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Youngest Halliwell
Holiday Firsts Part 23
Sun Apr 8, 2007 13:35

This is me posting for Youngest Halliwell.

Youngest Halliwell
Holiday Firsts - Part 23
Thu Dec 23, 2004 8:45pm

*Phew* Does anybody else feel like I've been writing all day? Oh well, as long as you guys enjoy it, all is good. Sees you all tomorrow. Happy Holidays to Everyone!!!

As Always - Enjoy!!!!!

~ ~ ~

Holiday Firsts – Part 23

Thursday, December 23, 2004 – 11:45pm, New York

“No, Puppy!!! That ribbon is not for you!!” Phoebe came chasing the puppy into the kitchen. “That goes on a present.”
Piper sighed, “Phoebe, we’re trying to get them to learn their names. So we should be using the names . . . to perpetuate that.”
“Have you seen them, Piper? They’re twins!! I have never seen two dogs that look more alike. So you tell me which one that is.”
All eyes fell on the small puppy lying on his side in the floor, staring up at the humans. Piper took a deep breath, “Antony.”
“Octavian,” Prue said simultaneously with Piper’s name.
Phoebe threw up her hands, “Well, it’s either Antony or Octavian. Glad we narrowed that down.”
“Piper’s right. It’s Antony,” Pollux’s voice came from the doorway.
Prue was at her left side with her hand around her waist immediately, “Damn it, Pollux. What part of ‘you were shot’ is confusing you?”
Pollux sighed, “I know I was shot. That’s why my arm is in a sling and a . . . a . . . one of those things that keeps it attached to my side.”
“Pollux!” Paige’s voice entered the kitchen.
“Here we go,” Pollux sighed.
Patti was there almost instantly, “Young lady, you were told to stay in bed or at the very least on the couch. You were shot. You’ve had surgery. You need to at least be lying down.”
“I just wanted a drink of water. I thought I could . . .”
“Patti, I can’t find her. I just turned my back for a minute to go get her another blanket,” Penny entered the kitchen. She shook her head, “You are not supposed to be up and about that much.”
“I can’t just lie there all the time.”
Paige walked up to her, “You listen here. I fought tooth and nail to get your ass back in this apartment! If you keep this up, you’re going to end up right back in the hospital and there will be nothing I can do to get you back out until you’re healed!”
“Can I . . . can I just sit in the kitchen with you guys. I’ll be very careful, I promise.”
Prue looked at Patti, and Patti shook her head, “Pollux, these chairs aren’t good for you at the moment. You need to be able to lie back, even if you don’t lie down. How about we all head to the living room?”
Pollux nodded, “Okay.”
Phoebe picked up the puppy in the floor, “Antony and I are ready.”
Pollux smiled, “That’s Octavian. He came in with Paige and took Antony’s place. Antony is under the table with some ribbon.”
Phoebe rolled her eyes, “How do you tell them apart?”
Pollux pointed to the puppy Phoebe was holding, “Look at the top of his head, Phoebe. In the middle, there’s a small white diamond. Antony doesn’t have that.”
Piper pulled the other puppy out from under the table, “He is lacking in the white diamond on the top of the head department.”
Phoebe looked, “Octavian has his.”
“Well, he was heir to the throne of Rome.”
Phoebe rolled her eyes, “That’s not big enough for us to keep track of.”
“Eventually we’ll get to be able to tell them apart . . . the subtle things.”
“Well, I’ve only known them six hours! I don’t know the subtle things yet.”
Paige smiled, “Relax, Phoebe. They warned me they could get confusing when I picked them out. Follow me.”
The group did follow Paige into the living room and Prue and Patti helped Pollux to lean back on the couch. She winced as she settled into the couch. Patti looked Pollux in the face, “What? What is it?”
Pollux grinned slightly, “I’ve been shot.”
Penny shook her head, “I think they’ve been over-blessed in the wit department, Darling. All of them.”
Patti put her hand on Pollux’s cheek, “Would you like a painkiller?”
Pollux nodded, “In a few minutes. I’ve been asleep most of the day.”
“I think your body needs the rest, Pollux.”
“All the same . . . just a few more minutes, please.”
Patti kissed her forehead, “A few more minutes.”
Paige returned with two small harnesses, “Okay Pollux, they’re yours. Who is blue and who is red?”
Pollux smiled, “Put Antony in the blue. Octavian gets the red.”
“Who’s got who?”
Phoebe shook her head, “Only Pollux knows.”
“Phoebe still has Octavian,” Pollux smiled.
Paige nodded and tossed the red harness to Phoebe and the blue to Piper. The puppies did their best to resist the harnesses, but their little puppy might was no match for Piper and Phoebe. Once the task was done, the puppies were set in the floor and they began using the harnesses to play with each other. Paige shook her head, “They’ll get used to them.”
They watched the puppies play for awhile, when Penny cleared her throat, “I think we need to have a serious discussion.”
Pollux looked up, “Uh – oh.”
Penny smiled, “This is a very serious discussion. Now, due to unfortunate circumstances, this will be our first Christmas together. The question is, do we go with somebody’s annual traditions, or do we create our own?”
“This is serious,” Paige smiled. “Well, I don’t know about you guys, but Pollux and I usually eat lots of shrimp, crab, chicken wings, stuff like that on Christmas Eve. While we do that, we watch some Christmas specials on television, and at midnight, before we go to bed we open one present and save the rest for Christmas morning.”
Prue smiled, “Well we usually save everything for Christmas morning.”
Patti leaned back next to Pollux, “But I think that they have a good tradition. And one present won’t hurt you girls.”
Phoebe smiled, “Sweet. We should have inducted them years ago.”
Patti threw a pillow at Phoebe. Piper laughed and looked at Paige, “And what time do the festivities start?”
Paige grinned, “We usually start eating about six, after Pollux has cooked all . . .” she stopped suddenly.
Piper smiled, “I think I can handle the cooking, if Pollux gives me a menu and tells me if I need to go to the store.”
Pollux shook her head, “There will be a delivery of fresh seafood tomorrow afternoon. Of course if you want any actual fish, we have to call and add it.”
“No real fish?”
Paige shook her head, “Pollux can only eat shellfish, she’s allergic to fish fish.”
Patti nodded, “Well, the last thing we need is her getting something she’s allergic to at this point.”
“Sounds like a good menu to me as is,” Piper smiled.
“Any vegetables?” Phoebe asked politely.
Pollux nodded, “They’ll be delivered in the afternoon as well and we have stuff to make dip.”
Prue raised up, “Okay, I know you’re twenty-four and twenty-five, but you’ve been on your own for awhile and sometimes there are traditions you keep, no matter how . . .” she searched for the word.
Paige smiled, reading her thoughts, “Santa always shows up here.”
Pollux raised up, “But he may need an elf to help him with Paige’s delivery this year.”
Piper smiled, “That too can be arranged.”
Patti nodded, “Then we have a rough plan. The rest will work itself out. As for you, my little hero, it’s time for you to take the pain pill and sleep.”
“Antony and Octavian?”
Patti looked to Paige. Paige smiled and shook her head, “Of course you’ll have two small puppies joining you. As long as they stay off your bandages, casts, slings, and other medical things.”
Prue smiled, “Settled then.” She raised up off the couch and started to help Pollux up, “Alright, I’m guessing she isn’t left alone.”
Patti shook her head, “No, she isn’t.”
Paige smiled, “There’s a rollaway in there from Drew . . .”
“Drew?” Penny cocked an eyebrow.
“Not now, Mother.” She looked around, “Alright, who wants first shift?”
“This is ridiculous, I don’t need . . .”
Pollux’s protest was drowned out by several voices answering, “Me!”
Patti laughed, “Alright, we’ll get her to the bedroom, then we’ll sort this out.”
Pollux shook her head as Prue helped her back towards the bedroom, “I don’t need this much attention.”
“Humor us,” Prue smiled at her little sister.
End part 23

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