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How To Kill A Witch parts 5-8
Fri Jul 27, 2007 19:59

Part 5: "Then we will find out if she has a brain!"

The ambulance took the kidnapped witches to a small private clinic on the outskirts of San Francisco.Once they got the sisters inside a man said, "You fools, why haven't you secured them yet?" The attendants muttered something about the sisters being unconscious, put them down and then fled from their boss's anger. Taking personal charge of Phoebe the man called a nurse to attend to Piper. "Do that one as we discussed." He said indicating Piper. So the nurse rolled Piper face down on table, brought her hands together behind her back and began wrapping them with casting material. She completely encased Piper's hands, worked her way up her arms and finished just below Piper's elbows. The material soon dried encasing Piper's arms in a rock hard cast. The nurse then stuffed Piper mouth with gause, pressed her lips together and sealed them with tape. She then wrapped sticky bandaging over that and around her victim's head until the entire roll was used up! Meanwhile the man had slipped a straight jacket onto Phoebe. Phoebe had worn a black skirt suit for a meeting with some newspaper execs this morning. So some kidnappers might not have used the straightjacket's crotch strap. This one however pulled the strap as tight as possible! He thought, 'I may have to kill these witches in approved fashion but that doesn't mean I can't make them suffer a little bit before that!' Then he gagged Phoebe just like the nurse had gagged Piper with gause, tape and a roll of sticky bandage wrap. Next he and his nurse each got a roll of black electrical tape and proceeded to wrap their respective prisoners legs. Both Piper and Phoebe had their legs bound with 10 wrappings of tape above their knees, below their knees and around their ankles. Then orderlies were called and they carried the sisters into an operating room!

The orderly carrying Piper set her down in a low backed wooden chair and draped her arms over the back of it.Then he took some white medical straps and secured her to the chair. He slipped one below her breasts, brought it around the chair and her arms and buckled it as tight as he could. He did the same thing with a strap around her waist and wrists and used a third to secure her thighs to the chair's seat. Meanwhile poor Phoebe had been placed on the operating table and 5 straps were used on her. The straps went across her ankles, knees, waist, straightjacketed arms and neck. Then they started getting ready for surgery!

Shortly thereafter Phoebe began to stir and at a nod from their leader an orderly used smelling salts to revive Piper as well. As she tried to gather her wits Piper thought, 'I've have better days, much better days. I may have had worse days but it's hard to remember when!' Then she shook her focused her eyes and saw who had captured them. 'Impossible, it can't be him!' Piper thought as her eyes widened in shock.

Smirking the white coated man said, "Yes Piper it is I, Dr Giggles!" Shaking her head Piper thought, 'Didn't I feed you to the sharks?' Guessing her thoughts Giggles smirked and said, "You thought it was over when you fed me to the sharks didn't you?" Nodding Piper thought, 'I certainly did, now if you will just tell me how it is you are alive, I will have some time to figure a way out of this mess!' "I bet you would like me to tell you all about my survival and what I've been up to since then?' Piper nodded and again Giggles said, "I will be glad to accomodate you." Piper felt a little bit better and thought, 'Whew!' "Right after I kill Phoebe that is!" Giggles added with sadistic glee!

"MMmph!" Piper objected and shook her head no. However Giggles just made sure Piper had a good view of the operating table. She saw that Phoebe was wide awake and looking at an instrument above the table. "This is a hollow drill, after it builds up enough speed to chew through bone," Giggles activates the drill and continues, "I will press a button and it will slowly decend towards your sisters skull! Then we will find out if she has a brain! MWAAH, HA, HA!" Giggles concludes with an evil laugh.

Then he sets the rate of decent to very slow so that, "It will take 2 minutes to reach her skull so Phoebe has just over two minutes to live!" and with that he activates the drill and it begins descending towards Phoebe's head...


Part 6:"Now you both can watch her die!"

Phoebe struggled desperately but the straps were so tight she could barely move an inch in any direction. 'And not a bit of that is helping me!' She thought as she tried to catch her breath. 'This neck strap makes it hard to breath, I can't even struggle for long.' Phoebe grimly concluded as the drill reached the quater point of it's descent!

Meanwhile at Halliwell Manor, Leo had gotten a call from Piper's friend Wendy and he didn't like what he was hearing. "So Phoebe collapsed at the cafe over an hour ago and you can't reach Piper on her cell phone to check on Phoebe. Don't worry, I'm sure it's just phone problems. I'll have Piper call you later!" Then he yells "Paige!" and calls a second Whitelighter as well. Paige orbs in seconds later as Leo is gathering up the boys and he says, "Piper and Phoebe are in trouble. I'll drop the boys and Victors and join you asap! Just keep them alive until we get there!" Paige gives Leo a thumbs up, concentrates for a second and orbs out.

The drill was halfway to Phoebe's head when Paiged orbed into the room.Immediately Giggles ordered, "Get that witch!" And his ordelies charged Paige!

"CABINENT, CHAIR!" Paige said and in doing so orbed the items to her and redirected them into her attackers! They slammed into opposite walls and Paige seeing the drill began to speak, again, "Dr, AAAAAAAAH!!!" Her attempt to orb the death dealing device away from Phoebe was interrupted by a black crossbow bolt suddenly sprouting from her shoulder! All three sisters stared at the crossbow in the hands of, 'Dr Giggles?' Piper thought, 'He is now a Darklighter? but how?'

"You see Piper, I didn't survive the sharks. Instead I was made a Darklighter by the Source you vanquished all those years ago!" Giggles explained. In the meantime one of the orderlies Paige had clobbered leaped behing the wounded witch, twisted her good arm behind her back and clamped a hand over her mouth before she could try and save Phoebe again. "Oh did I mention the demon orderlies?" Giggles added as they subdued Paige. Then he gestured at Phoebe and said "Now you both can watch her die!"

This chain of events had taken about 30 seconds and the drill was 3/4 of the way to Phoebe's head. None of the sisters appeared able to do anything to stop it as it got closer and closer. But just in case oxygen masks were slipped onto Paige and Piper.At a signal from Giggles the nurse started counting down the last seconds of Phoebe's life, "10, 9, 8" Both Piper and Paige struggled desperately in a last effort to break free and save Phoebe but got whiffs of nitrous oxide for their trouble! "7, 6, 5" Phoebe tried to levitate the table away from the drill but her neck strap strangled her when she tried it! "4, 3, 2" The nurse counted down and then...


Part 7:treated Giggles like a Ping Pong ball

As the nurse said "2" two familiar figures orbed into opposite corners of the room! The tall dark haired man did a flying leap at the operating table and orbed as he touched it taking the enitre table away a split second before the drill entered Phoebe's skull! at the same time Leo punched one of the orderlies holding Paige and Giggles raised his crossbow. However Leo had noticed the weapon as he orbed in and orbed behind the second orderly before the bolt could strike! Instead it hit the second orderly in the heart freeing Paige! Leo caught Paige as she fell and said, "Get Piper's cast off!"

"Cast!' Paige weakly gasped and in a swirl of blue orbs Piper's arms came free! With the cast gone Piper brought her arms in front of her her and blasted the now charging demon nurse into oblivion! Then she slipped an arm out of the straps holding her to the chair and pulled the oxygen mask from her nose. She was still wobbly from the whiff of gas she had gotten but managed to blast away at more demons entering from outside the room. Her aim was slightly off though and Leo decided to orb Paige behind Piper just to be safe!

Meanwhile Giggles was trying for another shot at Leo when he felt someone tap him on his shoulder. He whirled and saw, "YOU? TRAITOR!" WHAM!, BAM! His opponent delivered a couple of hard punches driving the medical madman back and forcing him to drop the crossbow! As he staggered back Giggles got turned around and Leo started punching him from the other side! The two Whitelighters then treated Giggles like a Ping Pong ball hammering him back and forth! He finally managed to escape from the pounding right after Piper had finished blowing up all of his minions! She stood up to finish him off but forgot her legs were still taped. As a result she fell facedown on the floor and Giggles teleported away!

Moments later Piper and Phoebe had been freed, the bolt removed from Paige and her wound healed. She complained, "You two took your time."

Her brother in law with his arms around Phoebe responded, "Sometimes have problems getting away from lawyers, but I think we did ok, right Leo?"

Suppoting the still somewhat groggy Piper, Leo responded, "Sure thing Cole."

Questions to be answered:

Cole a Whitelighter and Phoebe's husband in 2007?

These rules of witch killing?

What's going on here?

Stay tuned!

Part 8:"Like I didn't see that coming!"

Later that day back at the manor the sisters get visitors. Billie and Christie arrive and ask for help with some demons. As the Halliwells go upstairs to get a potion recipe Piper says, "I still don't trust those two. Something about Christie's abduction just doesn't add up! Ever since we helped Billie find her she has been acting strange.' As the other look at her she adds, "Well stranger than normal anyway!"

"I'm with you lady." Paige agrees as usual when the familiar subject arises.

"That's" Phoebe begins to object but has a vauge sense of deja vu and continues, "possible, maybe Piper's right."

"I am?" Piper says stunned at Phoebe's reversal of opinion and then recovering says, "Of course I am, what took you so long to figure that out? And why now?"

"It almost feels like when Tempus was messing with time. Only it's much fainter than that." Phoebe explained, "When you talked about not trusting them I knew you were right."

"Well alrighty then!" Piper says with a smile "Let's see what those two are really have in mind!"

Shortly thereafter the Charmed Ones follow Billie and Christie to an abandoned warehouse. They learn that it is used to store a lot of props from a closed movie studio. Inside they find all sorts of strange devices including many instruments of torture and death! 'Not the kind of movies I like to watch.' Piper thought as they made their way among both crated and uncrated props. They stopped and peered over some crates about 3/4 of the way into the warehouse and saw their targets. Said targets were a pack of the fast and deadly manticore demons. "We can work together to vanquish these demons," Billie began cordially enough but her sisters venom bled through as she looked at Piper and continued, "even though it's your fault our parents are dead!" The Halliwells exchanged eye rolling glances at this ludicrous accusation while Christie telepathed to Billie, 'Not now Billie, you are making them suspicious! Just follow the plan for a few more minutes!'

On the count of three the 5 witches revealed themselves and Piper froze the manticores! The sisters hurled vanquishing potions at the demons who quickly went up in smoke. However as this was going on Christie formed a large fireball and hurled it at Piper! BOOOM! Piper blew it apart with ease and said, "Like I didn't see that coming!"

"What about this?" Billie said as green gas enveloped all three of the sisters!

Freezing the gas as soon as it appearing Piper "As soon as you thought about it Billie."

Before Billie could figure out what Piper meant Paige said, "Crate!" WHAM! The crate crashed into Billie's back koing her instantly!

Shocked Christie realized that she hadn't picked up any thoughts for the sisters in awhile and said, "You are reading our minds!"

"We cast a hearing secret thoughts spell." Phoebe confirmed "It let's us hear your surface thoughts.

"And we whipped up something to keep you from reading ours." Piper added as she prepared to blow Christie apart at a single wrong move.

"Wait Piper, we can't just vanquish them." Phoebe objected, "They are still human."

"Sighing Piper said, "So what do you want to do?"

"We could take them back to the manor and bind their powers." Paige suggested and her sisters agreed. A quick survey of the warehouse found ample quantities of rope lying around and Piper insisted that the traitors be bound and gagged. So while Piper covered Christie her sisters tied her up! Paige tied Christies arms back strictly at the wrists and elbows with coils of nylon rope, cinched the ropes down making rope cuffs and tightly knotted the bindings. She also stuffed a large wad of cloth in Christie's mouth, secured the gag with a red bandanna between the lips and knotted it behind her head. "I sorta think Piper has the right idea." Paige said as she finished and continued, "You turned your stupid sister against us after all we did for her and you too!"

Meanwhile Phoebe had tied Christie's legs at the knees and ankles and finishing said, "You know wearing flip flops with a sleeveless black minidress is a crime against fashion. I should have figured you out from that earlier."

Three pairs of eyes rolled at that and Piper said "Truss Billie up so we can get out of here and finish this."

However the Charmed Ones actions had not gone unobserved. Before they could start on Billie, Christie's thoughts betrayed the sudden arrival of a new foe!

Whirling the Halliwells faced...

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                    always so fun and witty and your imagination on what you can get teh girls into never ceases to amaze me
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