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Youngest Halliwell
Holiday Firsts Part 21
Sun Apr 8, 2007 13:31

This is me posting for Youngest Halliwell.

Holiday Firsts - Part 21
Wed Dec 22, 2004 11:06pm

Just like last post - don't hate me. It's Christmas.

As Always - Enjoy!!!!

~ ~ ~

Holiday Firsts – Part 21

Thursday, December 23, 2004 – 2:06am, New York

Penny watched her newfound granddaughter walk into the kitchen from the living room and pour herself a cup of coffee. “I heard you worked until just a few hours ago, shouldn’t you be in bed?”
Paige shook her head, “Couldn’t sleep if I wanted to.”
“We Halliwells are very strong, Dear,” Penny promised.
Paige smiled and before she could answer, Prue came into the kitchen, went straight for the coffee, and poured her cup, “Anything?”
“No. Mom still keeping Phoebe from turning on the live broadcast?”
Penny watched Prue and Paige simultaneously take a drink of coffee, set their cups back down, and sigh. She shook her head, “It’s not an easy . . .”
“How can you two be so calm?!?!” Phoebe burst into the kitchen. “Pollux is in the middle of a stand-off situation! According to Paige she left the house with a sniper rifle! This is no time to be calm!”
Paige sighed, “Have to be.”
“Phoebe, Darling, calm down,” Grams said softly.
“Grams, what part of . . .”
“Have to stay calm, Phoebe,” Paige sighed. “Can’t be irrational and over-emotional if the moment comes,” Paige said on her way back into the living room.”
“What moment?” Phoebe looked at Grams.
Grams sighed, “The moment when . . . the moment when . . .” she searched for a way to break it easily to Phoebe.
“The moment when everything you know to be right and good in the world comes to a screeching halt. The moment when you forget how to breathe,” Prue finished Grams’ sentence.
“That is the moment to be over-emotional!” Phoebe insisted.
“No, Phoebe. That’s the moment when all eyes are on you and you keep it together for the sake of the fallen. The time to be over-emotional is in a darkened corner of your room at four a.m.” Prue then followed in Paige’s footsteps.
Phoebe looked at Grams, “I remember her standing next to his coffin before they lowered it . . . so stoic.”
“When all she wanted to do was fall apart. I remember that well,” Grams took a sip of tea.
“They’re alike.”
“I can see that. I could have told you that from practically the moment Paige was born.”
Phoebe lowered her head, then raised it back up to look at Grams, “And Pollux?”
Grams smiled, “Pollux is a perfect little mix of all of you. At least that’s how I’ve always imagined her being since your mother had her.”
“How so?”
Penny smiled as she thought, “I picked her up and held her in my arms when she was only a few hours old. And in that tiny person, I saw Prue and Paige’s stubbornness, Prue and Piper’s toughness . . .”
“And nothing of me,” Phoebe sighed.
Grams’ rose from her seat, went to Phoebe, and hugged her from behind, “She’s a free spirit like you.”
“She’s a cop,” Phoebe countered.
Penny smiled, “And I bet that doesn’t stop her.”
Phoebe laughed, “You may have a point.”
Grams broke the hug and took Phoebe’s hand, “Let’s go check on your Mother and sisters.”
Phoebe nodded and allowed Grams to lead her into the living room. Piper was sitting on the couch next to Prue, nonchalantly rubbing her big sister’s back. Patti was staring intently at Paige, who was poking at the fire Pollux had built earlier that evening.
Grams decided to lighten the mood, “So, by the looks of this apartment, I’m getting a car for Christmas?”
Paige actually smiled a bit and turned to Penny, “Matchbox or Remote Control?”
“Oh, another smart aleck – well done, Patti.”
Patti laughed, “She’s fine. Leave her as is.”
Penny shook her head, “I could get a car and you’re letting her be a smart aleck?”
Patti nodded, “Yes, Mother. Nobody’s getting a car. But you’ll be happy to know that at some point tomorrow, two small puppies will join this party.”
Paige nodded, “Pollux’s Christmas present. I have to get them tomorrow.”
Penny shrugged, “More loyal than a husband . . . easier to train . . . pounds will take them without you having to frame them . . . I suppose puppies will be okay.”
Paige laughed, “It’s what she wanted. It’s what led me to you, actually.”
Patti raised an eyebrow, “How so?”
“She found you – hid the files from me. I was searching her room for the number to call for the breeder. I found the folder instead.”
“Do you know how . . . how she . . .”
“Got past sealed records?” Paige raised an eyebrow.
“Something like that.”
“Not sure. I know there were favors involved. What I can tell you is when there is a Pollux, there’s a way.”
“Determined, is she?”
“Always. Sometimes to the point that it’s scary . . .” Paige’s mind went back to the situation at hand.
Before anyone could offer comfort to her, the elevator doors slid open. Prue and Paige were on their feet immediately. Diane walked into the living room, “The guy in the lobby, let me in,” she offered quietly.
Paige looked at her, “Diane, right? We’ve met once before.”
Diane nodded. Prue looked to Paige, “Pollux’s new . . .?”
Paige nodded, and took into account the brownish red stain on the neck of Diane’s shirt, “Stand-off is over.”
Diane nodded, “It is. He’s dead.”
“He had himself secluded on the top floor of a building, sniper rifle in hand, nobody could get a good shot on him, well . . . until Pollux . . .”
“She used the sniper rifle again,” Paige deduced and prayed to God that was why Diane was standing in front of her. Pollux had used the rifle, became upset, and had to have time alone. She sent Diane to tell them everything was going to be okay.
“The only shot she had really was of his scope . . . she shot him right through that.”
Paige took a deep breath, the horrible truth sinking in, “That isn’t his blood on your shirt, and it isn’t yours either.”
Diane shook her head, “They fired at almost the exact same moment . . . his rifle was more high powered.”
Paige closed her eyes and looked at Diane, “Hospital or morgue?” her voice cracked on the last word.
“Hospital,” Diane confirmed solemnly. “I’m going to give you a police escort.


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