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Another charmed one?! The full story
Fri Feb 16, 2007 11:20

Disclaimer**** The only Characters in my srories that belong to me are those that do not appear in the real series. Paola D. Santiago Halliwell is a character of my own imagination and creation, and only for use in my own stories.

Preview (of events that would take place if I had anything to do with them! This takes place around the end of season 4)...with everything that's on their plates already, the three Charmed ones find out that there is a fourth in existence, and she's a total hellion, but she's the only chance they have of making a demon free future for themselves. Along they way, they must deal with the trials and tribulations of not only fighting evil, but also a young woman who was removed from her comfort zone to be with the sisters she never knew she had.
Phoebe sat at the kitchen table idly stirring her coffee. She would have usually been more talkative, but she was busy listening to Piper talk on the phone. Something was up.
"ah, okay...and you're absolutely sure?...She actually said that?...Wow."
Piper was silent and Phoebe could here the garbled voice of the other person on the line, although she couldn't make out what they were saying.
Piper started talking again, " Alright, well, should I come down then?...uh huh...How old is she?...Okay, that's kind of impossible, see, um, at that point, our mother had been dead for like, years....Alright...yeah...I'll see you there tomorrow then...thanks, bye."
Piper hung the phone up and turned to Phoebe, "Call over to Richard's" She ordered quietly, "Tell paige to get her ass over here right now."
Then she left the room, leaving her younger sister to wonder.
Once all the charmed ones were gathered in the attic, Piper shared the news with two younger women, "Okay girls, it looks like there may be another sister..."
Silence ruled the following moment. Paige was the first to speak, "How? Didn't mom die like, right after I was born?"
"Yyyyyyyyeah, that's the part I'm having a problem with."
"Mom!" Pheobe called out, "Mooooooom!"
A soft, glowing light filled the attic and an ever so slightly transparent Patty appeared before her daughters.
"Hi girls." she smiled, enveloping each one in a warm hug.
"Hey there, you" Piper chirped, " It's great to see you....what's up with this whole new sister thing AFTER you died?"
Patty sighed, "Well, remember the first time, years after I died, that the elders allowed me to see you, Prue, and Phoebe? I tried to visit you as well Paige, but for whatever reason, you couldn't see me." Paige smiled sadly, "I'm sure I FELT you, though." She replied.
Patty gave her a wide smile, "I know baby, I was always there....watching ALL of my girls," She paused, "But during that same time, I had commissioned the elders to allow me to enjoy something I'd never been able to enjoy while being a charmed one."
The women sat expectantly.
"I asked them to let me take a vacation...."
Silence. There was a whole lot of silence happening that day...
Piper laughed, "Only OUR family...Only the Halliwells"
The other sisters couldn't help but laugh as well.
"Soooo," Patty continued, "I went to Puerto Rico."
Piper was still laughing, hoping that it was all some kind of joke, "And what, Mom, you got your post mortum groove back?"
"Well, yes, essentially, I did, but I had no idea that it would result in conception." Patty answered

"Oh jeez, where's Leo? he should hear this."
Phoebe finally spoke, "Why did the elders allow you to conceive?"
"Sweetie, I was in a mortal form for the 3 days I was there. They had to let me keep the child because, as you all know, my daughters are the charmed ones, and she was indeed, a daughter." ............
(jeopardy theme could play in all this silence).......................................
"When she was born, the elders sent me to give her to her father. I had to hand her over. Her purpose in life was too great to be kept with me. To his credit, he was a good man and a great father, but she has never had a mother in her life-"
"Excuse me, Mom, but why didn't you tell us all about this a long time ago?" Piper demanded gently.
"The elders swore me to secrecy until the right time. She's a test...for all of you. And believe me, she will be."
Right then, the elders jingled and Patty was forced to say goodbye. "I love you all, girls" she called as she disappeared.
(Ya ever have that kinda akward silence that no one knows what to do with, so you just sit there twirling you hair or looking at you nails until someone says something funny?)

"So what now?" Paige asked.
"Well," Piper answered, "We wait until tomorrow morning, then I go fill out tons of legal documents to become her gaurdian, and I bring her home.....from there, We start teaching her about our life."
"Ahh" the younger sisters replied.
They promptly went downstairs to share the news with the men in their lives. Leo of course knew already, but Piper couldn't be bothered to argue and gathered Wyatt up to take him to school.

There was very little sleep that night...
The next morning, Piper rose around 7am. Wyatt was calling for her. She got him situated until Leo showed up.
"Morning Pipe. Going down today?"
"Yeah, actually, I have to get going, can you take him?"
"Yep...Hey buddy! Wanna go to school?" Leo had been big on spending time with his son since learning that Wyatt was the future of all evil. He thought it might somehow help sway him away from evil. You know, build an affectionate relationship between father and son.
"Look, Leo, tell Phoebe and Paige that I'm sorry I left them, but I thought that it might be better for her to meet her oldest sister first. So, ya know, we can establish the boundries..."

"Alright, hon, I'll tell them"

Piper hurried out the door, but left one peice of solid advice with the whitelighter, "And I DON'T want Chris around today...bad things follow him."
"Alright, alright." He answered.
Piper drove to the police station...Normally, you don't pick your charges up there, but Darryl had called in a favor to have the girl released into his custody to wait for her sister. He greeted piper as she got there, "Hey Piper!" He grinned hugging her, "I hope that one more charmed one will keep me away from demons a little more often..."
Piper laughed, "Ah, jeez, I hope she'll keep them away from ME!.......How is she?"
Darryl scratched his head, "Well, she's not very happy. In fact, she's a little bit angry, she IS a teenager. Apparently, she was really close to her father."
"oh yeah, and what happened to him?"

"From what I was told, his cause of death was unidentifiable...Demons maybe?" He asked.

"I guess that's possible. If that's what happened, she already has some knowledge of vanquishing them....Oh, um, Darryl?......"
"She speaks english right? I mean, I know her dad was from Puerto Rico,"
"Yeah, that's where she grew up. In Bayamon. She speaks english really well, actually, but she censors herself by speaking spanish, and she does it a lot. In fact, I think she called me a-"
He was interrupted when the door opened. Another officer approached Piper, "Ma'am, could you follow me so we can get the paperwork out of the way?"
Piper sat for what seemed like forever filling out the paperwork. She was surprised that she hadn't gotten some kind of emergency call yet. Maybe evil was in hiding for the day. They all felt the increase in power since the 4th charmed one had arrived....Finally, Piper was told she could meet her little sister.
Darryl brought her into his office and asked her to wait. A few minutes later, he entered with a young woman. He guided her in front of him, " Piper, this is Paola Damarra Santiago Halliwell, your sister."
Piper took the girl in with her eyes. she was about 5'3", 16 years old, layered black hair down to the middle of her back, just slightly tan skin, and the greenest eyes Piper had ever seen. "Hi Pa-ola," Piper tried, but she couldn't quite get the accent. "You can call me Damarra, it might be easier for you to say, besides, it's what I go by ANYway." the girl replied somewhat nastily, but she let Piper hug her without a problem. She had an accent, but it wasn't so strong as to cause any kind of communication issues.
"C'mon then, let's get you home to meet your other sisters." Piper smiled, putting an arm around her and guiding her out to the car.
"So, what do you think of San Fransisco?"
"I haven't SEEN any of it, they wouldn't let me out."
"Well, how about you come home and relax today, then tomorrow we'll take you out to look around?" Piper offered.
Damarra turned in her seat to face Piper, "Look, that's nice and all, but this is not HOME for me, ok? My heart is in Puerto Rico, and as soon you take your eyes off me, that's where I'm going back to."
"Yeah? And who's going to take care of you? Your dad's family is gone, sweetie."
"You really think my dad took great care of me? Carajo! If it wasn't for ME finding my powers, He would have been dead a loooong time ago...mija" she added nastily.
Piper wasn't digging the attitude, "ok, well, then thanks for letting me know that I can't take my eyes off of you. and you're gonna stop talking to me like that, because I'm taking care of you now, we all are. And if you keep up like that, I'm gonna take CARE of you real soon. Understood?"
The girl didn't answer, but Piper decided not to push it.
When they arrived at the manor, people spilled out the front door like beans. Leo, Paige, Chris (to Piper's chagrin), and Phoebe with Wyatt in hand, gathered to greet the new arrival.
As Piper ushered the teen toward the house, she stepped back a bit.
"I'm sorry, sweetie. This is a lot to handle, huh?"
The girl remained stoic. "We'll take her things" Leo offered.
"I got it." She finally spoke.
Everyone watched her in silence. She didn't even move a muscle. She looked around, "ahhh, it's inside already."
"Oh...Oh" Piper realized. "Okay, well let's head in then and get everyone aquainted." They walked in to be confronted with a HUGE pile of luggage and boxes.
"sorry, " the teen mumbled, "I would've put them away, but I don't know where."
"Where'd you get all this stuff from?" Piper asked, confused, "There was nowhere NEAR that amount in my car...."

"I called it, from home" came the reply.

Paige rolled her lips horse-style, "You moved this from Puerto Rico, allllllll the way here, to California?"
"Yeah" Damarra said, almost like a question, "I hope that's okay, because it's all I got, and I'm not leaving it there."
She spoke like someone was going to challenge her.
Phoebe was the first to speak, "No honey, we weren't expecting you to give any of your things up. We were just...Surprised to see it here so quickly."
"Uh huh."
"Well, " Piper began,
"Hold a minute" Damarra interrupted, and suddenly the pile was gone."

"Hey where' you put that stuff?" Chris rang out.
"In my room..."
"How do you know where your room is?" Piper questioned, thinking that maybe the girl had gotten a little precocious.
"Upstairs in the third room to the left. That's mine right?"

Piper sighed, "You can read minds..."
"I couldn't until I came in here..." Damarra grinned, mostly to herself.
"Oh no....," She closed her eyes,
"Senses used to tell the truth
are there today and for all time,
While she remains below this roof
keep this child from reading minds"
Damarra rolled her eyes, "Mira, mami, you're only gonna make it hard on yourself." She warned.

Piper threw her hands up, muttering to herself.

Everyone moved into the living room and sat around the girl. Piper stood and began to introduce everyone, "This is Phoebe, your older sister; Paige, also your older sister; Leo, my husband; Chris, my son from the future that hasn't been born yet; and Oh, did I mention you're an Aunt?" She smiled as Damarra's face lit up at seeing Wyatt.
"He's my nephew? Mi sobrinito?"
Piper moved to hand him to her. Damarra held her arms out, "Ven papacito, que lindo bebe.Que cosa mas bella?" she asked to no one in particular.
Paige nudged Phoebe, "I hope she doesn't speak spanish all the time, I failed that class in highschool..."
Phoebe just laughed.

Damarra sat with Wyatt in her lap, "So wait, did you just say that he's your son that hasn't been born yet? How does that work? She asked. pointing at Chris.
"That's a long story for another time...For now, lets get up there by the book of shadows then have some lunch."
From there, the four sisters made their way up to the attic to become the power of....four?

Piper sat on the couch silently, pondering what she'd witnessed. When the sisters had completed the ceremony, the center section of the triquetra had filled in, they'd all seent it. No one knew what itt meant, though.

"We're back." Paige called, interrupting Piper's thoughts.
Paige and Phoebe had taken Damarra to see Magic school.
"How was it?" the oldest asked.
"Well, "Phoebe answered, "I guess it could have gone worse."
She ushered Damarra up the stairs and out of earshot.

"She rrrrrreally doesn't want to go to school, Pipe." Paige said worredly.

"I don't care if she WANTS to go or not, she's going, end of story. And I don't trust her to go to regular highschool...I don't think we'd fare any better."

"Piper, she's stronger than us. She's like, WAY stronger than us. I can just FEEL her power. This is not going to be easy...I mean, I get the feeling that she's gonna give us more trouble than the source!"
Piper shot her younger sister a look.
"I was joking about the source-"
"I KNOW that, Paige...Look, she can push and push and push, but there are decisions she won't be making, and if she wants to go head to head with me...well, I'm NOT going to lose an argument to my 16 year old sister. Point blank."

"Well, it's not like we can bind her powers, we need her help more than ever...The source is in full swing-"

"Paige is right, Piper." Leo interrupted as he walked down from Wyatt's room, "The source panicked a bit when we found Paige, but now that you have Damarra, he's going to be coming for her...I spoke with the elders and the reason the triquetra's center is solid is because Damarra is your base." He paused for effect, so Piper bit the line,
"Alriiight, what does that mean?"

"Well, you know how a lightening rod takes electricity and serves to run it from a high point to a grounding point, but the current weakens the longer the journey from sky to ground is?"

"Um, yeah." Piper answered, still wondering where the conversation would take them.
"Well, Damarra is kind of like a lightning rod for the power of three, only instead of weakening the current, she magnifies it...She can make the power of three a hundred times stronger, BUT she does have her own range of powers, and honestly, we don't know what all she can do yet...So far, she can astral project more than one image at a time, she can move things just by thinking about it, she's telekinetic, she can make things explode like you, Piper. The list goes on..."

"Whoa" Piper sighed, "Oh yeah, she can read minds, too. just not while she's in the manor. Where's Phoebe?"

"She's on the phone with her novio." Came the reply from the stairs, "Hey, so when are we going to go kick some ass?"
Damarra asked, walking into the room.
"Well," Piper answered, "Your sisters and I are going tonight to vanquish some swarm demons. YOU are not going anywhere...We need to sit down and talk and get to know each other and your power."

"Look chiquilla, I can vanquish a demon, right? I mean, demons don't just live under San Fransisco. Wake up, we could use this chance to find out what the four of us can really do...I bet we can take them out in minutes. Or you could just be dumb and leave me here, and I'll come along later ANYWAY" She argued.

"First of all...STOP talking to me like that , Missy. I said NO! I have reasons for saying no, none of which I owe you. YOU are going to stay at the magic school until we get back, and if I have to say any of t

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