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Youngest Halliwell
Holiday Firsts Part 8
Sun Apr 1, 2007 21:50

This is me posting for Youngest Halliwell.

Holiday Firsts - Part 8
Tue Nov 30, 2004 5:47pm

Tired of me yet? Lol. I think they're going to have a bit of a lazy day tomorrow, probably only one postings worth. Then again, only time will tell.

Thanks for the feedback and for baring with me through my little experiment. *Shakes head* Real time? What was I thinking?

As always - Enjoy!!!

~ ~ ~

Holiday Firsts – Part 8

Tuesday, November 30, 2004 – 5:47pm, San Francisco

Phoebe looked at her mother, “Make no mistake, I’m still mad I didn’t know.”
“Believe me Sweetie, I couldn’t forget that if I tried.”
“She’s stubborn like you,” Penny smiled.
“Mother, the stubborn streak originated with you.”
“That is your opinion, Darling.”
Phoebe cleared her throat, “Still talking here.”
Patti smiled, “So you’re going?”
“Yes, but the newspaper has a thing on Friday night and I can’t leave until after ten thirty.”
“I’m certain we can accommodate that,” Patti smiled. “Well, that’s two down, if I can only get Prue onboard.”
“Get Prue onboard with what?” the Eldest Halliwell daughter asked as she came in the kitchen.
Penny looked at her granddaughter, “Going to see your baby sisters.”
“I said no.”
Patti looked at the bag in Prue’s hand, “What is that?”
Prue reached in and pulled out a tiny gray stuffed bunny and a sealed envelope, “Give this to Pollux, please.”
Phoebe shook her head, “You mean Paige.”
Patti gently took the rabbit, “No, she means Pollux,” she said softly. “I had forgotten you bought that for her.”
Prue shrugged, “Want her to have it now. The note explains I bought it when she was a baby, as well as some other things.”
Patti looked at her, “Honey, I’ll give it to her, but I’m not sure she’ll accept it.”
“Tell her it’s from me. I think she’ll take it.”
Phoebe shook her head, “Oh, what? You have one phone conversation and now you’re best friends?”
“Stay out of it, Phoebe.”
Patti looked at Prue, “You’ve talked to her more than once,” she realized.
“Is that a crime?”
“No.” Patti looked at Prue pleadingly, “You’re the only one she’s talked to so far. Please Prue, you have to come with us.”
Phoebe rolled her eyes, “It’s not like she and Pollux are all buddy, buddy. One phone conversation does not make a relationship – neither does two. You’re reading more into this than there actually is.”
Prue shook her head, “You’re just jealous, Phoebe.”
“Really? Well if you two are so chummy, what does she do for a living?”
“She didn’t want to talk about it. I respected that.”
“What’s her favorite television show? What does she do in her spare time? Does she have a boyfriend?”
Prue sighed, “She asked me to talk this morning, Phoebe. And that’s what I did.”
“What does that mean?”
“It means you have no better relationship with her than the rest of us.”
“Phoebe . . .” Patti warned.
“No, Mom. If they’ve really ‘bonded’, let’s see her prove it.” Phoebe grabbed the phone and extended it to Prue, “Call her.”
“Phoebe, she’s . . .”
“See, you’re bluffing.”
Prue jerked the phone from her little sister’s hand and began dialing.

~ ~ ~

New York

Paige pulled Pollux’s jacket tighter around her as a small gust of wind whipped through the city. ‘At least it’s not a constant wind,’ she thought to herself as she waited for Pollux to return. She rolled her eyes as her little sister’s phone started ringing from the jacket pocket, “You had better not have to go to work early,” she mumbled as she pulled the phone from the jacket pocket, “Hello?”
Prue cocked an eyebrow, “Um, I was trying to reach Pollux.”
Paige sighed, “She’s getting cocoa. Are you calling her into work early? Was there another . . .”
“Yes.” Paige was now curious, “Who is this?”
“It’s . . . it’s Prue.”
“Prue? I don’t know a . . . oh my God, Prue.”
Prue smiled, “Hi, Paige.”
“Hello. How did you get . . .” Paige noticed Pollux coming back with two cups of cocoa. “Hold on.”
“Two cocoas with whipped cream,” Pollux smiled and handed one to her sister.
“Phone,” Paige smirked and handed it to her sister.
“Is it work?”
Pollux cocked an eyebrow, “Hello?”
“You didn’t tell her you had talked to me,” Prue guessed.
Pollux exhaled, “I was going to do it tonight before I went to work.”
“It’s okay. You don’t have to . . .”
“It’s not like you’re thinking, honestly. It’s very, very complicated.”
Prue smiled, “Over here, too. It’s okay. I get it. I really do. Are you better than earlier?”
“A bit. Not head cheerleader good, but better.”
Paige narrowed her eyes at her little sister, “Head cheerleader?”
“So you and Paige are busy? She said something about cocoa.”
“Tree lighting . . . Rockefeller Center . . . holiday tradition for the two of us . . . steps up the holiday season, you know?”
Prue smiled, “Makes sense.”
Pollux saw Paige ready to explode, “Prue, I actually need to go. Can I talk to you later?”
“Sure. By the way, I think you can add Phoebe to the guest list.”
“And you?”
“Perfectly understandable. But you are going to keep calling and I . . . I can call you?”
“Definitely. Bye, Pollux.”
“Bye, Prue.” Pollux hung up the phone and looked at Paige, “It isn’t what you’re thinking.”
“Really? Because I’m thinking that you’re pissed at me for inviting them to New York, but you’re talking to Prue behind my back. Isn’t that a double standard?”
“Look, I suffered through Clay Aiken singing waiting for this moment. Can we just have it and fight later?”
“Whatever,” Paige said haughtily.
“I didn’t mean to start talking to Prue, it just sort of happened.”
“Ten . . . nine . . . eight . . .” although the countdown to the lit tree had begun, the two sisters were all but oblivious.
“Right,” Paige accused.
“Six . . . five . . . four . . .”
“I’m telling you, it wasn’t a double standard!”
“The hell it wasn’t!”
A cheer went up from the crowd as the tree was illuminated in all its splendor. Pollux looked towards the tree and back to Paige, “I’m sorry. I get it now. No more fighting about them coming. I know you want a Christmas you’ll never forget – with your biological family.”
“Oh, you’ve assured that! I’m going home,” Paige stormed off through the crowd.
Pollux looked back towards the tree and shook her head, “Merry Freakin’ Christmas,” she sighed and followed her big sister back towards their apartment.
End part eight

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