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Youngest Halliwell
Holiday Firsts Part 9
Tue Apr 3, 2007 11:01

This is me posting for Youngest Halliwell.

Holiday Firsts - Part 9
Wed Dec 1, 2004 7:44pm

Okay, tonight's part is a little short, but considering the flight is arriving in New York this weekend, I'll make up for it - promise. You'll get tired of me posting.

Also, this part is a little dark, so consider yourself warned.

As always - Enjoy!!!

~ ~ ~

Holiday Firsts – Part 9

Wednesday, December 01, 2004 – 10:44pm, New York

“I don’t think you understand. My sister Pollux has to go to a funeral tomorrow . . . I understand that . . . I . . . yes, I understand . . . yes, I’ll be there,” Paige growled as she hung up the phone. She sighed and picked up the two cups of tea. Sometimes she hated her job and right now was one of them. She walked into the living room. Pollux was sitting on the hearth with her elbows on her knees, her hands clasped, and her mouth on her hands. Paige took a deep breath – no matter how mad she was with her sister and her recent bout of secrets, now was not the time. Paige closed her eyes and re-opened them as she walked past the open metal case containing the sniper rifle, her stomach momentarily getting queasy. She took a seat next to her sister, “Drink this, please.”
Pollux accepted the tea, “Thanks.”
“How old was she?”
“Thirty. Two kids. It sucks.”
Paige took a sip of tea, then looked at Pollux, “Why?” she asked quietly indicating the rifle.
“Drew and I are more than certified CSI. We’re still have all the other certifications we acquired on the force. We’re to use any means necessary to protect ourselves. They want that with me at all times.”
“Of all your weapons, that’s the one I hate the most.”
“Funny – used to be my favorite.”
“I thought you let the certification lapse.”
Pollux let out a light mocking laugh, “It would have in three days. It was strongly suggested I re-test this morning so I wouldn’t have to go through all the training again.”
Paige sighed, “How’d you do on the test?”
“Six shots – five dead on. Shot number three was a little left of the bull’s eye. My heart was beating too fast, making my arm shake as I took the shot. Which reminds me, you go to the pharmacy?”
Paige grabbed her purse and handed Pollux the bottle she had picked up earlier, “Why valium?”
“No matter how trained you are, the adrenaline can get you. Never used them before, but now certain angles and distances make my heart pound and my stress rise to the point it can throw the shot off. This will calm me enough to take the shot.”
Paige ran a hand over Pollux’s hair, “You had to.”
“Only time I ever fired a weapon on the job, you know that?”
“It was a hostage situation, you guys gave him every possible chance. There was no talking the lunatic down.”
“The lunatic was a fifty-eight-year-old man with cancer, who couldn’t cope with his illness, and who thought taking his own life would keep him from his promised after-life in heaven. He ran a candy store for over twenty years, he wasn’t going to hurt anybody.”
Paige continued to play with Pollux’s hair, “Take some leave.”
“We’re short-handed,” again the light, mocking laugh.
Paige sighed, “My boss was on the phone.”
“You can’t come tomorrow.”
“I tried, baby. The guy from our office in Japan is stopping by for only one day on his way to Austin to spend Christmas with his family. I’ll be in meetings all day.”
“It’s okay. I’ll go with Drew.”
“He likes you,” Paige tried to lighten the mood. “And you like him.”
“We’re partners and it’s our job to find the person who killed one of our own, nothing more.”
“I think there is something more.”
Pollux smiled, “Maybe. Time will tell.” She took a deep breath, “Sorry I kept the files from you and sorry I didn’t tell you about Prue.”
“Shhh . . . we’ll fight about that later.”
Pollux nodded and lowered her head, “I have to get ready for work.”
“You’re wearing your vest, right?”
“Haven’t in a long time.”
“Let me rephrase, you’re wearing your vest, right?”

~ ~ ~

San Francisco

“Prue, don’t you think maybe . . .”
“Piper, stop. I told you my decision.”
“The plane doesn’t leave until eleven thirty tomorrow night.”
“And I won’t be on it.”
Piper shook her head, remembering just how stubborn her big sister could be, “Aren’t you even curious what they look like?”
“Not if I lose them again.”
“You’re not going to . . .”
Prue slammed her hands on the counter, “Piper, I’ve lost enough . . . especially this past year. I am not going.”
“This is your chance to gain something back.”
“No!” Prue stormed towards the door when the bell sounded. She opened the door and threw up her hands, “Great, a tag team!!!”
“Prue, be reasonable!” Phoebe walked in.
“Look, I know you guys mean well, but no!”
“My house, we stop this discussion right now!!”
“Prue, they’re our sisters!!!”
“Phoebe, I remember them!! I remember watching Mom and Grams fight about their fate!! I remember the look on Mom’s face when she decided what she had to do! I remember Paige’s porcelain white skin!! I’ve been haunted by the memories for twenty-four years!!”
Piper glared at her, “Me too!”
“You weren’t sure if it was a dream or real!”
“Yeah, so I got to think I was crazy for most of my life!!”
“It’s not the same!!”
“It’s close enough!!!”
“No! No, it’s not!!”
Phoebe stepped forward, “Stop being selfish!!”
“Enough!” Prue roared in frustration. “I said no!!! This conversation is over!! No either pick a new damn topic or get out of my house!!!”
End part nine

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