded chipmunk! And she lucked into ultimate power, grrr!'

Meanwhile Piper's involuntary flight started on a downward arc. Tumbling head over heels Piper thought she saw something below her. 'A net here?' She thought but realized, 'I had better try and blow up some air molecules and make a couple of small explosions or I am gonna miss it!' And so Boom! Boom! She did! The explosions propelled her sideways and got her out of the tumble so she landed flat on her back. The surface she landed on stretched and gave way with the impact. This greatly cushioned her fall but as she kept descending Piper thought, 'I hope I don't break through or get flung back in the air like off of a trampoline!' But it didn't break and when it snapped back after going down almot 20' Piper didn't get tossed off. Dizzy from the flight, fall and catch Piper closed her eyes and thought, 'Good thing I didn't get tossed off, it's almost like this net had a seat belt.' Then she tried to bring a hand to her face and discovered she could not! Her eyes snapping open she realized, 'This isn't a net, it's a giant spider web!' Then as her eyes focused she saw something huge coming towards her across the web and heard the monster think, 'Umm lunch!'

Unable to rise from the web Piper could only watch as the monster came closer and closer...

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