Mystical Tomes

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ANOTHER charmed one?! Finale
Mon Jan 22, 2007 06:00

Disclaimer**** The only Characters in my stories that belong to me are those that do not appear in the real series. Paola D. Santiago Halliwell is a character of my own imagination and creation, and only for use in my own stories.
Yes, this is the finale....of the beginning. Need SOMETHING to introduce my character, right? Make her a "regular"? Only if I get good feedback though.
When they got home, they layed the girl on the couch.
"Leo!" piper called.
He orbed in, "What happened?"
"I don't want to talk about it right now, thanks. Just heal her please...."

and almost cowered under the barrage of demanding questions that was waiting for her. "What were you thinking?
"What's wrong with you?"
"We could have been KILLED!"
All from Piper.
The girl didn't know what to say. SHE knew why she did it, but she knew it was unacceptable.
"I thought I could make you need me. I could be important. You know, save the day. Make it easier on everyone for me to be here."
She looked so vulnerable and dejected as she spoke, Pipers heartstring were nearly being tugged OUT, but she knew there was an issue that needed to be addressed. After hearing what Damarra said, she really just wanted to hug her and have a real heart to heart. Let her know that she was part of the family and that they were going to love her and take care of her, but Piper was so pissed she could barely see straight. She sent Leo away.
"We do not need saving, Damarra. You knew better. You put all of us in extreme jeopardy."
She pursed her lips and advanced upon her youngest sister.
She grabbed Damarra and pulled her to her feet. In the same smooth motion, she turned the girl around, bent her over the arm of the couch, and smacked her as hard as she could, right on the ass. Damarra was still too worn from the power sap to really fight back. Surprised that she had it in her and with a new rush of confidence, she continued. Phoebe could only stare in awe. Paige, the ex-social worker that she was, ran over and caught Piper's hand mid-spank, "Piper-"
"Oh, did you want some, too?" Piper asked. She swatted Paige's behind lightly, "Ummm, no." Paige decided, backing off. "Good!" Piper retorted, "Because I'm not taking anymore crap, from ANYONE." she warned.
She led Damarra up the stairs and into her room. "I'll call you down, we'll talk."
When Piper left, Damarra cried. Her butt hurt a little, but not THAT much. She missed home, and trying to jump right into a relationship with the 3 sisters she never knew she had was taking its toll on her.
"Well, I think you were lucky. She could have used her powers to get away or you know, do something." Paige was saying.
"No, her powers are temporarily bound for 24 hours. I made SURE of that." Piper replied.
"Piper, you SPANKED her..." Phoebe said.
"I know...What can I say? I'm feeling maternal today." the oldest answered, "And seriously, please, don't make me have to do anything like that to you guys, because I will if I have to " she warned.
"Anyway," Phoebe said, ignoring her crazy older sister, "We need to find a way to embrace her FAST. She's young and she really needs our love and guidance."
"Yeah, and she needs to start learning about potions and stuff. " Piper added.
"I'll go get her...she needs us now." Paige volunteered.

That night, the 4 sisters learned a little more about their new addition. there would be trying times ahead, but they knew hat as long as they had each other, they would make it through. Damarra didn't become anymore well behaved, but those are stories for another time. I'll leave you to wonder what happens next. I'll be adding a full new story soon. No more sectional stories that I can forsee right now...

  • ANOTHER charmed one?! pt 4KLMeire, Mon Jan 22 05:26
    Disclaimer**** The only Characters in my stories that belong to me are those that do not appear in the real series. Paola D. Santiago Halliwell is a character of my own imagination and creation, and... more
    • ANOTHER charmed one?! Finale — KLMeire, Mon Jan 22 06:00
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