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Youngest Halliwell
Holiday Firsts Part 20
Sun Apr 8, 2007 13:29

This is me posting for Youngest Halliwell.

Youngest Halliwell
Holiday Firsts - Part 20
Wed Dec 22, 2004 7:15pm

Please don't hate me too bad . . . it's Christmas.

As always - Enjoy!!!

~ ~ ~

Holiday Firsts – Part 20

Thursday, December 22, 2004 – 10:15pm, New York

“When is Grams’ plane landing again?” Phoebe asked impatiently.
Prue came up, “She’s going to be a little longer than anticipated. Layover was originally in Chicago, got re-routed because of snow . . . she’s in Atlanta.”
Patti rolled her eyes, “God, I hope she behaves herself.”
Piper laughed, “Grams? Behave? When they’ve changed her schedule and she can’t do a damn thing about it? Highly unlikely.”
Patti shook her head, “You may have a point.”
Prue sat down, “Maybe it won’t be so bad . . . it only changes her schedule by about forty-five minutes. She can’t get upset over forty-five minutes, right?”
“Have you met our Grandmother?” Phoebe raised her eyebrows at Prue. “Plus, Paige and Pollux are not here . . . she has to wait to get back to the apartment to meet them.”
“Well, Paige wasn’t home from work since she’s going to be working from home for the rest of the year. And Pollux had to get ready to go to get ready to go to work,” Prue reasoned.
Piper smiled, “Maybe the apartment will make her feel better.”
Phoebe nodded, “Probably chastise Mom for keeping the wrong ones.”
“Not funny, Phoebe,” Patti narrowed her eyes. “Not funny at all.”

~ ~ ~

Pollux looked up as Paige came off the elevator, “So no more work this year?”
“Nope. Well, yes . . . just from home.”
“Rough day?”
“Yeah. Well, not too . . . scratch that, yeah, rough day.” Paige sat on the couch next to Pollux and accepted the glass Pollux handed her.
Pollux smiled, “Rum Runner.”
Paige kissed her temple, “Best little sister in the world.”
Pollux exhaled, then immediately drew in a deep breath, “No, not really.”
Paige looked at Pollux, took a drink, then looked towards her again, “What do I need to know?”
“I, uh . . . I found out where Patrick Collins is . . .” Pollux handed Paige the folder.
Paige sat staring at it, “When?”
“Saturday,” Pollux took a drink, “I wanted to wait until you didn’t have to go into the office to tell you . . . I didn’t know how well . . .”
Paige put a hand on Pollux’s shoulder, “For once . . . it’s okay.” She started to open the folder, then quickly shut it back. Paige sat staring for a few minutes, “I can’t look, Pollux,” she whispered.
Pollux reached over and gently took the folder back, “You don’t have to . . . now or ever.” She stood up and started to leave the room.
“Yeah,” she turned back to face Paige.
“Did you . . . do you know what is says?”
Pollux sighed and nodded, “Yeah, I do.”
“Don’t want the whole story . . . just the bottom line.”
“He will never bother us.”
“Because . . .”
“He’s dead. He’s in a grave in Montana, that is only marked with a plot number.”
“Do I want to know how?”
“I don’t . . . but unfortunately, I do.”
Paige closed her eyes and re-opened them, “Lock the file away. Nobody sees it. If Mom asks . . .”
“I’ll tell her we’re all safe . . . and that he’s dead . . . nothing more.”
“Thank you. Unmarked, huh?”
“Except for the plot marker, yeah. We can . . . we can claim the body if you want.”
Paige took another drink, “Is it horribly cold to want to leave it where it lays?”
“No. Our father is in a cemetery not that far away, next to our Mother. We just happen to have two moms.”
“She is, isn’t she? I mean she really is?”
Pollux smiled, “Yeah, I have to admit, she is. And we have three big sisters, I’m glad you called.”
“Me too,” Paige said softly as Pollux headed back towards her office. Paige started to take a drink, when the phone rang, “Hello? . . . This is her sister . . . Hang on . . . Pollux!! Phone!!!”

Paige’s Rum Runner was half gone when Pollux came tearing through the hall, carrying her sniper rifle case and bullet-proof vest, “Got to go.”
“He’s . . . he’s poised in a building . . . building has families and small kids in it . . . he has it rigged so that he can push a button . . . to blow it up if we enter.”
Paige took a deep breath as she felt as though she had been kicked in the gut – an air of foreboding passing over her, “Pollux, don’t go.”
“Paige, I have to.”
“Damn it. I’m begging you. Don’t.”
“Paige . . .” Pollux sighed.
“I’m your sister and I’m begging you not to go.”
Pollux kissed Paige’s cheek, “I have to. It’s my job, Paige. If I don’t go . . . my friends could get hurt.”
“And if you walk out that door, you’ll get hurt.”
“I’ll be careful.”
“Pollux, please.”
“Paige, I have to go. I can’t let them down. I’ll be fine. I’ll see you in the morning.”
“I don’t ask for a lot.”
“And I honor almost every request you have. I can’t honor this one. Don’t ask me for something I can’t give.”
“You could if you wanted to,” Paige reasoned as the elevator doors slid open.
Pollux kissed Paige’s cheek one more time, “I’ll see you in the morning.” She stepped onto the elevator and waited for the doors to close.
Paige stood in the same spot for a few minutes before robotically walking back to the couch and finishing off the Rum Runner. She then left the couch to go to the liquor cabinet and retrieve the bottle of Rum. Once she was back on the couch, she poured straight rum into the glass and proceeded to drink . . . which is how Penny, Patti, and the girls would find her an hour and five minutes later.

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