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Youngest Halliwell
Holiday Firsts Part 22
Sun Apr 8, 2007 13:34

This is me posting for Youngest Halliwell.

Holiday Firsts - Part 22
Thu Dec 23, 2004 10:39am

It's a little later than intended. But YH and her cohorts . . . er, co-workers spent the first forty five minutes at work, aiming at each other with laser pens, figuring out shout angles, entrances and exits, looking at Gray's Anatomy, all kinds of fun stuff like that. Lucky for me one of my co-workers has a degree in Biology. Anyway, did the best I could . . . if there are any errors or implausible points . . . sorry. It all makes sense to us and none of us believe in the 'magic bullet'. Ten points if you know what I'm talking about.

As always - Enjoy!!!!!

~ ~ ~

Holiday Firsts – Part 22

Thursday, December 23, 2004 – 1:42pm, New York

“Phoebe, could you please sit down?” Piper watched her sister begin to move about the hospital waiting room again.
Phoebe shook her head, “This shouldn’t have happened.”
Patti sighed, “No honey, it shouldn’t have. But it did and we can’t change it now.”
“She should have never been an officer.”
“You have a point there,” Prue mumbled. She had spoke little in the past eleven hours and Penny and Patti were keeping a close eye on her.
“Prue, she knew the dangers when she . . .”
“Don’t,” Phoebe protested. “We were never given a chance to talk her out of it – because she wasn’t with us. It should have been me lying back there, not her.”
“Phoebe . . .” Grams warned.
“No, Grams. Mom told us the story . . . he picked me up . . . I was the one he used to show he could have gotten us anytime, anywhere. I should be the one in that hospital room. She should be out here with you.”
Patti stood up, “Stop it right now. I made the decision and it was right at the time.”
“Yeah,” Phoebe said bitterly. “You made the decision alright.”
Piper stood up and pushed Phoebe into a chair, “Stop! Right now! This will go no further. Yes, we’ve all gotten rather attached to her – and we’re not done yet. She’s going to be fine and we’re not going to dwell on the past. Hindsight is twenty/twenty, Phoebe. Don’t go guessing which decision you would have made, because you don’t know.”
Penny sighed, “Piper, you’re right. Now, sit down. All we can do is sit here and wait.”
Phoebe glared at Piper as she returned to her seat. After a moment, she took a deep breath, “So is it a good or a bad thing that Paige has been back there so long?”

~ ~ ~

Paige sat mindlessly playing with Pollux’s left hand as Pollux lay quietly, having yet to open her eyes. Paige glanced over at the right side of Pollux’s body. It was bandaged from her rib cage to her shoulder, as well as practically her whole arm. Paige took a deep breath, raised up, and kissed Pollux’s forehead, “Hey. You have to wake up now. Christmas Eve is tomorrow and I got you just what you wanted.”
“That should get her awake,” the gentle voice drifted in from the doorway.
Paige turned and saw a middle-aged man in a white coat. She sighed, “She hasn’t opened her eyes yet.”
He nodded, “Shouldn’t be too long now. Remember, the bullet knocked her back and she hit her head. You’re dealing with a moderate concussion as well as all the surgery sedation.” He extended his hand to her, “I’m Dr. Vance.”
She accepted the handshake, “You’re the specialist. I’ve been waiting on you awhile.”
He nodded, “I apologize. I had an emergency this morning, and I had to wait for her films to come back. I would like to show you exactly what’s going on. Am I just talking to you? I understand your Mother, Grandmother, and sisters . . .”
“Oh God! I forgot they were out there. They’re probably worried half out of their minds.”
He smiled slightly, “You forgot?”
“We haven’t known them that . . . for the longest time it’s just been Pollux and I . . . it’s complicated.”
He nodded, “I see. So, just you or . . .”
She shook her head, “No. Them too. In here or out there somewhere?”
He smiled, “Let’s go to a little room just off the waiting room, then you all can come in here and see her.”
“The nurses said only one at a time,” Paige said as she walked out of the door with him.
“Yes, well, I have the power to change that,” he winked.
“Oh, sorry,” Paige apologized for not thinking clearly.
“It’s o . . .”
“Paige!” Phoebe was in front of her immediately. “How is she?”
“She’s . . . she’s still out, but I’ve been told it’s not life-threatening.”
Dr. Vance nodded, “You’ve basically been told right. Now, if you ladies will join me in here . . .” he held open a door and waited for them to walk in.
Once Penny, Patti, and Paige were seated in front of the desk and Prue, Piper, and Phoebe took their places behind them, Patti spoke, “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name.”
“Vance . . . Dr. William Vance.”
Paige looked at her, “He’s a specialist.”
“Specialist?” Patti looked at him, not liking the sound of that . . . a specialist could mean this was very serious.
“Yes, and I’d like to explain exactly what’s going on,” he went to the corner and retrieved a skeleton. Rolling it back to the desk, he seated himself on the corner and looked at the family members. “We think he was aiming for her shoulder, since the vest doesn’t cover that, but we’re not sure. It’s possible he did indeed hit his intended target. I understand we’ll never know because our patient in there is a hero.”
Paige nodded, “Saved a lot of crime scene investigators, detectives, and officers. Turns out CSI was able to convict his son of rape and murder two years ago. He blames them.”
“Of course he did,” Dr. Vance exhaled. “Alright, basically what happened after Pollux and he pulled their triggers . . . well you know where her bullet went . . .”
“Through the scope, into his eye socket, and out the back of his head,” Paige confirmed.
The doctor nodded, “Remarkable shot. Tricky shot. A shot she’ll never make again,” he sighed. Dr. Vance held up the right hand of the skeleton and illustrated as he spoke, “The bullet entered Pollux’s hand through the third and fourth knuckle of her right hand. Its trajectory path traveled through the palmar fascia, shattering bone and destroying tendons, muscles, and nerves as it went. It exited her wrist here, blowing apart the flexor carpi radialis, palmar longus, parts of the ulnar nerve – specifically the articular, and bone as it went.” He then stood up and pointed to the right shoulder, “It then re-entered through her bicep brachia here, ricocheted off the head of the humerus – causing it to lose as great deal of momentum, but also sending it into the scapula, where it became embedded and we removed it with surgery.”
Paige nodded and looked dumbfounded. Patti took her daughter’s hand, “And in English that translates to . . .”
“She has no control over her hand at the moment – no moving the wrist back and forth, no finger movement. And her shoulder is more than a little damaged.”
Piper looked at the skeleton, “Will she regain control back?”
“In time – she will have a decent amount of control over the hand, but she’ll never get it back to a hundred percent. Here,” he flipped on the light in the x-ray display behind him and put several shots on the board. The hand was mangled – that was obvious even without a degree. “You can see, it’s going to take a large amount of time and even a few surgeries before she is back to what she would probably consider an acceptable range.”
Paige looked at him, “Along with being a crime scene investigator, she’s also a sniper.”
He shook his head, “Not anymore she isn’t. She’s more than likely looking at a desk or lab job.”
“She won’t accept that.”
“Then I suppose a new career is in order,” he said calmly but seriously.
Prue actually breathed a sigh of relief, then felt guilty about it. Of course she was not the only one in the room to do so. Paige looked at the doctor, “Dr. Vance, I was informed you are the leading specialist on the Eastern Seaboard.”
“Thank you.”
“And I don’t mean to sound rude, but are you the best in the world – because money is seriously no object here.”
He nodded, “I understand. And I assure you Ms. Matthews, you can throw all the money in the world at this problem, and the outcome isn’t going to change. Her sniper days . . . her days in the field . . . they’re over.”
Patti watched as Paige lowered her head, trying to figure out how to break the news. Patti exchanged a glance with Penny, then looked at the doctor, “How many of us allowed in there at a time now?”
“You can all be there at once,” he said calmly.
Penny took Paige’s hand, “Is that okay?”
Paige nodded, “Of course. We should probably go see her now.”
The girls stood up and left the room, heading to Pollux’s room. Patti and Paige entered first, followed by Penny and Phoebe, then Prue. Prue made it just inside the door before her knees buckled. Piper had chosen this reason to walk behind her. She caught her big sister and steadied her, “Breathe, Prue. Just breathe,” she whispered.
Prue nodded and struggled to do so. Paige sat in the chair next to Pollux’s bed while Patti moved over to Pollux’s right side and gently brushed hair off her face. Phoebe stood next to Paige, Grams took the second chair in the room, while Prue and Piper stood next to Patti.
Paige cleared her throat, “She also has a moderate concussion,” she whispered.
Patti nodded, then leaned down as Pollux began turning her head back and forth a bit, “Pollux, can you hear me?”
Pollux’s eyes opened and she connected with Patti. She nodded her head, “Thirsty.”
Patti quickly poured her a cup of water, then helped her to drink it, “Better, Baby?”
Pollux nodded, “Thanks.” She took a few breaths, then looked at Patti, “Did I get him?”
Prue laughed a bit, “You did.”
“Can’t feel my arm. It’s still there, right?”
Patti kissed her cheek, “Yes, it is. It’s just a little injured at the moment.”
“Oh,” Pollux whispered. “How bad?”
Penny stood up and walked next to Paige and Phoebe, “This is no way to greet your Grandmother, Darling.”
Pollux managed a smile for Penny, “Sorry.”
“I’ll forgive you. But there will be no getting shot again, ever.”
Pollux nodded, “Okay. How bad is my arm?”
Paige stood up and took Pollux’s left hand, “It’ll take a few more surgeries and time to fix.”
Pollux looked at Paige intently, then closed her eyes, and appeared to be in deep thought a moment. She opened them and looked at Piper, “Fingers didn’t move, did they?”
Piper shook her head and bit back tears, “No, baby – they didn’t.”
Pollux rolled her head over and looked at Paige, “Ever work again?”
“Yes, just not like it did.”
Paige shook her head, “No, baby. No more.”
Again Pollux closed her eyes and looked as if she was in deep thought. She opened them and locked eyes with Paige, “Home.”
“Pollux, you’ve been shot and . . .”
“Home,” she repeated firmly.
“Pollux . . .”
Paige kissed Pollux’s cheek, “Please understand.”
“Christmas in two days – home.”
Paige sighed, “It’ll take me a couple of hours.”
“Paige?” Patti looked unsurely at her.
Paige held a hand up slightly, “Give me a little time, Pollux.”
“Before Midnight – before Christmas Eve,” she insisted.
“Okay. I’ll be back. I have to go roll some heads. Piper, come with?”
Piper nodded and followed Paige, “Are you sure about this?”
Paige nodded, “Two winters ago, I over-worked myself, didn’t take very good care of me, didn’t wear the right type of clothing . . . landed myself in the hospital with pneumonia on New Year’s Eve. I wanted to go home. Doctors advised against – Pollux fought with them – still advised against. She picked me up, carried me out of here, and took me home. A private nurse came by later in the afternoon.”
“Pneumonia is serious, I’ll grant you. But this is a gunshot wound.”
Paige nodded, “She wants to be home and I’ll move Heaven and Earth to make sure that’s where she recuperates. I’ll bring her back for regular appointments and let a nurse into the apartment, but that’s where she is going.”
Piper nodded, “We’ll help. All of us.”
“Thanks,” Paige stopped just shy of the nurses’ station and retrieved an address and some money from her purse. “This is the breeder’s address, and here is enough money for a cab to let you allow two small puppies in the back seat. Here’s the receipt, they’re paid for. Would you?”
Piper smiled, “Of course. I’ll take them back to the apartment?”
Paige nodded, “I’ll get her there as quickly as I can.” She proceeded to the nurses’ desk while Piper headed for the elevator.

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