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Youngest Halliwell
Holiday Firsts Part 11
Tue Apr 3, 2007 11:04

This is me posting for Youngest Halliwell.

Holiday Firsts - Part 11
Thu Dec 2, 2004 7:56pm

Real time . . . oh what fun. Told you you'd get tired of me posting.

As always - Enjoy!!!

~ ~ ~

Holiday Firsts – Part 11

Thursday, December 02, 2004 – 10:56pm, New York

Paige handed Pollux the bottle of water and rubbed her little sister’s back as she sat down in the hospital waiting room chair next to the one Pollux was occupying. She continued rubbing Pollux’s back while searching for the right words. She thought back to coming back into the apartment and trying to figure out whose tie was thrown across the back when her cell phone had rang. At first she was happy to hear Pollux’s voice, but then she realized it was distressed – more distressed than she had heard it in a long time. And now here they were, in a hospital waiting room while Drew was in surgery getting a sniper bullet removed. Paige noticed Pollux hadn’t even opened the bottle of water. She leaned over into her sister’s ear, “Drink.”
“Not thirsty.”
“Please, Pollux. You need to drink something.”
Pollux sighed, “Have to wait until I know about Drew. He . . . he . . .” she put her head in her hands.
Paige hugged her tighter, “Shhh, baby. I know you’re worried about your partner.”
“Partner,” Pollux laughed lightly as she said the word.
Paige smiled, “Well you two do . . .” she thought back to finding the tie on the couch and a coffee cup in the sink. Pollux didn’t drink coffee. Paige took a good look at Pollux. She inhaled deeply as she put two and two together, “Oh, sweetheart.”
Pollux looked over at Paige and shook her head, “Never could hide anything from you.” She glanced around the waiting room and made sure her co-workers were out of earshot. “We didn’t mean to . . . it just . . . yeah.”
Paige nodded, “Told you that you liked him.”
Pollux ran a hand through her hair, “Already said I couldn’t hide anything from you.”
Paige was getting ready to reply, but she heard her cell phone go off. Paige looked apologetically at the others in the waiting room, “Sorry. I thought I turned it off. Pollux, I’ll be back,” she headed out of the hospital.
Once she got outside, she pulled the phone out of her purse and checked the missed calls. She quickly dialed San Francisco back, “Hi.”
Patti smiled, “Hi. I didn’t want to bother you. It’s just getting late and I wanted to give you flight information.”
Paige began fishing in her purse for something to write with and on, “Just a second.”
Patti detected something in her daughter’s voice, “Paige, it’s still okay if we come . . .”
“Huh? Oh, yes, definitely. I’m just . . . it’s been a weird night and I have to get back into the hospital with Pollux.”
“Hospital?!?!? Is she okay?”
Paige sighed, “Yeah. Yeah. Of course. Didn’t meant to scare you. Pollux is fine. Her . . .” Paige searched for the best word to call Drew. Finally she settled on what she assumed they were now, “ . . . boyfriend was shot a little while ago.”
Patti’s eyes went wide, “What? Why? Who? What kind of guy is she . . .” Patti tried to keep from jumping to conclusions.
Paige sighed, “He’s an officer . . . a CSI, actually. Well, both, technically. Th . . .” Before Paige could explain they were both investigating and that Pollux was a cop too, Patti interrupted her.
“Is he okay? Is she okay?”
Paige noticed something in Patti’s voice, but she wasn’t sure what, “She’s keeping it together. He’s still in surgery. Um, can I get the flight arrangements so I can get back to her.”
Patti exhaled, “We’re on ATA. The first flight is Flight 136 and it leaves San Francisco at 11:26pm tomorrow night. We have a layover in Chicago; then it’s Flight 224 into LaGuardia. Our estimated time of arrival is 10:32am.”
Paige wrote down the info, “We’ll be there. The three of you?”
“Actually, I would expect four now,” Patti sighed. “At least three, though.”
“Okay. I have to get back to Pollux. We’ll see you Saturday morning. Night.”
“Night, Paige,” Patti said as she hung up the phone.
When Paige got back in the hospital, Pollux was sitting close to Drew’s family while they talked to the doctor. Paige took a seat next to her, “Know anything?”
“He pulled through. Should be able to see him tomorrow. I’m going to work.”
“They told you to . . .”
“I’m finding this bastard. I can’t see him until tomorrow anyway and . . . and his family doesn’t know, so . . .”
“I don’t want you at work,” Paige sighed.
“Yeah, well, this guy is getting what’s coming to him,” Pollux stood, asked to be kept updated on Drew’s condition, and stormed out the door.

~ ~ ~

San Francisco

Patti sighed and stepped back into the living room. Piper looked up, “Did you tell her?”
“Yes,” she sighed.
“Why didn’t they answer before?”
Patti walked over and took Prue’s hand, “They’re at the hospital. Pollux is fine, but her . . . her boyfriend was shot. He’s a cop.”
Prue went white, “What?”
Phoebe was next to her in a second, “It’s going to be okay.”
Prue took a deep breath, “I’m going too.”
Patti sighed, “Prue, are you?”
“Yes. I know what she’s going through. I’m not going to leave her alone during this time. I only hope I can get a ticket.”
Patti sighed, “You have one. I was hoping . . . not like this . . . but I hoped you would go.”
Prue nodded, “I have to go home and pack.” She turned and headed out the door.
Piper sighed, “I’m going to go with her. I don’t think she should be alone.”
Phoebe watched her two older sisters go, “As if this wasn’t interesting enough.”
Patti kissed Phoebe’s head, “It’s going to be okay. We’re going to get through this and be that much closer.”
“I hope you’re right, Mom. I hope you’re right.”
End part eleven

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