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How To Kill A Witch parts 1-4
Fri Jul 27, 2007 19:57

Disclaimer: All Charmed characters are property of the WB. Any other non original characters are the property of their respective owners. I am making no profit from this story. 16th of my Charmed stories.

How To Kill A Witch

Part 1: 'Another Day, Another Demon.'

Piper dreamed of a glorious night followed by a lovely morning. Looking in the mirror she thought, 'I'm nearly as slender as I was before Wyatt. Maybe Leo's right and I am one hot momma?' But self effacing she thought, 'Nah, but I like to hear him say it so why not glam it up a little today? I have only worn the outfit I bought last year once.' And so she put on a denim miniskirt, a sleeveless spaghetti strapped burgundy top with a flower embroidered on front and strap on red sandals with 3" heels. 30 minutes later Piper kissed Leo and the boys goodbye and Leo whispered, "When's my hot momma getting back?

Piper whispered back, "In a few hours, I got some coupons for a new boutique in the mail yesterday, 50% off!"

"So you'll be gone all day." Leo replied with a smile.

Piper playfully slapped him on the arm gave final round of kisses and left Leo to do some improvements on the manor. Then she paused in the door and said, "I love this nomal life, remember when it was another day, another demon?" Leo just smiled in response and Piper was off. Arriving at the store Piper was the 1000th customer and won a prize.

"If you will just come back to the office and fill out a form for the $500 shopping spree." The manager said and Piper thought, 'Where do I sign?' That's when the dream got a little strange. The woman assisting Piper with the paperwork had passed out and then, Piper opened her eyes to see her legs ... bound and elevated! They were tied together above her knees, below her knees and at the ankles with coils of nylon rope. The coils were cinched down with ropes coming between Piper's legs, creating something like rope cuffs. A light chain was around the cinch on her ankle bonds and attached to a larger chain that held her ankles 2' off the ground and extended up into the darkness. As her head began to clear Piper realized her arms were lashed behind her with her wrists and elbows locked together by many more coils of well cinched rope. Furthermore she noticed that still more ropes above and below her breasts were holding her bound and tingling arms to her body. 'They went to sleep while I was lying here like this.' Piper thought as she tried to sit up and get her weight off of her arms. As she painfully sat up Piper found herself biting down on a sponge in her mouth and felt the tape on her cheek sealing her gag. She succeeded on the third try and was trying to get the pins and needles feeling out of her arms when a woman in black leather appeared and said, "Ok witch it's time to kill you by the book." Piper sighed and remembering her earlier comment to Leo thought, 'Another Day, Another Demon.'

Part 2:'the last time I do any cooking!'

The demoness looked like a 5' 3" Chinese woman with a short haircut. She said, "My name is Dragara, I was formerly known as the demoness of 1000 daggers." With that she began creating daggers out of thin air and tossing them around Piper! Piper gulped as in seconds she was outlined in daggers like a circus act! "However under the new regime any witch that is considered hot must be killed in accordance with current regulations. So I am now called the Dunking Demon." 'Normally that would be funny,' Piper thought, 'but not after what she did with the daggers. What does she dunk in?' "Do you smell something witch? Or hear anything?" Dragara said with a evil grin and cruelty in her voice. Piper did smell something but couldn't quite place it and thought, 'I wish I had some more light, that one bulb near the wall doesn't help much in this huge place. Where am I anyway?' Then she heard something familiar and thought, 'Is something coming to a boil? Oh no! Tell me it's not' And sensing her prisoner's thoughts the demoness shimmered to the wall and flicked a row of light switches. This enabled Piper to see the vat that she now realized was filled with 'BOILING OIL!'

"MMMMMMPH!!!" Piper screamed through her gag as Dragara threw a lever which started reeling in the chain connected to her ankle bonds! 'Mustn't hit my head and get knocked out again!' Piper thought as she rolled sideways and onto her belly. She landed on her breasts and managed to keep her head from hitting the floor as she was slowly hauled off of it link by link of chain. She bounced on her breasts a couple of times much to her tormentor's amusement. Her mouth kissed the floor for a split second and she barely kept her forehead from hitting the floor by arching her neck back at the last instant! 'At least I didn't get my head busted and the tape kept my face from getting torn up.' Piper thought and wondered, 'How do I get out of this?'

As she was being hauled toward the ceiling Piper realized, 'Hey this is the museum of Classic Terror and Horror where those damn Witch Hunters tried to execute us years ago. Looks like I am taking Prue's place this time.' And shortly thereafter Piper was hanging upside down over the vat of boiling oil. Her struggles had gotten the pins and needles feeling out of her arms but her bonds were still very secure. Dragara said, "Ok witch, you are 20' above the surface of a vat of boiling oil. When I pull this lever I start lowering you towards the vat 1 inch at a time. In 4 minutes you will reach the surface and things will get hot for you! BWAH HA HA!!!" The demoness ended her laugh looked up at Piper and explained, "I figure if I have to kill witches this way I might as get into the spirit of things and enjoy myself. Don't you agree?"

"MMMMMMPH!!" Piper responded and shook her head no. Dragara just laughed and threw the lever. Piper began slowly descending towards the oil as inch long links of chain were let out. As the links let out the and the chain lengthened Piper's struggles to escape caused her to start swinging from side to side. She thought, 'If I don't figure out something fast this will be the last time I do any cooking!'



"THREE MINUTES TO LIVE WITCH!" Dragara yelled as Piper reached the 15' mark above the oil. Piper's struggles thus far along with being upside down had caused her chest ropes to start working their way down towards her head. However that didn't help Piper much and she tried to scowl at Dragara's taunt. That was when she realized, 'The tape has some give to it. When I kissed the floor that must have caught an edge of tape. Maybe I can work with that.' And so Piper began contorting her facial muscles to try and work the tape off! As she worked on her gag time seemed to fly by for Piper. The surface of boiling oil grew ever closer but her gag wouldn't come off!

"TWO MINUTES WITCH!" Dragara yelled taunting Piper again. But Piper realized, 'It's less than that. Between the bubbling oil and scalding steam I'll be badly burnt and either unconscious or dead before I reach the surface. I have to do something and now!' She looked around the museum and saw, 'Yes! The dunking pool where they tried to drown Phoebe. If I can just swing a little closer.' And with that she spent the next 45 seconds putting her body into the swings and increasing their velocity. Then as one again she swung towards the same side as the dunking pool Piper took the deepest breath she could and BOOM!!! She blew a 10' section out of the chain and went flying! Piper was heading towards the dunking pool but was going to fall short. So in desperation she tried blowing up the air behind her. As a result she flipped in mid air and hit the water feet first! When Piper reached the bottom she pressed an edge of the loosened tape against the wall. Once, twice and then a third time Piper tried and failed. But with her lungs near to bursting she was trying a fourth time when Dragara grabbed her by the hair! Seconds later the infuriated demoness flung Piper to the floor as she climbed out of the dunking pool. "You miserable little witch," Dragara began but in her rage never noticed that her captive was rolling onto her left side and extending her bound arms with her fingers open and BOOM!!! Dragara would boil witches in oil no more!

Piper caught her breath and thought, 'Talk about fighting or vanquishing with both hands tied behind your back and then some!'

Part 4: "Hey Pheebs, witches are back in season"

Piper finally gets the tape off of her mouth, pushes the sponge out with her tongue and uses a spell to untie her ropes. Then she dries herself with another spell and calls Leo. He orbs in and in spite of Piper's assurances, insists on healing her every bump, bruise and rope burn. "You are taking longer than you used to Leo." Piper commented as he checked for rope burns on her legs.

"Well you know I have only half the power I used to." Leo replied with a smile.

Piper frowned for a second and then remembered that Leo had given up his immortality and half of his Whitelighter powers to grow old with her. 'Of course the half he gave up has helped keep my brother in law alive on multiple occasions.' She thought and then said, 'You already healed the ones on my ankles that I got hanging around. You can feel me up later, I've got stuff to do."

With an innocent grin that didn't fool his wife for a second Leo replied, "Would I do that?"

"Absolutely! And who is watching Wyatt and Chris?" Piper replied and changed the subject.

"Their uncle of course, who I could get in a second or two." Leo replied and Piper thought 'It's good that the boys have such a wonderful uncle to watch them while Leo helps his almost cooked wife! ' Then she told him what she needed to do. Leo takes her to get her purse and car. Piper called Phoebe, "Hey Pheebs, witches are back in season we need to talk." Phoebe reminds Piper that Paige is in New Zealand with a charge today and the two older sisters agree to meet for lunch at Phoebe's favorite new cafe to discuss the day's events.

"I don't like this." Leo objected but

Piper cut him off, "It's a open air cafe, I hardly think demons are going to attack us in public. Besides Phoebe will be there to watch my back."

"I could watch you back." Leo started but

"That's not what you've been watching!" Piper replied with a grin and a playful slap on the arm. "Besides since Phoebe moved out I don't see her much. Now get going and I will see you later" So after a goodbye kiss Leo leaves and Piper heads for the cafe. Arriving she finds Phoebe already seated and reading a paper. Piper notes a headline "PERIL ATTACKS CONTINUE!"

Phoebe notices Piper's expression and explains, "Sledge Hammer and Darryl stopped an ex con from running his ex wife through a buzzsaw. It also talks about the 37 other buzzsaw, rr track and other deathtrap type murder attempts in the USA this year."

Piper lifts an eyebrow and says, "It's only February!"

Phoebe leans forward and lowering her voice says, "Well remember the Elders told Leo this was some sort of psychic spillover from the underworld's rules on witch killing. It seems to be accelerating, but don't worry almost all of these amateurs are stopped and their victims saved. What the story doesn't tell you is that the overall murder rate was actually down 1% last month."

"Ok well now let me tell you about this morning. A relieved Piper said. Before she could start the waitress came and took their orders. Piper had just finished when their drinks came and Phoebe took a swallow of her diet coke. When she touched the glass to her mouth Phoebe had a vision. She saw a strange looking man grab a young woman and mesmerize her with his gaze. He gave the woman a small potion bottle and a phone number. Then Phoebe saw the woman dump the bottle into a glass and bring it to her and Piper's table!. The flashback ended and Phoebe realized to her dismay that while she was having the vision she had tilted her head back, reflexively swallowed and downed the entire drink at one time! "Wow, you must have been thirsty." Piper said right before Phoebe grabbed her throat and collapsed! "PHOEBE!" Piper cried and knelt beside her sister. Paralyzed and fevered Phoebe thought, 'The potion in my drink must have somehow caused me to finish it after I started and now I am helpless and can't tell Piper what happened.'

While she lay there helpless Phoebe noticed that Wendy one of Piper's friends had come from the other side of the cafe to lend moral support. An ambulance arrived quickly and got Phoebe on a stretcher. Piper demanded to go along and they agreed. Wendy said "I'll call you later to check on Phoebe." Piper smiled and nodded and got into the ambulance. Shutting the doors one attendant got an oxygen mask on Phoebe. Clutching Phoebe's clammy hand and worrying over her Piper did not notice the attendant beside her get a second oxygen mask until it was over her nose! The attendant put the mask on Piper with his left hand and grabbed her right arm with his right hand! And unlike Phoebe's mask Piper's was not putting out oxygen. Surprised by the treacherous attendants froze them but not before the other one grabbed her left wrist! As a result the two were frozen in the act of holding and gassing Piper! With her head swimming she tried to free a hand before the gas could knock her out. She managed to free her left wrist in about 10 seconds but found she lacked the strength to pull the arm holding the mask from her face. When the freeze wore off her attackers found Piper in a very deep sleep! Piper's capture was the last thing Phoebe saw before she also passed out.


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