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Youngest Halliwell
Holiday Firsts Part 3
Sun Apr 1, 2007 21:14

This is me posting for Youngest Halliwell

Holiday Firsts - Part 3
Sat Nov 27, 2004 7:45pm

What do you know? It was a two part day. Hope you're liking so far.

Also, realized I didn't have a disclaimer, so . . .

DISCLAIMER: If you see and recognize, I don't own or lay claim too, except for Pollux, they all belong to the WB, Aaron Spelling, Constance Burge, and anybody with a stake in Charmed. Also, parts of tonight's post, can be attributed to that great holiday classic, It's a Wonderful Life. I don't lay claim to any of them, either.

As always - Enjoy!!

~ ~ ~

Holiday Firsts – Part 3

Saturday, November 27, 2004 – 10:45pm, New York City

“Every man on that transport died. Harry wasn't there to save them because you weren't there to save Harry,” the television blared through the living room as Paige entered and looked at her baby sister.
Pollux glanced up at Paige as she finished watching George Bailey’s latest trial and tribulation, “So how many younger sisters do we have?” she asked sarcastically.
Paige took a deep breath. This was not going to bode well with Pollux which is why it had taken Paige so long to broach the subject after she had gotten off the phone with her mother. Paige shook her head, “None.”
“But you just said we have sisters.”
“We do, but . . .”
“They’re older?!?!? How is that . . . you mean . . . what the hell was wrong with us?”
“Pollux, I honestly don’t think it was like that. She said that there was a very good reason.”
“Right . . . right . . . good reason, sure there is.” Pollux slammed the remote control on the couch, It’s A Wonderful Life all but forgotten.
“Pollux . . .”
“No, Paige! If there’s such a good damn reason, why didn’t she tell you what it is?”
“She said she wanted to explain in person. And I want to give her that chance.”
Pollux growled, “So when are you going to San Francisco?”
“I’m not. She’s coming to New York, and she’s inviting our sisters to come as well.”
Pollux stood up, “Excuse me?”
“She’s coming next Friday. Hopefully, they will be with her, but even if they’re not, she’s coming. And if . . . if all goes well, she’s staying through Christmas. You have the next two days off like me, I would like it if you helped me with some decorations.”
“You’re serious,” Pollux realized.
“Yes, I am. We always decorate close to this time of the year anyway – now we just start a little earlier. The tree will wait until she’s here. Good memory, don’t you think?”
“Lovely,” Pollux said sarcastically and headed towards her bedroom.
Paige exhaled and followed her, “Where are you going?”
“Shower . . . I feel the need to find a bar.”
“I really wish you wouldn’t do . . .”
“Yeah and I wish you would have stayed out of my room and this whole mess would have never started. Guess I’m not getting my wish.”
“You’re not driving.”
“It’s New York City, I only drive when I’m working. No, days like this . . . feelings like this . . . this is why God invented the cab and the subway.”
“Pollux, please. We need to talk about . . .”
“You didn’t talk to me before you invited our birth mother into our home.”
“Who pays the rent here?”
Pollux whirled around on her sister, “I offer to help with the rent . . . you won’t let me.”
“I won’t have you spending half of what you make in a month on this apartment.”
“Then let’s move somewhere I can help.”
“Not an option. I like it here.”
“Then I’ll leave.”
“No! Pollux, this is your home. The last thing I want is for you to move out. You know that.”
“So long as I don’t ask to be included in decision making, right?”
“Usually . . . that’s not true. This is an exception.”
“Hell of a place to be making one,” Pollux started on towards her room, Paige stepped in front of her. Pollux narrowed her eyes and shook her head, “Fine.” She turned and headed towards the door.
“Pollux, it’s forty-nine degrees out there, rain is supposed to move in in a few hours, you’re only in a t-shirt.”
“Your point?” Pollux stepped onto the elevator.
“Pollux,” Paige attempted as the elevator door closed shut. Watching her little sister leave, Paige threw up her hands and growled, “Great. Just great!” Paige stormed towards her bedroom, in search of the storage key so she could start finding Christmas decorations.

~ ~ ~

San Francisco

“What do you mean mad?” Prue eyed Phoebe as she set a plate on the table.
“I mean Sam was stomping around the house, obviously mad at everything, not really explaining why he was mad.”
“Did she say . . .” Prue stopped as her little sister Piper cleared her throat when Patti and Penny entered the dining room.
Penny sat in her place and Patti stood in front of her chair, “Girls, Sam won’t be joining us for dinner.”
“Are you two separating?” Phoebe said quickly, before thinking.
“Phoebe!” Prue hissed.
Patti shook her head, “We’re having a little disagreement right now, but that’s all. We’ll work it out. He just decided to have dinner with a few old friends so I could have a discussion with you.”
“Discussion?” Piper didn’t like the sound of that, “About what?”
Patti indicated for the girls to sit down. Once they had, she sat in her chair as well. “Phoebe, I know you’re too young to remember, but maybe Prue and Piper will. Girls, do you remember the two years after your father and I got divorced?”
Piper shook her head, “Mom, I was like three when you got divorced.”
Prue looked at her mother, “Why are we discussing this now?” Prue remembered exactly what had happened in that time span and she had no idea why they were stirring up these old memories.
“So, you do remember, Prue. You’ve never said anything.”
“I got the feeling I wasn’t supposed to.”
Phoebe looked over, “Mom, what is she talking about?”
Patti took a deep breath, “Between your father and Sam, I dated another man - a man named Patrick Collins.”
Prue stood up, “I’ll ask again. Why are we discussing this now?”
Patti narrowed her eyes at her oldest daughter, “Prudence, sit down.”
Piper saw Prue begrudgingly take her seat and turned to her mother, “Did you love him?”
Patti thought carefully, “A part of me did. Mainly, I just knew he was nothing like your father and that’s what I was looking for.”
“Was it serious?” Phoebe asked.
Patti sighed, “There is no easy way to say this, so I’m going to come right out and say it. It was serious enough for me to have two daughters by him.”
Phoebe was totally dumbfounded. Piper looked as if she was putting puzzle pieces together in her brain. Prue stood in her chair, “Two daughters you gave up!”
“Prue, I had to. He threatened to kill them!”
“We have two more sisters?” Phoebe managed to squeak out.
Patti nodded, “Yes, Darling. Paige was born a little over a year after you and Pollux is eleven months younger than Paige.”
“Damn it, Mother!! Why now?!?!”
Patti looked at Prue, “Paige called me.” She watched as Prue sat slowly in her seat, “She called me and she wants to get to know us.”
Piper looked up, “So the dreams . . . dreams I have of being almost five and holding a baby . . .”
Patti nodded, “Not dreams . . . memories.”
Phoebe ran her hands through her hair, “Why not tell us before?”
“I was afraid for them and you.”
“But . . . but . . . I can’t deal with this,” Phoebe stood up to leave.
Patti sighed, “Honey, sit down, please. I know it’s a lot to deal with, but you have to. And unfortunately you have to do it a little quickly.”
“You can’t drop something like this on us and expect us to just take to it,” Prue growled.
“You’re right. The thing is . . . Paige has invited me to spend Christmas with her in New York, where she lives – a long Christmas – I’m leaving Friday. I told her I would invite you girls as well. They . . . she really, really wants to know us.”
“Why did you change from they to she?”
Patti sighed, “Pollux is still dealing – unsure of what she wants. Paige informs me that as soon as she makes up her mind, she’ll want us. She just doesn’t know it yet.”
Prue glared, “How dare you drop this in our lap?”
“Prue, I don’t want to hurt anybody, but no matter how I said this, it was going to be bad. We should be happy that they want to know us. We should want to know them too.”
“One of them wants to know us.”
“Pollux is a little confused, that’s all.”
“Well, she isn’t the only one,” Piper stood up. “I’ll see you all later.” She headed towards the door.
Phoebe was right behind her, “I’d have to agree with Piper. Talk to you all later.” She stormed out behind Piper.
“I hope you’re happy!” Prue shook her head.
“Prudence! You do not talk to your Mother that way!” Penny was quick to correct her Granddaughter.
“It’s alright, Mother.”
“Why not?!?! She gave my baby sisters away without so much as a second thought. If I remember correctly, and you’ll have to bear with me – I was six, she took a crying Paige right from my arms.”
Patti lowered her head, “You’re remembering correctly.”
Prue threw her napkin down, “You took her from me. I have no desire to let her back in my life to have her ripped out again. You can go to New York, I’ll see you when you get back!!” She followed the path of her sisters, leaving Penny and Patti alone in the manor.

End Part Three

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