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Youngest Halliwell
Holiday Firsts Part 4
Sun Apr 1, 2007 21:35

This is me posting for Youngest Halliwell.

Holiday Firsts - Part 4
Sun Nov 28, 2004 2:03pm

Thanks for all the great feedback, guys. I appreciate it and am glad you guys are ejoying it. Thanks for indulging my little 'real time' idea.

As always - Enjoy!!!

~ ~ ~

Holiday Firsts – Part 4

Sunday, November 28, 2004 – 2:03pm, San Francisco

Piper looked at her big sister as they stood on the manor steps, “What are we doing here?”
Prue simply shook her head, “Something in there that is mine.”
Phoebe growled, “How many secrets are you keeping from us?”
“You don’t want what I’ve had for twenty-four years. The memories – they’ll keep you up at night.”
“But you won’t be blindsided with the insane news that you have two younger sisters.”
“Phoebe, I can’t discu . . .” Prue looked up as the door opened. “Hi, Sam. How are you?”
He smiled at his oldest step-daughter, “Still a little shocked. We’ll be okay. I just have to be given a little time.”
Piper hugged him, “I thought they were weird dreams . . . sorry.”
“It’s okay, Piper.” He hugged her back, “Not your job to tell me.”
Piper stepped back and there was an awkward silence for a moment. Prue was ready to speak, when Patti showed up in the foyer, “Sam, who was at . . . good afternoon, girls.”
Prue shook her head and pushed past her mother and step-father. Her two younger sisters followed her, as did Sam, and Patti. Prue didn’t stop until she got to the attic door. Trying to turn the handle, she looked back at Patti, “Where’s the key?”
“Prue, why do you . . .”
Prue looked at her step-father with pleading eyes, “Sam.”
He smiled. Over the years, he had come to know the girls as his daughters, not step-daughters. He had been with them more than Victor. He kissed Prue’s head and moved her slightly to the side. Sam moved back, raised his right leg, and kicked the door open, “There you go, sweetheart.”
“I’ll pay to have it fixed.”
“No, you won’t,” Sam motioned her towards the door.
Prue headed into the attic and Sam stuck his head in. He turned back to Piper and Phoebe, “You ready?”
Piper took a deep breath and took Phoebe’s hand, “Yes.”
He ushered them in and looked back at Patti, “Bet you’re glad I didn’t do that before.” Sam then followed his step-daughters in the room.
“These things take time, Darling,” Penny tried to comfort Patti from her place at the bottom of the steps.
“They hate me,” Patti sighed as she followed them into the room. Penny followed behind her.
Piper was marveling at the still assembled crib off to one side of the attic while Prue was furiously digging through old boxes and trunks, “Prue?”
Prue looked back, “It’s all of ours. Pollux spent about four nights in it. She was the last to use it.”
Phoebe reached into the crib and started running her hand over the blankets, “The blankets?”
“Paige’s. Pollux was going to use the same ones.”
Patti stood back by the door, “Do I even get to explain?”
“No,” Prue answered simply. She pulled out a trunk and flipped it open, “Finally.”
Piper joined her next to the trunk and began pulling out baby clothes and a few toys. “Theirs?” she looked to her big sister for answers.
“Yes,” Prue replied as she flipped open a photo album. She smiled at a picture then showed it to Piper.
Piper looked at it, “It’s all of us,” she gasped and gently took the album from Prue. “I’m holding Pollux?”
“Well, Grams is helping you, but yes. She’s about three days old there. This was taken the day their fate was solidified. Mom decided it would be best for them, dressed us up in our best clothes, and took the picture.”
Phoebe leaned over Piper’s shoulder, “So you have Paige? You remember a lot.”
Prue nodded, “I do. I’ve thought about them everyday. They actually helped me a lot during Andy’s death, they just don’t know it.” She turned back and looked at her mother, “I tried to find them after Andy was killed in the line of duty, but I met a brick wall.”
Patti choked back a sob, “I tried to find them when Phoebe graduated high school, and then again when Pollux would have graduated. I met the same brick wall. I don’t know how Paige accomplished it.”
Piper looked over the trunk and the things they had removed, then looked to her mother, “I want to go.”
Patti nodded, “How much time can you get off work?”
“I’ll take personal leave. I’ll quit if I have to. I want to go.”
“Of course, Darling. Prue? Phoebe?”
Prue shook her head, “I told you no already.”
“Nobody is going to rip them away again.”
“You can’t guarantee that. I’m not going.”
Patti sighed, “Phoebe?”
Phoebe pulled a teddy bear out of the trunk and hugged it close, “Whose?”
“Paige’s. She loved it very much,” Patti answered her daughter.
Phoebe hugged it tighter, “I need time to think.”

~ ~ ~

New York

“What is it with you and those bears?” Pollux stumbled into the living room and watched as Paige carefully arranged teddy bears on the mantle that was already draped with green garland that had lights twisted through it.
“What is it with you and alcohol?”
Pollux sighed, “For somebody getting exactly what they wanted, you don’t seem happy.”
“I don’t cherish the three am phone call from an old college friend to come retrieve my baby sister from his bar because she’s too drunk to get herself home.”
Pollux growled, sat on the couch, put a cigarette in her mouth, and lit it, “Sorry.”
“No, you’re not,” Paige said matter-o-factly. “How’s your head and stomach?”
“Staging a revolt,” Pollux informed her sister. “The living room looks great,” Pollux commented as she took in the Christmas Village, Snowglobes, Teddy Bears, Nutcrackers, Garland, and Lights.
Paige looked at her, “Not finished. The Plaza will deliver some Gingerbread houses tomorrow and there are a few other touches.” She carefully pulled the antique house out of it’s box and sat it in the middle of the coffee table.
Pollux took a drag of the cigarette, “Can’t open any windows until Wednesday.”
Paige shrugged, “Still putting it out.”
“You paying for the gingerbread or . . .”
Paige smiled, “They’re a gift. I doubled a client’s profit margin this last quarter.”
Pollux shook her head, “Financial genius.”
“Keeps you in the lap of luxury. Speaking of . . . you’re decorating the balcony tomorrow and you’re decorating it how I want it.”
Pollux nodded, “Can do.”
Paige retrieved her purse and handed her little sister a credit card. “For the moment and the rest of the night, you’re going to FAO Schwartz, buying a train, and assembling it, and then helping me set parts of the village along the track.”
Pollux looked at her strangely, “We have a train for around the tree.”
“This year, we’re getting one that runs through the living room and kitchen. Be sure you get enough track.”
“I’ve wanted something like that for years! Now they’re coming and we . . .”
“You’re getting it now. Be happy.”
Pollux growled, “Thanks for letting me know how important I am.”
“Just go buy the damn train and track. I’ll be waiting for you to get back.”
Pollux growled, grabbed a bottle of water, and headed towards the elevator. “You know, you never told me what you were in my room for in the first place.”
“I don’t remember anymore,” Paige lied.
“Whatever,” Pollux stepped onto the elevator and pushed the button for the lobby.
Paige waited until she was gone, grabbed the phone, and the number from her purse that she had copied down that fateful night. Paige dialed the number she had retrieved from Pollux’s desk the night she had found the folder. She waited through the rings. Finally there was an answer, “Hello, how are you today? . . . Good, me too . . . Yes. I got the number from my sister, except she doesn’t know it . . . Yes, it is that time of the year . . . So, you do breed Siberian Huskies? . . . Right . . . Do you have a litter that will be ready in time for Christmas? . . . Right . . . Right . . . I understand it’s a busy time of the year . . . Actually, I wanted two . . . Sometimes we work long hours – not always, but sometimes – and that way they would always have someone to play with and keep each other company . . . Right . . . Yes, I’ve checked your credentials and know how reputable you are . . . Yes, I understand that Christmas means a separate set of rules because everybody wants puppies this time of year . . . I can fill out an application . . . No problem, I understand you want them in a good home . . . Right . . . Right . . . The second requirement, please? . . . Highest bidder? . . . I think we can do business, Mrs. Hamilton . . . Because money is no object . . . Well, I could come by on Tuesday . . .” Paige smiled to herself as she finished the phone conversation.

End Part Four
Holiday Firsts - *BONUS*
Mon Nov 29, 2004 1:08am

Okay, just a cute little part that popped into my head. Unfortunately, it doesn't have a San Francisco counterpart . . . fortunately, that means you guys get a bonus. Hope you like it.

FYI, May be a two part day, not including bonus . . . blame Alexandra . . . LOL

As always - Enjoy!!!!

~ ~ ~

Holiday Firsts - *BONUS*

Monday, November 29, 2004, 4:08am, New York

Paige yawned as she walked into the living room, towards the noise that had woken her up. She looked towards the fireplace and noticed Pollux still furiously linking track together, “Pollux, are you going to bed at some point tonight?”
Pollux looked up, then back to the train, “Hard to say, I am used to working the midnight shift.”
Paige glanced over at a pile of unopened K’Nex boxes. When assembled they made roller coasters, Ferris Wheels, and other similar ‘attractions’, “What? Did we go crazy with my credit card at FAO Schwartz? And what do those have to do with Christmas?”
Pollux shrugged, “Perfect Christmas present for me.”
Paige shook her head and walked over to the large table that held the Christmas Village. She noticed that the sides of it now had Plaster of Paris that reached to the floor and looked like mountains, “Uh, Pollux . . .”
“Don’t touch – it’s not dry yet. I set the track that goes through the village. Once it dries, and put the snow on, I’ll run track up and down the sides and connect it. The incline should be just right.”
Paige shook her head, “Okay.” She turned towards the corner where the tree was to go. “That’s not going to work, Pollux. That curve isn’t far enough away from the wall. The tree train has to go there.”
“Special track,” Pollux said nonchalantly as she laid on her stomach and crawled under one of the two large smoking-back chair with pieces of track. “Going to connect this train to the tree train. The tree train will sense when this one is coming, stop at the crossing, wait for this one to pass completely, then keep moving.”
Paige’s eyes got wide as she shook her head, “It’s too early in the morning for this.”
“Go back to bed. I won’t be done for a few hours yet.”
Paige yawned, “Are you going to be able to help me with the balcony tomorrow?”
“Help? I thought I was doing it just as you wanted.”
Paige sighed, “I was pissed because I had to go get you from a bar and I had done most of the living room by myself. You know I’m going to help you.”
Pollux smiled, “I’ve always helped you, you know that. I would have helped this morning, but I couldn’t move from my bed.”
“Are you still mad that she’s . . . possible they’re . . . coming?”
Pollux nodded, “Yep.”
“Pollux . . .”
“Paige, I don’t know how to feel about this yet. Anger is all I got. Give me time.”
Paige nodded, pulled her robe tighter around her, and turned in a circle to inspect the rest of Pollux’s endeavor. She stopped when she looked towards the kitchen, “Those had better not be holes in my wall.”
“Had to have tunnels,” Pollux said calmly. “What better place than between the two rooms.”
“Pollux Keegan Matthews! You cut holes in the walls?”
“Real train track layers use dynamite.”
“You are in so much trouble.”
Pollux nodded towards the coffee table, “The money on the table is to cover the damage. I knew you wouldn’t be happy, but hey . . . got to make some sacrifices.”
“I’m going to bed. We’re decorating the balcony tomorrow afternoon,” Paige growled.
Paige shook her head, “Goodnight, Pollux.”
“Night, Paige.”

All goes well, should have another part tonight.

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