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Youngest Halliwell
Holiday Firsts Part 5
Sun Apr 1, 2007 21:40

This is me posting for Youngest Halliwell.

Holiday Firsts – Part 5

Monday, November 29, 2004 – 6:17pm, New York

“The left side is too low, it needs to come up more.”
Pollux growled and put her forehead on the top of the ladder, “Of course it’s the left side, I’m on the right,” she mumbled and started her descent of the ladder.
“What was that?” Paige asked as picking through more garland and bows.
“Nothing,” Pollux lied sweetly and moved the ladder.
Paige stood up, “The fresh wreaths will be here tomorrow . . . and how many times do I have to tell you you’re going to get sick without a jacket.”
“I’m fine, Mom,” Pollux rolled her eyes as she answered sarcastically.
Both stopped in their tracks, realizing what Pollux had said, and realizing how complex that statement had become. Paige cleared her throat, “It’s looking good out here, thank you.”
Pollux shrugged, “We do it every Christmas.”
“Yeah, but . . .”
“Let’s not go there right now. I had actually managed to forget about them for a couple of hours.”
Paige sighed, “I think you should know . . . there will be at least two.”
“Great,” Pollux growled as she headed back up the ladder.
“I talked to . . . our birth mother this morning. At least Piper is coming with her.”
“Second oldest . . . of the five of us.”
“Are we all Ps?”
“All the way back to our Grandmother.”
Pollux rolled her eyes and shook her head, “So cute,” she said mockingly and began raising the left side.
“Pollux, you don’t have to . . .” she stopped as the phone rang. Picking up the cordless, she hit the button and put it to her ear, “Hello? . . . Karen, I’m still on Thanksgiv . . . what do you mean Heather upset Mr. Montgomery? . . . What do you mean he’s threatening to withdraw his account? . . . You let him leave? . . . Back in an hour . . . demanding to see me . . . Yes, of course I’ll be there! . . . Do not leave!” Paige growled as she turned off the phone.
“Heather is going to be lucky if she gets a Christmas severance package!”
“Go get ‘em, killer.”
“Can you finish this?”
“Hearts and Cupids on the banisters, right?”
“Damn it, Pollux!”
“Chill! I can put out the rest of the decorations. Go ruin somebody’s holiday.”
“They did it to themselves.”
“I know. Go take care of the money – I’ll take care of the decorations. I’ll see you before I leave for work?”
“Let’s hope,” Paige sighed as she headed back into the apartment.
Pollux shook her head, “And I thought dealing with dead people was hard.”

~ ~ ~

San Francisco

“So Sam is handling it better?” Penny asked as she sipped her tea.
Patti nodded, “Yeah. He’s still hurt and upset that I didn’t share it, but he now sees that I maybe had a reason.” She laughed lightly, “He said if he’d known, he would have found a way to find them.”
Penny smiled, “He would have to.”
Patti nodded, “Yes, he would have.”
“You did good with that one.”
“I didn’t do bad with Victor.”
“True, he had his good points. But Patrick . . .”
“Let’s not even think about him.”
“Why not? I don’t remember a lot about him,” Prue’s voice cut through the kitchen.
Patti looked over, “Prue? Sweetie, I know you’re mad but . . .”
“What’s the phone number?”
“The phone number, what is it?”
“Prue, why?”
“I want to talk to Paige! What’s the damn number?”
Patti sighed, “On the message pad, next to the phone.”
Prue walked over, picked up the phone, and dialed the number.

“Why the hell are they blinking?” Pollux wondered aloud to nobody. She shook her head and started climbing back up the ladder. Just as she got to the top, the phone rang. “Of freaking course,” she rolled her eyes, stepped down a few rungs, then jumped the rest of the way. She picked up the phone, “Matthews.”
Prue’s breath caught in her throat, but she quickly recovered, “Paige?”
“Not here. Want to leave a message?”
“I do live here too. Wait. Who is this? Is this Patric . . “
“No. It’s her daughter, Prue.”
Pollux stood in silence a minute, “Paige isn’t here. She had to go to work. She’ll be back later tonight. You can get her then.”
Prue sensed where this was headed, “Pollux, please don’t hang up. I just . . . just want to talk to you.”
Pollux stood debating a moment, “Prue, huh? Are you number one or number three?”
Prue breathed a sigh of relief, “I’m the oldest.”
There was silence in the air once again. Pollux broke the tension, “You wanted to talk.”
“Yeah,” Prue let a tear escape down her cheek, “I . . . There’s so much I want to say and I don’t know where . . . How tall are you?”
Pollux actually laughed, “Five foot one and a half.”
“Eye color?”
“Blue, but it’s kind of unique blue – it’s a grayish blue, sort of,” Pollux realized she was babbling, “Sorry.”
“It’s okay. I think . . . think I know the blue you’re talking about. Do you . . . do you like New York?”
Pollux smiled to herself, “Love it. It’s great. Especially this time of year.”
Prue wiped her cheeks with her hand, “Am I . . . am I keeping you from something?”
Pollux leaned over the balcony and looked out over the city, “Not really, just some Christmas decorating.”
“Having fun?”
Pollux shrugged, “More so when Paige isn’t present for it. She would have never let me cut holes in the wall had she been awake,” she laughed to herself.
Prue shook her head, “You cut holes in the wall?”
“Two little ones.”
There was a beat and Prue came back over the phone, “Do you . . . do you . . . are you okay talking to me?”
“Can’t kill me on the phone, can you?”
“No, I can’t.”
“You like this situation?”
“No. It’s more than a little awkward.”
“Is it okay that I’m angry?”
“I certainly hope so. I am too.”
Pollux smiled, “You . . . you I can talk to. So, how tall are you?”
End Part Five

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