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Youngest Halliwell
Holiday Firsts Part 16
Tue Apr 3, 2007 11:19

This is me posting for Youngest Halliwell.

Holiday Firsts - Part 16
Sat Dec 11, 2004 8:52pm

I really got to stop trying to beat this clock.

Lacorra and Teeny, I most humbly dedicate this chapter to you. You inspired an important bit of it. I hope you guys don't mind. I couldn't resist . . . you can beat me with sports equipment later.

Pollux's new colleague, you know who you are . . . hope this is alright.

Anybody I've offended or upset . . . feel free to let me have it . . . I can take it.

As Always - Enjoy!!!!

~ ~ ~

Holiday Firsts – Part 16

Saturday, December 11, 2004 – 11:52pm, New York

“Are you sure these are for kids?” Phoebe slammed down the small plastic piece she was holding. She was trying to build one of Pollux’s K’Nex roller coasters . . . and having very little luck.
Prue laughed, “What’s the matter, Pheebs? Too hard?”
Phoebe looked up, “Well for one thing they don’t write the instructions . . . not words, they just draw pictures.”
“Easier to sell them in foreign countries that way,” Prue smiled.
Piper laughed, “You weren’t having this much trouble after dinner.”
“Pollux was here after dinner! Then they called her into work early.”
Paige entered the room and fell onto the couch, “Pollux was always good at that stuff.”
Patti smiled at Paige, “Finished with work?”
Paige yawned and nodded, “Some millionaires can sleep easier tonight – their money is safe.”
Piper smiled, “Do you ever get a day off?”
“Well, I’ll probably only have to make a few phone calls on Christmas.”
Patti looked at her disbelieving, “Are you serious?”
Paige shrugged, “Rich people get antsy about their money . . . even on Christmas.”
“You too?”
“Okay, I’m not as rich as my clients. And not as antsy either – if I were I wouldn’t be shelling out close to three thousand dollars for Pollux’s Christmas present.”
Phoebe looked up, “Do you know how much I love you?”
Paige laughed, “Siberian Husky puppies don’t come cheap anytime of the year, but there is a bigger demand at Christmas. Even very reputable breeders sell to the highest bidders – and I had to get two.”
“There’s going to be small puppies running around here?” Prue looked unsure.
Paige nodded, “Yeah, I pick them up on the twenty-third. She gets that part of her present early.”
“There’s more?”
“Yeah, but that’s the main part. Ever since . . . ever since the car wreck, we’ve been on our own. She always spends way too much money on me for holidays and birthdays and stuff. You should have seen some of the crappy jobs she took during our later teenage years and before she became a cop, while I was in college to make sure I had a good present. And then when she was first out of the Academy, she still didn’t make that much money, but she made sure that my presents were great ones.”
Patti ran a hand through Paige’s hair, “You two have really taken care of each other.”
Paige nodded, “Yeah, we’ve been lucky we’ve always had each other. And we’re so close in age, sometimes it was hard to tell which one of us was the older sister.”
“Bad jobs, huh?” Phoebe looked at her sister.
Paige nodded, “The absolute worst one . . . she hadn’t been in the Police Academy long . . . and she took a graveyard shift job, helping clean up after autopsies.”
“People do that?”
“Yeah. And little hospital suits or not, I have successfully burnt all her clothes from the era,” Paige shivered a bit.
Patti hugged her daughter tight, “I’m sorry, honey. So, so sorry.”
Paige shrugged, “It’s okay. Like you said, we’ve taken good care of each other.”
Prue looked up as the elevator doors slid open and Pollux stepped off the elevator, “Aren’t you supposed to be at work? Didn’t they call you in over four hours ago?”
Pollux smiled, “Congratulations, big sissser. You ga your wish! No . . . no wurk fer me to . . . to . . . to . . . yeah,” she fell back into the chair.
Paige stood up and walked over to her little sister, “You’re drunk.”
Pollux shook her head, pulled a small whiskey bottle out of her jacket pocket, took another drink, and looked at her sister, “I might be.” She fought to speak without slurring.
“What happened?”
“Oh nothing much. The official story is I have the flu and will continue to have it until Wednesday – I’m using sick days . . . not that I want to.”
“Huh? They called you in.”
“They called me in to tell me that someone blew the whistle on Drew and me. We can’t be partners anymore. We get to stay on the same shift, but we can’t investigate any cases together anymore. When my ‘flu’ is over, my new partner will fill me in on the recent updates of the case.”
“New Partner?”
“Diane Goodall – you’ve met her.”
“Isn’t she the one that brought in that asshole a few months ago . . . James something or other?”
“Beating up and molesting his girlfriend’s sisters that she had custody of, raping at least one of them as he went. She went to arrest him, he attacked her, she crushed his skull with a baseball bat – yeah, that’s the one. She’s moved over to CSI now. Gonna be a great partner. Not Drew, but hey . . . can’t sleep with her, can I?”
Paige shook her head, “At least neither of you lost your jobs.”
Pollux rolled her eyes, “Riiiight . . . that’s good stuff. Remind me of that later.”
Paige narrowed her eyes, “Pollux, please just focus on the positive. Don’t sit her and drink yourself to . . .”
“I’ll drink what I want.”
Phoebe moved over to her mother, “Maybe you should help Paige,” she whispered.
Patti sighed, “I wish I could. Patrick was an alcoholic, I couldn’t deal with him when he was drunk.”
Phoebe sighed, “Their father . . .”
Phoebe looked to her big sister, “Prue?”
Prue shook her head, “I don’t handle the law enforcement angle well at the moment.”
“Fine!” Paige roared and brought the attention back to the youngest two. “Drink what you want. Do what you want. I can’t stop you. I never could.” Paige stood up and headed towards the kitchen for her own drink.
Phoebe looked between Patti and Prue, then to Piper. Piper sighed and stepped forward, “Pollux, sweetie . . . can I have the bottle please?”
“You want to get drunk too?”
Piper shook her head, “No. But I think you’ve had enough. You still get to work in the same place on the same shift as him. You didn’t get thrown off your current case, and I know that means a lot to you. And although I haven’t known you long, I bet they gave you time off to cool down, not necessarily because you’re in trouble.”
Pollux laughed a little. Something about Piper’s words were putting her at ease, “Figured me out already?”
“Trying. Can we please put the bottle down and get some sleep?”
“Yeah, I’ll go . . . damn! I have to tell Drew.”
Piper shook her head, “Not tonight. He thinks you’re at work – he’s sleeping. You can sleep in your office with me tonight, and Prue can sleep on the couch out here.”
Pollux sighed, and shook her head, “Wow, where did you find your power over me . . . cause this . . . this feeling is weird.”
Piper smiled, “I’m the neutral sister, comes with the territory.”
Pollux sighed, “They should have just left us alone.”
“But they didn’t, so now we have to deal.”
Pollux took another drink, “Not tired.”
“Um, how about some good holiday movie on that big screen? Ooooo, we could watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas. You seem like a cartoon fan to me.”
Pollux sighed, “But I want . . .”
“Okay, you don’t have to give the bottle to me right away. At least come with me and watch tv. I promise, this will all look better in the morning.”
“I’m holding you to that.”
Piper stood up and helped Pollux stand. She helped her little sister out of her jacket, “Come on. Big screen television, here we come.” She handed the jacket to Phoebe, took Pollux down the hall, and left the other three to deal with Paige.
End part sixteen

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