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Youngest Halliwell
Holiday Firsts Part 24 (Finale)
Sun Apr 8, 2007 13:38

This was me posting for Youngest Halliwell.

Youngest Halliwell
Holiday Firsts - Part 24 - FINALE!!!
Wed Jan 12, 2005 12:24pm

Yeah, you've had to wait a long time, and I apologize. First I had the flu, then I had to make up all the crap that fell behind when I had the flu. Ah, it's a vicious circle.

So I've brought this to a close but left it wide-open. After you read, please vote at the end if you want a sequel. If there is one, do you want real time? Just place your vote on whether or not there’s a sequel and whether or not it's real time. You can answer yes to one and no to another, that's cool.

As Always - Enjoy!!!

~ ~ ~

Holiday Firsts – Part 24

Wednesday, January 12, 2005 – 3:24pm, New York

“Piper, it’s only noon there, don’t you club owners sleep in?” Pollux joked as she cradled the phone in her neck and sorted through the refrigerator.
Piper laughed, “True, but you had therapy this morning, and a discussion of another surgery. Talk to me.”
“Therapy sucked. Therapy always sucks, Piper.”
Piper took a deep breath, “Anything?”
“Nope, not yet. Still just lays there refusing to work. If it’s any consolation, I’m getting better at using the left hand.”
“Pollux, it will get better,”
“Yeah, well, tell that to . . .” she paused as the two puppies charged into the kitchen. “Hang on a sec, Piper. Drew’s back.”
“Okay. May I talk to him please?”
Pollux smiled, “God help me if you all go into big sister mode at once.” She took the phone away and leaned up and kissed Drew, “They were behaved?”
“They were Octavian and Antony . . . you make the call.”
Pollux shook her head and handed him the phone, “Piper. She wants to make sure there isn’t anything I’m not telling her.” Pollux knelt down and began giving the puppies attention.
Drew put the phone to his ear, “Hi, Piper.”
“You could say that.”
Piper took a deep breath, “How frustrated did she get?”
“Whatever you’re imagining, multiply it by fifty,” he said softly.
“And how are you?”
“Better,” he smiled. “I . . . I actually go back to work tonight.”
“Lucky bastard,” Pollux mumbled under her breath as she gave the dogs a treat and went to wash off her hand so she could make herself and Drew a sandwich.
Piper smiled into the phone, “Good for you. You will be careful?”
“Promise, very careful.”
“Good. Now, let me talk to her once more and then I’ll leave the two of you alone.”
Drew laughed a bit, “You’re not bothering us, Piper. But here she is.”
Pollux took the phone back, “How is everybody over there?”
“Missing you two,” Piper admitted.
Pollux exhaled, “We miss you too. We’ll see each other again soon, though.”
“Yes, we will . . .” Piper looked up as the doorbell rang. “Alright little one, someone is at the door. I love you. Tell Paige I love her and I’ll talk to her later.”
“Can do. Love you too, Piper. Later.” Pollux hung up the phone.

~ ~ ~

Phoebe looked extremely frustrated as Piper opened the door, “Rough day?”
Phoebe glared at her big sister, “Don’t you start too.”
Piper stepped aside and let Phoebe pass. Phoebe proceeded straight to the kitchen. She had been in a bad mood since they had gotten home and everybody knew why. Piper sighed as she followed her, “So, did you drop by for lunch?”
“I’m taking the rest of the afternoon off. Elise is driving me insane.”
“What did she do now?”
“Wants me to do a radio show next week. I told her no. She pitched a fit.”
Piper looked at Phoebe, “Honey, why did you tell her no?”
“I don’t want to do a radio show. I don’t feel like it.”
“Phoebe, we will see them again soon.”
“What are you talking about?”
“I know you miss Paige and Pollux. We all miss Paige and Pollux, but we know they exist now, and we’re not going to go that long without seeing them.”
Phoebe exhaled deeply, “I got kind of attached to them.”
“We all got really attached to them. This is going to be okay, I promise you.”
“It had better be.”

~ ~ ~

Sam sighed as he watched Prue exit her car and come up the driveway. He smiled as she got close to the garage, “Lunch?”
She nodded, “Guess you’re tired of seeing me, huh?”
Sam hugged her tight, “Never.”
She kissed his cheek, “So why aren’t you off saving lives?”
He laughed, “Even ambulance drivers get a day off. Miss them, huh?”
She nodded, “Yes. Can I tell you something?”
“Of course.”
“I’ve been looking into photography jobs in New York,” she admitted.
He nodded, “If that’s what you want.”
“It’s not what I want. What I want is all of us together. I mean if I move to New York, I get to see them everyday, but then what about Mom, Grams, Piper, and Phoebe?”
“Prue, I can’t tell you what to do. I know you miss them, and the only thing I can say is that if you do move, your Mother, Grandmother, sisters, and myself will understand why. We have had you your whole life.”
“She was shot, Sam.”
“Yes, she was. And I understand that means she’s no longer a crime scene investigator.”
“It shouldn’t have happened in the first place. What is she going to do now? Her hand isn’t responding to anything at the moment. I talked to Paige the other day. The therapy is only serving to frustrate her at the moment. The change is that insignificant. They’re suspecting at least two surgeries are going to be needed before they see any improvement.”
He sat on the hood of the car and faced her, “What can I do for you?”
“Go to New York, drag their asses here, make them stay.”
“Done,” he smiled.
She laughed a bit and hugged him again, “Mom got it right the third time,” she whispered.
“I’m glad you think so,” he squeezed her tight a moment. “I couldn’t have loved you more if you were my own daughter.”
Prue let her head stay on his shoulder a minute, “I wish that I were.”
“Well, then that settles it, you are.”
“Yes, I am,” she said freely as she pulled back and looked at him.

~ ~ ~

Patti continued to watch through the window a minute, then turned and faced Penny, “Is she ever going to forgive me?”
Penny smiled, “She has forgiven you, Darling. She’s still wrestling with what to do.”
Patti nodded, “She’s a heartbeat away from moving to New York.”
“Has she said anything yet?”
Patti shook her head, “Doesn’t have to. Phoebe is too. Piper got frustrated the other day and said something about selling the club. But we all know where all this is coming from.”
Penny smiled knowingly, “You did what was right at the time. You had to protect them.”
Patti took a breath, “All the same, I was relieved when Pollux informed me he was dead.”
“Speaking of my little spitfire, have we talked to her or Paige lately?”
Patti nodded, “Therapy isn’t working as well as anybody would have hoped.”
“Is it working?”
“Not so much,” Patti sighed as she set another plate at the table. “I just wish she were here where I could take care of her.”

~ ~ ~

Paige petted Octavian and Antony, then proceeded down the hall to Pollux’s room. She lightly knocked on the door.
There was a slight pause then Drew opened the door, while pulling a shirt over his head, “Hi, Paige.”
She smiled, “Thanks for taking her to therapy.”
“I see you had your own therapy session.”
He laughed a bit, “A bit of one. We were very careful. I would never hurt her.”
Paige nodded, “I know.”
“Okay, I have to go get ready to go to work at midnight, maybe grab some actual sleep. If you need me, don’t hesitate to call,” he headed towards the living room.
“Drew,” Paige stopped him. When he turned to face her, she shook her head, “Nothing.”
Drew smiled, “I’m already checking into transferring to San Francisco. It’s okay.”
She looked at him strangely, “How?”
“Crime scene investigator,” he smiled. “You two miss them. They miss you. Something has to give. It doesn’t take a genius to see which is the more logical side. I love her, Paige. My sister lives on the West Coast – Washington, but the West Coast. It would give my Mother an excuse to move too. She’s been looking for one, but she can’t leave the cop.”
Paige smiled, “You know the odds of her marrying you . . .”
“Slim to none,” he smiled. “But the odds of her living with me and spending the rest of her life with me . . . those are pretty good odds, I think.”
“You would be thinking right.”
He nodded, “I wouldn’t do anything right away. We would have a long distance relationship for awhile. I think an adjustment period would be needed for all.”
She smiled, “I’ll see you in the morning, Drew.”
“See you then, Paige.”
Paige watched him head down the hall. Once he was out of sight, she quietly slipped into Pollux’s room. Pollux was lying on the bed with her eyes closed. Paige carefully sat on the side of the bed and brushed a stray hair off Pollux’s head. She smiled as Pollux turned her head and opened her eyes, “You’re supposed to be sleeping.”
“You’re supposed to be at work. We’re even,” Pollux yawned.
“Pollux, I want to run an idea by you.”
“Yes, I want to,” Pollux smiled.
“You don’t even know . . .” Paige watched her baby sister smirk. “Right, crime scene investigator.”
“Used to be anyway.”
Paige sighed, “My boss has been looking to start a West Coast office for years now. He just wasn’t sure where or who would run it. It means a pay raise for me.”
“More money is good. I’ll get a job as soon as possible.”
“You will get a job when you can. Until then, you will not worry about it. You have your compensation, they’re still feeding into your retirement fund, I’ve invested your money wisely, and I will take care of anything else.”
Pollux nodded, “Wow, we’re going to leave New York.”
“Scary, huh?”
“Yeah. I never thought . . .”
“We’ll visit. Besides we can always come back.”
“Only if they come with us,” Pollux smiled.
“Didn’t take long to get attached, did it?”
Pollux shook her head, “Nope, it didn’t.” She adjusted her shoulder and winced in pain, “Doctors?”
“I have a possible list. I was going . . . going to let Mom do the initial screenings.”
Pollux nodded, “Fine by me. Should we let them have this sense of relief too?”
Paige smiled, “I thought I was the only one.”
Pollux reached for the phone and shook her head, “Not so much. Do we have a timetable?”
“My boss was more than a little receptive. He’s looking into offices and shuffling West Coast clients to me. He said we could be there by the end of the month, and the rest would fall into place quickly.”
Pollux nodded, “Ugh, we have to pack.”
Paige smiled, “We’ll be fine. I’ll be back with the list of doctors, you dial.”
Pollux nodded and watched her go. Once Paige was within sight again, Pollux dialed numbers and handed her the phone, “You are older.”
Paige smiled and accepted the phone. She took a deep breath and smiled to herself as she heard her mother’s voice, “Mom . . . it’s Paige . . . Good, you? . . . Pollux and I need a favor . . . well, we need an apartment that accepts two small puppies and if you would be so kind as to start talking to some doctors . . .”


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