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Youngest Halliwell
Holiday Firsts Part 14
Tue Apr 3, 2007 11:16

This is me posting for Youngest Halliwell.

Holiday Firsts - Part 14
Thu Dec 9, 2004 6:17pm

Alright guys, YH owes you a big apology. I know I said everyday, sometimes twice a day and I haven't posted in . . . well, you know how long it's been. My only excuse is life got in the way, majorly. Trust me, I would have rather posted than . . . yeah, cousins are dumb. I got one for sale. Actually, I'll pay you to take her off my hands. Please.

Should be back on track now. We'll just consider it that they had some quiet time to get to know each other, but there's still plenty left to discover about each other - really.

As always - Enjoy!!

~ ~ ~

Holiday Firsts – Part 14

Thursday, December 9, 2004 – 9:17pm

The elevator doors slid open and Pollux stepped into the living room. She looked at Paige, “Did you find all the ornaments?”
“Yeah, I think so,” Paige looked over from digging in a box on the floor. “How’s Drew?”
“Sleeping. He swears he’s going back to work in a week.”
“You cops are all alike – big, bad, and immortal,” Paige joked.
“Well, you got two out of three,” Prue mumbled as she headed into the kitchen.
Pollux shook her head, “She hates my job.”
“We all hate your job. Prue just has more reason than the rest of us.”

Piper cocked an eyebrow as Prue threw the water bottle away violently, “Problems?”
“Pollux is home.”
“Well, she does live here.”
Prue sighed, “I’ve been thinking . . . maybe I should just go home. Somebody needs to make sure that Grams . . .”
“No!” Piper commanded. “You’re having a good time here! You can’t tell me that you’re not enjoying getting to know them!”
“Of course I am! But Piper, I can’t watch Pollux go out the door night after night and keep wondering . . . ‘Is tonight the night she doesn’t come home? Will I see her in the morning?’. I’m having all kinds of Andy flashbacks and they’re sucking royally.”
“Honey, I know it isn’t easy, but Pollux isn’t . . .”
“Do you know how much fun it is to have the people who work in the shops on Fifth Avenue following you around like little puppy dogs?”
“Phoebe . . .” Patti warned as the two of them entered the kitchen.
“What?! It’s great. They find out Paige is our sister and the next thing you know, we’re like royalty. She must have a hell of an account in all those . . .”
“And I thought you were beginning to love me for me,” Paige smirked as she entered the kitchen.
Phoebe smiled, “You’re my little sister, of course I love you. And I love you more with every new thing I learn about you. Just how many millions do I have to learn about you?”
Paige laughed, “It’s okay. She’s allowed to ask.”
“So . . .”
“And I’m allowed not to divulge that information just yet.”
“Paige, I’m your sister. I would never . . .”
“Not even she knows,” Pollux supplied as she entered the kitchen and began digging in Piper’s cookie batter.
Piper playfully smacked Pollux’s hand, “How can she not know? Isn’t she a financial genius?”
“Stocks, bonds, CDs, major investments, her net worth increases hourly. Literally – considering she has money scattered all over the world.”
Phoebe sighed, “Can I get a ballpark figure?”
“Speaking of ballpark, when are you buying me the Yankees, Paige?” Pollux smirked.
“When monkeys come flying out or your ass,” Paige said sarcastically.
Pollux turned her head around and looked down, “Come on, Monkeys!”
Paige playfully slapped her, “You’re incorrigible!”
“Yes, but you love me. And you know you want to . . .” Pollux sighed and grabbed the ringing phone, “Matthews.”
Phoebe looked at Paige, “Does she not know the word hello?”
Pollux rolled her eyes and walked away, still talking on the phone. Paige shook her head, “It’s the Crime Scene Investigator thing. Actually, she’s been that way since she became a cop.”
Prue sighed, “That I don’t miss.”
Paige looked over, “Prue, can you . . . can you tell me anything about Andy?”
Prue lowered her head, “In time. It’s just . . . it’s still crazy to me too.”
Paige nodded, “I under . . .”
“Drew! Drew, calm down! . . .” Pollux came back into the kitchen with the phone. “Did you think that maybe your Mother had a point? . . . Well, what do the doctors say? . . . Drew, we’ve only been . . . I know . . . I know . . . Yes, I have feelings for you too. You know I do . . . Drew, this is . . . Yes, but there are . . . And my Mother and Sis . . . hang on.” Pollux looked at Paige, “He’s tired of the hospital – real tired. His Mother is doing the overprotective mode thing. Doctors are driving him crazy.”
“Is there a point to this?”
Pollux exhaled, “He wants me to come get him.”
“And do what with him?”
“Well he can’t exactly take care of himself. He says if he stays here for a few days, it will calm his Mother down enough for her to be able to take care of him without ordering him to stay perfectly still.”
“Paige, this is Drew we’re talking about.”
“And we have company.”
“But he’s . . .”
“Got his own apartment. You two could go there.”
“Here is better. Here, he can be left alone and call the damn lobby. There . . . there he can’t . . . Paige, I still have to work. He’ll sleep most of the time. You’ll never even know he’s . . .”
“We have family stay . . .”
Patti put an arm on Paige’s forearm, “Honey, he won’t bother us.”
Paige shook her head, “She’s being all . . . where the hell do you propose he sleep? You and I are bunking together in your room.”
“Yeah, and we’ve still to pull out the sofa in the living room. Drew and I can sleep in there.”
Paige shook her head, “And let everybody have to look at you two fool . . .”
“Paige, he’s been shot for Pete’s Sake!”
Paige growled, “I’ll call the lobby . . . see if they can get their hands on a rollaway bed. You two will sleep there. And this is short term.”
“Very short term. What about at night when I’m at work?”
“Last time I checked, Drew wasn’t going to attack me and he needs somebody close by if he needs something.”
Pollux hugged her tightly, “Thanks, Paige.” She put the phone back to her ear, “I’ll be there in fifteen minutes . . . It’s fine . . . I’m sure . . . See you soon.” She hung up the phone and looked at Paige as she put her jacket on, “I owe you.”
“I’ll put it on your tab.”
She looked at the rest of her family, “I owe you all.”
Piper shook her head, “Think nothing of it. This is your home.”
Pollux nodded, “He won’t be any trouble, promise.” She headed out the kitchen door. After a moment, she stuck her head back in, “I should probably mention, the doctors don’t think he should leave, he’s signing himself out.” With that Pollux was gone again.
Paige shook her head, “One of these days, I’m going to kill her.”
Prue shook her head, “Little sisters are a pain, huh?”
Paige nodded, “You said it.”
Prue put a hand on her shoulder, “Want the good news?”
Paige looked up, “There’s good news?”
Prue nodded, “You’re not the oldest anymore. You get to do the same thing to me that she’s done to you for years.”
Paige laughed, “Oh Prue, you’re in for a wild ride.”
Prue nodded, “Somehow I knew that.”
End Part fourteen

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