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Youngest Halliwell
Holiday Firsts Part 19
Sun Apr 8, 2007 13:28

This is me posting for Youngest Halliwell.

Holiday Firsts - Part 19
Fri Dec 17, 2004 10:24pm

It's been awhile since I could say that I wasn't . . . Oops, sorry. That's Nickleback Hey wait, aren't they Canadian? Huh, Ironic. Heehee Oops, I Did it Again Yeah, that one definitely isn't Canadian. And they wouldn't claim her if she was. Only the swamps of Louisianna my friends, only the swamps of Lousianna.

LOL, no offense intended . . . Just lots of 1am jokes . . . crazy brain is out of control.

Sorry for the delay.

As always - Enjoy!!!!

~ ~ ~

Holiday Firsts – Part 19

Saturday, December 18, 2004 – 1:24am, New York

Pollux looked up from the striations on the sniper bullet when Diane walked into the room and threw a folder on the desk, “You want the good news or the bad news?”
Pollux sighed, “I’ll take the good news.”
“Ninety-three percent of all violent offenders that this department helped to convict are still behind bars.”
“What’s the bad news?”
“Ninety-three percent of all violent offenders that this department helped to convict are still behind bars.”
Pollux cocked an eyebrow, “Our suspect list just got shorter.”
“Bigger actually.”
“Right, because now we have to check their friends, family, associates, anybody who comes into contact with them in jail.”
“Anything special about the bullet?” Diane asked.
“Besides the fact it was in Drew’s chest?”
“I was actually going for something a little more . . . evidency . . . if you will.”
“Nope. This could take forever.”
“No it can’t. Because if we don’t figure this out, there won’t be any of us left to last until forever.”
Pollux rolled her eyes, “Hey, you can help me with this . . . why are all Canadians either Smartasses or Crazy Canucks?”
“Part of our charm and part of why the world loves us.”
“Oh, I see. Have you never seen South Park?” Pollux jumped off the stool she was sitting on and headed after a book.
“Not in this lifetime.”
“See. Smartass. Point proven.”
Diane simply smirked at Pollux and followed her new partner, “Does it bother you that they’ve been quiet for so long?”
Pollux exhaled and nodded, “Yeah. I never did like the calm before the storm.”
“We don’t have enough evidence to track them, and they’re not striking to give us more evidence. What are they waiting on?”
“Christmas,” Pollux scoffed.
Both Investigators looked at each other, “Christmas,” they said in realization.
“That son-of-a-bitch!” Pollux smacked the wall.
“Day of?”
“Who knows? I just know that next week we’re in danger of getting shot at.”
“As opposed to?”
“See. Smartass.”
Diane smirked again. Before either could say anything else, Alexandra walked in carrying a folder. She indicated the folder to Pollux and smiled at Diane, “Could I have a moment with Pollux alone?”
“I’m guessing this has nothing to do with our case,” she sighed. “I’ve got to go check the bullet that was pulled out of your vest for the hundredth time anyway,” she walked towards the door.
“Don’t you just hate hitting walls?” Pollux called after her.
She simply waved her hand at Pollux without even turning around and exited the room.
Pollux looked at the lab tech, “What’s up, Lex?”
“You said off-the-record, right?” she extended the folder to Pollux.
“You found him.”
“In a manner of speaking.”
Pollux took the somewhat thick file and began flipping through it and skimming it’s contents, looking for important words and phrases. Reaching the end of it, she sat slowly down in the chair behind her, “You’re sure this is the right Patrick Collins?” she asked quietly after a moment.
Pollux sighed, “Of course. It couldn’t play out any other way. You’re absolutely sure?”
Alexandra nodded again. She opened the folder for Pollux and pointed, “See when he was in San Francisco? You said that was important.”
Pollux closed the file and ran a hand through her hair, “Thanks, Lex. I appreciate it.”
“You don’t look like it was what you were expecting.”
Pollux smirked a bit, “Oh, it was what I was expecting . . . it just wasn’t what I was hoping for.”
“Oh. They said . . . said if anybody wanted to cla . . .”
“No. This secret has been buried this long, let it . . . let it stay that way,” Pollux’s voice cracked a bit.
“Can I help?”
“Yeah,” Pollux headed towards the door, “Tell anybody concerned that my flu has returned. I’ll be back tomorrow.”
“Pollux . . .” Alexandra tried to stop her.
“You’re not leaving on me yet, are you, Pollux?” Diane asked as she came back in the door. “Forgot my pen,” she went to the desk and picked it up.
Pollux sighed, “I’ll be back tomorrow night. My flu is trying to make a comeback.”
“Does it have anything to do with the person you had Lex here looking for off-the-record?”
“How did you . . .”
“Crime Scene Investigator,” Diane smirked. “I’m paid to observe and notice.”
Pollux rolled her eyes, “Of course.”
“Old boyfriend?”
Pollux looked at her two friends looking at her. Both of which she trusted. Both of which held her life in their hands every day in some fashion, “Old father.”
Lex’s breath caught in her throat, “You mean . . .?”
“That’s exactly what I mean. Paige and I were adopted after all. At least our Mother wasn’t . . .” Pollux smacked the file on her thigh and put her other hand to her head. “I know why we’re not supposed to look for personal stuff. I should have never started this. I have four strangers living in my house and a father . . . a father . . .”
Diane cocked and eyebrow at Lex, who confirmed the seriousness of the situation by nodding. She sighed and looked at Pollux, “What time did you come in tonight?”
Pollux looked at her strangely, “Around four in the afternoon, why?”
“Well, I was here at three, and we’re supposed to keep overtime to a minimum in these times of crisis. Lex?”
“Uh, I got here around five, I think.”
“We’ve hit more brick walls than I care to count. Must be the flu. Know what is good for the flu?”
Pollux shrugged, “Vitamin C?”
“Come on, Pollux. You’re Irish, you can do better than that.”
Pollux grinned, “I am Irish. And my father was an alcoholic.”
“There you go. And we Canadians love beer.”
Pollux nodded, “Hey, you haven’t lived in New York, that long. I should make sure my partner knows the sights.”
“Yes, you should. Lex?”
She smiled, “I, uh . . . I don’t have the flu. And I usually use Vitamin C and Theraflu.”
“Perfect!” Diane proclaimed. “With us being short staffed, it wouldn’t pay for the two investigators trying to keep our staff numbers from decreasing to get arrested for DUI. Shall we clock out and try and get rid of the flu?”
Pollux nodded, “Yes. Yes we shall.”
End part nineteen

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