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Youngest Halliwell
Holiday Firsts Part 15
Tue Apr 3, 2007 11:17

This is me posting for Youngest Halliwell.

Holiday Firsts - Part 15
Fri Dec 10, 2004 8:59pm

Okay guys, a little short, but I'll do better tomorrow. Had to get it in today . . . and based on New York time, I'm playing beat the clock again. Seriously finished it like a minute ago.

As always - Enjoy!!!!

~ ~ ~

Holiday Firsts – Part 15

Friday, December 10, 2004 – 11:59pm, New York

Pollux rolled her eyes as she walked into the bedroom, towel-drying her hair. “If I had known what was on that tape, I would have never gotten it from your apartment.”
Drew looked up, “What? It’s a Christmas special. It is December.”
“It’s the worst Christmas special ever.”
“How can you say that?”
“A Very Brady Christmas? Seriously Love, the joke writes itself.”
He shook his head, “I like it. I always wanted to be a Brady.”
Pollux shook her head, “This is not something you tell to someone you’ve been dating for less than two weeks.”
“We’ve known each other almost a year.”
“Yeah, but we were partners for most of it. We only started dating the day you were shot.”
“We’re dating?”
“I think so.”
“Sweet,” he said.
“Do you have an objection?”
He shook his head, “No. I’m totally happy about it – thrilled even. But so I don’t forget our anniversary, when did we start dating?”
She grinned at him mischievously, “A few hours before you were shot – about the same time you stuck your . . .”
“How’s it going in here?” Prue appeared.
Pollux turned and smiled at her sister, “Fine. Just discussing some things.”
Prue nodded and looked at Drew, “You’re comfortable?”
“Good,” it seemed as if Prue wanted to say more, but refrained.
Drew looked at her. After a few moments of her not saying anything, he made an assumption. “I’m not so comfortable, I can’t leave.”
Prue shook her head, “No! That isn’t what I meant at all. I was just making sure . . .”
Pollux sighed, leaned over, and whispered in Drew’s ear. A look of realization crossed Drew’s face, “Oh, I didn’t know.”
Prue looked at Pollux, “You can say it out loud.”
“Sorry. Just trying to . . .”
“Pollux, please don’t go to work tonight.”
Pollux sighed, “Well, that took you longer than I expected.”
“What’s that mean?”
Pollux leaned over and kissed Drew, “Get some rest. I’ll see you in the morning. Please don’t watch that so much it rots your brain.”
He kissed her back, “Be careful. Wear the vest.”
“Wouldn’t dream of not doing so,” she headed towards the door. “Come on, Prue.”
Prue followed Pollux down the hall to the kitchen, “Pollux, listen to me.”
“Prue, it’s my job. I like my job.”
“Your job is dangerous.”
“So is walking out of the building and getting into a taxi. This is New York,” Pollux tried to make light of the situation.
Prue shook her head, “This isn’t funny. I lost you once – for twenty-four years. I will not lose you forever.”
“Prue, I’m not going anywhere – well, except work.”
“That’s enough.”
“Prue, are you harassing Pollux about her job?”
“Mom, talk to her. She’s going to get herself . . .”
“Prue, your sister’s job is Crime Scene Investigation. She had that job before . . .”
“Before what, Mother? Before she was my sister or before I got a chance to get to know her as one?”
“Woah,” Pollux’s jaw dropped. “Paige, used to get bold with our mother, but . . .”
“Go to work, Pollux.”
“Well, I was going to . . .”
“Work, Pollux!”
Pollux lowered her head a bit, “Yes, Mother.” She raised her head, shocked – as was Patti. Pollux took a breath, “Yeah, that was weird – not bad weird, but weird. And you told me to go to work, so . . .” Pollux disappeared from the kitchen.
Patti looked at Prue, “Go ahead and yell at me. You’ve been dying to let me have it for years now, so go ahead.”
Prue tried to walk out of the kitchen past her mother, but Patti caught her arm. Prue locked eyes with Patti, “Mom, let me go before I say something I regret.”
“I want you to say something. This wall is too much. The only way to break it down is if you get it out.”
“You raised us to respect you.”
“I also raised you to obey me. Now yell at me.”
Prue took a deep breath, “If she dies, it’s your fault.”
“Prue!!!” Piper’s voice entered the kitchen.
Prue turned and saw all three of her other sisters, “It’s true!”
“How the hell do you figure that?!?!”
“Because she gave them away! She let them go!! We never got a chance to know them!! I never got a chance to tell Pollux – ‘Hey, Police Officer – not the best career choice.’ She took the opportunity from me.”
Paige sighed, “Prue, Pollux is a CSI because she wants to help . . . wants to make a difference. I don’t like it any better than you do.”
“Then why didn’t you stop her?”
“Have you met Pollux? I know you’ve only known her a few days, but I thought the important stuff was sinking in.”
“You could have stopped her.”
“No, I couldn’t. Pollux gets an idea in her head and that’s where it stays!”
“Sounds like someone else I know.”
“Fine. All of you! Stand idly by, do nothing, let her wind up dead! I refuse.”
“Prue, you can’t change her job!”
“I can try my best!” Prue shoved past the rest of her family and stormed into the living room.”
Phoebe looked at Paige, “She didn’t mean . . . sometimes she gets irrational when she’s . . .”
“Doesn’t matter,” Paige spat bitterly. “I’m going to make sure Drew is okay,” she left as well.
Piper looked at Patti, “Oh yeah, a Christmas to remember all right.”
End part fifteen

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