Mystical Tomes

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BMG parts 5-8
Sat Nov 11, 2006 14:03

BMG part 5:"So, nobody's perfect!"

As the 25' tall spider approached Piper realized she, 'Only have one chance. Since my hands are stuck palm down on this web if I give it all I've got then, ' BOOOM!!! Piper blasted the web from beneath her! Falling again she desperately grabbed for and caught a single strand of webbing! It had enough elasticity to stretch almost to the ground breaking Piper's fall! Looking up she saw the web tearing from the hole she had made and the spider's weight. So she quickly blasted her hands free of the strand of webbing and took off running! As she ran Piper thought, 'I had better get out of here. That spider is going to be mad and hungry now!' And just after she finished that thought the creature fell from it's ruined web with an earth shaking thud, righted itself and chased after Piper! Risking a glance over her shoulder she saw that the monster was in pursuit but limping from the fall. 'Too big for my powers to do much. Got to get to the ocean, I don't think spiders can swim!'

Meanwhile Kong's double date was interrupted when Christy used her pyrokenesis to set him ablaze! 'HOT! BURNING! SWIM!' He thought and dropping the twin twits headed for the ocean! Still growing Billie whined, "But I haven't had a date in weeks!" Christy rolled her eyes at this and thought 'He's a giant gorilla!' "So, nobody's perfect!" Billie replied.

What her sister would have said in response will never be known as the Triad interrupted when one noted, "The Charmed Ones have escaped!"

Not far away Phoebe was carrying the stunned Paige over her shoulder and tiring rapidly. Desperate to escape she wondered, 'Where did Odin go?' At that point she heard a voice in her head saying 'This way, we'll hide you!' Having few options Phoebe followed the voice and ducked into a small cave just seconds before her pursuers were heard outside. They failed to notice Phoebe's hiding place and moved by quickly. Then Phoebe got a look at her benefactors and another surprise!

Meanwhile Piper had almost reached the ocean when she fell into a large hole on the beach. The spider was almost on top of the weary witch when the ground shook like nothing she had ever felt before! The spider flinched as "GRRRRRRRR!!!" an earsplitting roar made the air itself seem to vibrate and Piper heard telepathically something say, 'I told you and your mother, no eating humans! Now get back to Kumonga before I step on you! WELL? WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE???' It finished with a mental shout. 'Not it but he.' Piper realized as the young Kumonga fled and smiling thought, 'I know exactly where we are now!' Turning she thought 'I just have to convince him to help us!'

BMG part 6:'That gorilla's been getting on my nerves lately.'

Seeing two doll sized Japanese women smiling at her and glowing with a soft light Phoebe asked, "Who are you?" She heard the answer in her mind. 'We are the Cosmos.' They thought at her and turning continued, 'Follow us.' Phoebe did and they went through a tunnel which descended for a while and then rose again. About 15 minutes later they arrived in a huge underground cavern. It was lit by glowing moss on the walls. However what caught Phoebe's eye was a gigantic Moth sitting on an enormous egg! The creature looked old and battleworn and yet kind and wise at the same time. Odin was seemingly deep in thought with her. 'Yes, I sense this is a she.' Phoebe thought and heard a gentle voice in her head, 'Quite right Phoebe, now Odin why don't you heal Paige so Phoebe can rest.' Phoebe was surprised at this but less than she would have been before arriving on this island. So Paige was healed and the sisters were telling their story to Mothra.

She already knew about ficreal nexi and other dimensions so it didn't take as long as the sisters would have expected. Soon Mothra was telling them, 'I would gladly help you,' However the two Cosmos interrupted, 'There is no need for that! Mothra must recover from recent battles and protect her egg. You can't trust those Kumonga's not to eat everything in sight!'

"Yes," Odin interjected, "I was discussing the powers on this Monster Island before you arrived. If willing the ideal candidate to deal with our problem would be the kaiju king."

"Kaiju King?" The sisters repeated puzzled.

The Cosmos answered, 'He is better known as,'

Godzilla looked down on the tiny human who was rising from one of his footprints and thought, 'What is she doing here?'

Seeing her pendant now was glowing bright blue Piper thought back, 'Looking for you big boy!'

Surprised he thought back, 'You understand Kaiju mind speak? How? You are human!'

'Kaiju mind speak= Giant monster telepathy!' Piper translated and replied, 'I'm not just human, I'm a witch! Sometimes other humans have thought people like me to be monsters too!'

Godzilla considered this for a few seconds and then thought, 'Ok, you can stay, would you like Kong's cave? That gorilla's been getting on my nerves lately.'

'No thanks,' Piper replied, 'what I need is your help!'

BMG part 7:'You had me at destroy evil monster.'

The Cosmos led Paige, Phoebe and Odin to an adjoining cavern where another kaiju was napping. Observing the 100 meter long quadruped dinosaur with a spiked carapace, tail, head and horned nose Paige thought, 'Hope it's not hungry!' The Cosmos giggled and thought, 'This is Anguirus, he dug these caverns for Mothra and her egg. He'll help you find your sister and Godzilla.'

'And keep the Kumonga's from even thinking about eating you!' Mothra added from the next room. And so minutes later the trio were riding on the back of Anguirus's head each holding onto a vertical spike for balance. 'We must hurry!' He thought.

'Why is Piper in danger?' Phoebe asked.

'I don't know,' He replied, 'but if those two monsters find Godzilla before we do he won't leave one for me!' At that the sisters just looked at each other and shrugged.

Now standing in the palm of Godzilla's hand Piper pleaded her case, 'I need you to destroy an evil giant monster! An ultimate evil power from my world will soon become that monster! She'll wipe out entire cities if she isn't stopped! We took the bitch in and she betrayed us and now wants us dead!'

Piper was just getting warmed up when Godzilla raised a single digit on his other hand and thought, 'You had me at destroy evil monster.' Piper sighed in relief at this and Godzilla added, 'I smelled something foul on Monster Island. Since it's not you it must be your enemies.'

'Actually I think I can do better than that.' Piper thought back.

Shortly thereafter Billie, Christy and the Triad were following Piper's trail towards the beach. The Triad lagged behind and whispered back and forth, "Billie is almost 150' tall now and christy over 125'! How is this happening?" The first questioned.

"I'm afraid that not only has Billie accessing her full projection power but tapping into our magic as well!" The second replied.

"We knew that eventually something like this might happen but something on this world seems to favor giantism!" The third added. Then there was no more time for discussion as Billie and Christy burst onto the beach and saw a sight that filled their hearts with glee.

Piper apparently unconscious, was tied to a stake on the beach. Her arms were well secured behind the stake at wrists and elbows, her legs bound at knees and ankles and many ropes around her waist, below and above her breasts held her to the post. A dirty rag had been used to gag her. There were a number of natives standing in a circle around her with knives and spears. Their apparent leader, a man over 7' tall stepped forward and said, "What do you want here?"

Answering Christy said, "We have come for the evil witch Piper!" She indicated Piper and didn't seem to notice that her tongue had developed a fork!

"Why is she evil?" The man said, "We need a sacrifice but have been debating whether she is evil and can be killed or good and must be set free."

"She is selfish, powerful and must be destroyed for the greater good!" Christy repeated the lies she had told Billie.

"Who told you this?" The man asked.

"The Triad!" Billie chimed in.

"Who are the Triad?" He questioned.

"Powerful demons, they taught Christy!" Billie answered.

"How did they teach her?" He wondered.

"After she was kidnapped as a child" Billie said. At that point Christy gave Billie a mental 'Shh!'

"So," The man concluded, "your sister was kidnapped by demons who taught her the greater good would be served by attacking this woman?"

Billie nodded and he asked, "Didn't you forget one little thing?"

Billie frowned, "I don't think so. What?"

"Well", He replied, "DEMONS ARE EVIL YOU HALFWIT MAMMAL! YOU MAKE NO SENSE!" He yelled the last in an impossibly loud voice!

As the fiendish five reeled from this, Piper's bonds suddenly vanished as she dropped the illusion. "Nice work condemning yourselves bitches!" Directing her stare at Billie she asked, "Have you seen the light now or are you still swallowing everything Christy says?"

"She's my sister," Billie snarled, "you have to be destroyed!'

"Ok then, BMG" Piper replied

"BMG???" The sinister sisters replied in unision and then learned what that meant!

As Piper snapped her fingers dropping the second illusion which caused the natives and their leader to disappear. In their place stood a 50 meter tall(165') 20,000 metric ton Kaiju Killing machine! Smiling Piper said, "Billie Meet Godzilla!"

BMG part 8:'Great another Ultraman wannabee!'

"ROAAAAAAAAAR!!!" Godzilla gave a battlecry so fearsome that the Triad were flattened by a sonic boom and both of the sinister sisters flinched holding their ears! So before they could recover Godzilla was in their midst! Sticking out his massive arms he caught Billie across the chest and Christy at the neck with a brutal horsecollar tackle! Seeing this from behind a boulder Piper thought, 'Not a bad start, go Godzilla, kill the bitches!'

For his part Godzilla thought, 'You've caused a lot of pain for my new little friend. Let's see how you like this!'With that he kicked Christy in the ribs and sent her flying hundreds of yards down the beach!

As Godzilla moved in for another assault Christy held her side, felt multiple broken ribs and thought, 'Our combined power is healing my wounds but I need some time to recover or this stupid monster will kill me!' With that she summoned all of her pyrokenesis and bathed Godzilla in the most intense fire she had ever conjured!

When it subsided the kaiju king was still coming and thought, 'You thought that would stop me? And I'm the stupid one?' WHAM! He slapped Christy with a open hand, sending her flying and breaking her jaw!

"NOOOOOOOO!!!" Billie screamed causing Godzilla to turn and face her. Having finally recovered from the shock her triumph turning to ashes she raced to her sister's aid. She ran up and started one of her leaps over Godzilla who thought, 'Great another Ultraman wannabee!'

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