Mystical Tomes

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BMG parts 9-12
Sat Nov 11, 2006 14:04

BMG part 9:"we'll be next!"

As he turned Godzilla was struck by a series of blows from Billie. Shrugging them off he retaliated with a crushing right jab! WHAM! Billie staggered back blood spurting from her mouth and then tried something Godzilla didn't understand. She kicked him between the legs. Slapping Billie back with his other hand he thought to Piper, 'What was that all about?'

Piper responded, 'The retarded bimbo doesn't realize that you don't have external genatalia!'

'External what?" He thought back.

'Reproductive or sex organs big guy!' Piper explained.

'Oh, that sounds like it might hurt. However we Kaiju have them safely inside our hides.' Godzilla responded puzzled, 'How didn't she notice that?'

'How didn't she realize that demons don't reveal the greater good?' Piper answered with a shrug.

'She's dumber than Kong,'Godzilla thought

'A lot dumber!' Piper added Then Godzilla shook his head and turned back towards the towering twin twits.

Gathering her strength Billie's horns glowed with the black lightning and she fired it at her seemingly unstoppable foe. Godzilla withstood the first bolt and then met her lightning with his famed radioactive death breath! Blue flame met the black lightning and fought for dominance! However as she directed her power at the King of the Monsters Billie looked into his eyes and flinched! KABLOOM!!! The lapse in her concentration ended the energy duel with Billie going down again with her torso burning!

"We have to do something, if that monster finishes the Jenkins, we'll be next!" Triad #2 said.

"Let's Temporal Stop it!" Triad #3 suggested.

"But you cannot affect anyone who has been Temporal Stopped!" Triad #1 objected, "Otherwise I would have killed the Charmed Ones when I had them stopped and talking to Christy after they vanquished you two!"

"Still it would give Billie and Christy a chance to recover." Triad #3 said

"And then counterattack!" Triad #2 added.

"Allright we'll do it!" Triad #1 agreed. And so he tried to Temporal Stop Godzilla but only slowed him down by about 25%! Seeing this the other two joined in the effort and the kaiju king slowed further. At only 25% of normal speed he looked like a slow motion replay. This gave the Jenkins sisters a chance to regenerate their wounds and catch their breath. However this did not go unnoticed.

BOOM! "Stop!" Piper said as she blasted Triad #2, "cheating" BOOM! she continued as she attacked Triad #1, BOOM! "you SOBs!" Piper concluded as she decked Triad #3 with a third blast! Having snuck up on the Triad while they concentrated on slowing Godzilla, Piper thought, 'I can't vanquish these arch demons by myself but if I keep blasting them one after another maybe I can hold them off long enough for help to arrive!' With that she continued tagging two of the Triad a second time.

However before she could get the third one again she was thrown through the air by a fireball exploding at her feet! as the Triad closed in the kill #3 noticed that, 'Our help has enabled the Jenkins to gain the advantage, the monster is getting blasted with such fire and lightning I can barely see it!' "We must finish this quickly," #1 said, "if we were to be killed with some of our powers drained we might not be able to reincarnate!"

And so the trio all formed fireballs to hurl at Piper as she tried to rise to her knees and ...

BMG part 10:'what's that shadow?'

WHAM!!! A small boulder slammed into the Triad from behind scattering them like bowling pins! Having orbed it just in time from over a mile away, Paige followed that by grabbing Phoebe's hand and orbing the two of them from Anguirus's head to Piper's side. With his passengers gone Anguirus's charged to Godzilla's aid!

Not that he really needed it now that the Triad was no longer making him move in slow motion. 'Cowardly cheating scum, now I'm angry!!!' He thought and ignoring the pain of many shallow lightning burns taken while slowed, he struck back with a vengeance! His breath struck Billie full in the face causing her to scream in agony! "AAAAAAAAAHHH! MY EYES!" She howled as her face burned under the kaiju kings assault! Her dark powers began to heal her wounds but Godzilla closed the distance rapidly!

Trying to hold the Triad at bay Paige noticed this and with a word "YOU!" orbed Triad #1. He reappeared further down the beach thinking, 'Stupid witch I will just shimmer back and what's that shadow?' SQUISH! Godzilla stepped on him just as Paige had planned! Their collective power was weakened by the death of #1 and so things got worse for the demons from there. Piper hit #2 with a trio of blasts killing him while her sisters used a combination of blows and orbed objects to keep #3 on the ground. Piper then finished him with a pair of blasts!

Meanwhile Anguirus engaged Christy in close combat slamming his spiked tail into her left knee shattering it! He followed that by doing the same to her right knee sending her screaming to the ground! Noticing that Godzilla had gotten his hands on Billie and was now slamming her head into the side of a volcano over and over again Anguirus thought, 'Ready to finish these two off?' 'What do you have in mind?' Godzilla thought in reply. When he heard Anguirus's response Godzilla's amusement was such that Piper felt it far down the beach.

So the sisters were watching as Godzilla grabbed Billie, ran over to Christy and slammed Billie on top of her! WHAMMM!!! The impact was enough to throw the Halliwells into the air despite being about a mile from the point of impact! Following that Anguirus ran up and leaped at Godzilla. The king of the monsters caught his friend in mid air and slammed him back down onto Billie! The force of this drove the dozens of spikes on Anguirus's back through Billie, through Christy and into the ground, impaling both bitches many times over!

Billie felt pain like she had never imagined possible but the worst part was Christy thinking, 'Billie, so much pain, so cold...' as the scheming demon loving bitch finally got her long overdue trip to hell!

"YES!!!" Piper and Paige yelled and Godzilla began pulling his friend from the ground.

Unfortunately Christy's death led to the release of the power that Billie had given her and the brainless one reabsorbed that power! So even as Piper and Paige cheered Christy's demise Billie regenerated then grew larger and with a surge of telekenesis flung Anguirus from her and out to sea! "I'LL KILL YOU ALL!" The now 60 meter tall Billie screamed. However due to her slighter build she was about equal to Godzilla in mass and he was far from impressed. As a matter of fact Piper sensed something much like amusement coming from him. As Billie tried to decide who to try and kill first Piper heard Godzilla think, 'She's too stupid to understand normal kaiju taunts, I wonder what a human would say to her?'

Piper thought, 'Hey Godzilla try this!'

So when Billie gathering her courage said to Godzilla yet again "I'LL KILL YOU!!!" He responded as Piper had suggested.

Concentrating he beamed his thought directly into her mind. She still had enough witch in her to pick up his response which was, 'BRING IT BITCH, WHO'S YOUR DADDY!!!'

She was shocked for a second by both the thought and the sheer force of Godzilla's will hammering into her puny mind! Then enraged she charged him screaming like a banshee!

BMG part 11:'Now neither does Billie!'

Once again Billie began one of her backflips to attack Godzilla from behind. However he was expecting this and fired his radioactive breath catching her on the way up! He hit her first in the abdomen but as her leap continued the deadly beam went right down her body finishing between her legs. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!" Billie screamed in agony as she crashed face first into the ground behind Godzilla .

As he turned Godzilla thought to Piper, 'What was that about? I've gotten her with longer blasts.'

'You caught her in the groin that time. Remember what I told you about external genatalia?' Piper explained.

'Right we kaiju don't have them.' He replied.

'Now neither does Billie!' Piper replied.

As he picked the whimpering Billie up, Godzilla remembered what Piper had told him earlier and thought, 'You've got a mean streak in you Piper.' Lifting Billie overhead he continued thinking at Piper, ' I like that!' Then with a single savage motion he slammed Billie's back across his knee, breaking it and snapping her spine!

The Charmed Ones all gasped in shock at this and Godzilla thought, 'Stupid monster, I was beating both of you myself until your little friends cheated. You really thought you could beat me in single combat with your combined powers?' Billie could only moan at that and hope that her wounds would heal more rapidly. 'Now I am going to take you apart piece by piece!' Godzilla thought and turning her over grabbed Billie by the horns! Exerting his unimaginable strength he ripped out first one and then the other of her horns! And Billie began to shrink rapidly!

"Maybe we should tell Godzilla to stop," Phoebe said and continued, "afterall once she's back to normal size we should be able to handle her." Both of her sisters gave Phoebe hard looks at that but before they could respond the decision was taken out of their hands.

Billie realized her wounds had healed as she shrunk to normal size and thought, 'Damned Halliwells, I'll avenge Christy yet and,' then she noticed a shadow descending on her and said, "What's NOOOOO!!!!" SQUISH!! Godzilla's foot ended any thought of debate and more importantly Billie's life! With a contented sight he thought, 'Take that Bambi!'

'Actually her name was Billie.' Piper thought.

'Whatever, it was fun anyway!' He responded.

"Did he have to kill her?" Phoebe started to object but was interrupted,

'Fi, Fi shutup already!' Godzilla thought at her.

'But my name is' She began but was cut off again

'It's Fi Fi if I say so!' He responded and continued, 'I finished her off for 3 reasons.'

Paige mused, 'Three reasons sounds cool!'

'First killing her makes Piper, her mate and younglings safe from her. Without needing any help from you!' Godzilla began.

As her sisters looked at her in amazement Piper said, "Looks like he got a lot more from our telepathic exchanges than I thought. I now know things about him, his friends and foes that he never consciously told me. I guess we must have both gotten a lot of subconscious info."

'Second Anguirus has caught a small ebirah is bringing it in for lunch and I'm really hungry!' Godzilla continued as his friend appeared with a 100' long crab like monster. 'Umm ebirah!' The sisters could almost hear the kaiju king salivating.

'What was the third reason?' Phoebe timidly asked.

'Because I felt like it!' Godzilla responded as he and Anguirus started munching on the giant crab. 'Is there a problem with that Fi, Fi?'

'No! No problem at all!' Phoebe thought in response as she crossed her fingers behind her back.

Then the Angel of Destiny appears with Leo in tow. He and Piper rush together, hug, she cries and then they start kissing.

Godzilla takes a moment from his lunch and revealing some more of what he got from Piper's subconscious thinks, 'Now that you have your mate back, you must be in heat.'

Piper turns beet red at this but before she can respond, Godzilla concludes, 'You can use my cave!'

BMG part 12:"Hey, I'll take them over the leprechauns anyday!"

'So where did you get that idea about Piper?' Paige asked.

'Simple,' Godzilla responded, and pointed at Phoebe 'Fi Fi is her sibling right?' Paige confirms this and he continues, 'So since she is almost constantly in heat and Piper her sibling, then Piper must be as well.'

"I'm going to kill Piper!" Phoebe muttered.

'WHAT WAS THAT?' Godzilla roared in Phoebe's mind having picked up the gist of her thoughts. 'What are you going to do to my little friend?' He continued with a dangerous tone to his thoughts.

'She's going to thrill Piper by doing exactly what she says for the next month!' Paige interjected and elbowing Phoebe in the ribs continued, 'Right Fi Fi?'

'Right Paige, that's exactly it!' Phoebe thought as she realized Godzilla might not understand her earlier thought was only a figure of speech.

Sometime later as the sisters, Leo and Odin prepared to depart Phoebe said "Piper I can't believe you think I'm that sex crazed."

Smirking with her arm around Leo Piper replied, "Phoebe, I've heard about what goes on in your office, especially when you were with Jason." Phoebe was shocked into silence by that and just stood there with a stunned look on her face.

Odin had just finished another conference with Mothra and reported "I've arranged for beacons both here in Mothra's cave and in your attic. That way it will be easy if you ever need to come here again."

'If you have anymore monster problems just let me know.' Godzilla thought and added, 'It was good exercise.'

'Thanks Godzilla' Piper thought back and added, 'is there anthing we can do to repay you before we go?'

'Not unless you can get us some different stuff to eat.' He replied, 'Whales, dolphin and the occasional ebirah is all we've got.'

Smiling brilliantly Piper turned to Odin and asked "I wonder if a certain other fictional world is on this side of the ficreal nexus?" Odin replied in the affirmative and soon a spell was cast.

Outside the city of Gondor the Rohirrim had just routed the Orc army with it's great charge. However now they faced the onslaught of the Haradrim riding their 50' tall mumakils. They prepared to sell their lives dearly when the air shimmered and split! In shock and horror they saw creatures even larger than the mumakil come through. Their horror turned to amazement when they saw what the new creatures did! Godzilla began grabbing the mumakils, shaking the haradrim riders off and then tossing the mumakils through the magic portal! Anguirus, Rodan and others from Monster island join in and soon the entire force is carried off! The Witch King looked on helplessly and thought, 'Giant monsters from another dimension rustled my mumakil! Yeah that will really go over well with the dark lord.'

Later on Monster Island Godzilla and friends are munching on the mumakil and bidding the sisters and company farewell. 'With the other spells we cast you'll have giant shrimp and clams in a month or two.' Piper thought to Godzilla.

'Great!' He replied, 'Feel free to visit anytime, bring the younglings if you want!'

'This is so good,' Anguirus added as he stripped the meat from a mumakil breast, 'you should make her an honorary kaiju or something.'

Piper started to object but Godzilla thought, 'Better than that, I proclaim her, Piper, Princess of Monster Island and my honorary sibling. I would make you queen but Mothra might complain.' He added.

'Well I always wondered what it would be like to have a big brother, now I have a really really big brother!' Piper thought.

And with that the Halliwells departed back to their home dimension."So now you are buddy buddy with giant monsters." Paige said on the way back.

"Hey, I'll take them over the leprechauns anyday!" Piper replied.

Several months later Piper, Leo and the kids went on vacation. As the boys played on the beach Leo lay besides Piper on a towel and said, "Nice private beach."

Snuggling up to him Piper heard Godzilla's snoring in the distance and said, "Where no demons will ever bother us."


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