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How To Kill A Witch parts 9-12
Fri Jul 27, 2007 20:01

Part 9:something hit her from behind!

"THE TRIAD!" They yelled in surprise as the trio of robed demons hurled energy balls at the witches! Piper froze one of the crackling spheres of death with her right hand and blew up another with her left. Paige returned the third to it's sender but her target blocked the attack with another of his own. For her part Phoebe heard Christie think, 'I'm not blindfolded I can still burn them down form behind.' and WHAM! She backfisted Christie in the jaw stunning her! Then she started running towards the Triad and thought, 'An assist Paige?' And so Paige said "Phoebe!" And orbed Phoebe just as she jumped into the air. CRASH!!! She reappeared in front of Triad #2 and slammed into him with tremendous force! Using her momentum she landed on top of the Triad, rolled forward and flipped him overhead into the far wall.

Paige taking advantage of the hearing secret thoughts spell to coordinate with Phoebe and Piper thought, 'Cover me for a second!' Hard pressed to stalemate the attack of just one of the arch demons Piper thought, 'Ok, but not much more than that!' So Paige used one of the props and said, "HARPOON!" Orbing a harpoon she skewered Triad #2 and pinned him to the wall. She followed that up with "POTION, POTION, POTION!" and orbed the remaining manticore vanquishing potions inot the open mouth of the skewered and screaming demon! The potions wouldn't normally have worked on a Triad but three of them in the mouth finished the target in a fiery BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!

Unfortunately while Paige's gambit took out a foe it also hurt a friend. The explosions knocked Phoebe down and she rolled away from a new attack and into a backhand from Triad #3. His demonic strength koed Phoebe and sent her flying! To her sisters horror she was heading directly for a very realisitc looking iron maiden! Unwilling to take a chance Paige orbed in front of Phoebe to catch her. She succeeded but the impact sent her to the floor! Triad #3 raised a hand to finish both of them with an exploding energy ball but Piper sensing an opportunity blasted the floor between him and Triad #1! As a result both demons were knocked off balance with #3 slamming into a wall, and the energy impacted well short of her sisters. It did cause enough of an impact to toss Paige 2' in the air and the subsequent landing knocked the breath out of her. Taking advantage Piper blasted Triad #1 BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! and he was toast! The last Triad turned flinging another energy ball but caught an orbed crate in the face from Paige causing the throw to go over and behind her and Phoebe! Piper finished him off with a few more blasts but turned to find that the last attack had exploded close enough to stun Paige. She turned to go to her stunned and staggered siblings when she picked up a thought right before something hit her from behind! It was a sheet of white canvas that wrapped around Piper like a mummy's bandages and cut off all sight and air! She struggled furiously but the sheet had trapped her hands against her sides. 'Have to get this thing off or I'll suffocate' The weary witch thought. Starting to gasp for air Piper was relieved when it loosened over her face. Unfortunately her near suffocation had caused Piper to shut out what her attacker was thinking. As a result her first breath was not of air but of Billie's green gas! Piper sank to the floor joining her sisters in unconsciousness!

Part 10: 'She acts like that is a bad thing.'

As Billie untied her Christie having been stunned most of the battle reached out telepathically to her mentors. She made a weak connection with Triad #1. 'What happened? Where are you?' He replied, "The Charmed Ones vanquished our bodies.' 'What? Crap! What do I do now?' Christie replied. 'Go ahead and finish the sisters in the manner dictated by the so called Emperor of the Underworld.' 'But I thought we were going to end that stupidity?" Christie questioned. 'We are,' He replied 'after we regenerate our bodies and Billie has innocent blood on her hands. Together we will destroy the madman and end his insane rule. But until we are at full strength you have to play along so that some foll trying to curry favor doesn't turn you in. That would be unpleasant. Remember he may be insane but he still has the powers of the Source of All Evil!'

'Yes and multiple minions armed with magic stolen from former rebels who are now roadkill.' Christie remembered and finished, 'Ok we'll use something here to make the kills and keep the Grimlock gestapo off our backs.' So after Billie finished untying her they started tying up the Halliwells. As Christie tied Paige's arms back at the wrists and elbows and Billie was doing the same to Piper, Christie said, "Now we will have to kill them."

"I thought we were going to bind their powers?" Billie said in confusion, "Why else are we tying them up?"

"Their magic is too strong for us to bind Billie," We discussed this already but you may not remember because of Paige knocking you out with that crate. You may have a concussion and short term memory loss." Billie nodded swallowing her sister's lies as usual and Christie continued, "We are tying them because we have to use the deathtrap routine."

"But why we aren't evil!" Billie objected.

"Right but the so called Emperor and his Grimlock gestapo might not believe us."

"Grimlock Gestapo? Never heard of them." Billie replied in confusion as usual.

Christie bit back an exasperated retort, stuffed a wad of cloth into Paige's mouth, tied it in place with a blue bandanna and while Billie was doing the same to Piper replied, "That's the slang term Billie, because they are working for a madman and being run by a Grimlock. The official name is" she rolls her eyes and says, "the Peril Police."

"Oooh! That's a cool name." Billie says but Christie bites her tongue and thinks, 'I have to do more work on her or she will embarrass me in front of the Triad!' Having finishing gagging their two victims they then proceeded to cinch down more coils of nylon rope around Piper and Paige's ankles and knees and tie them securely.Then they went to work on Phoebe. Her legs were tied and she was gagged just like her sisters but her wrists were tied together in front of her and those bonds were attached to the ropes above her knees. They also tied her elbows tightly together before carrying Phoebe to her fate. They secured Phoebe to a prop with a strap across her waist which also pinned her bound arms against her body, a second strap below her breasts and a final one across her shins. As Phoebe was beginning to stir Christie blindfolded her. 'Don't want to spoil the surprise!' Realizing that could also apply to her other victims she and Billie blindfolded Piper and Paige and well. Then they dragged them over to a iron grate platform with a post in the middle and began tying them to it. Placing Piper and Paige on opposite sides of the post Christie began winding coils of rope below the sisters breasts and directed Billie to do the same thing around their waists. 'Leave just a little slack so you can tk them into a standing position. Then I can take that slack out and the ropes will hold them up. Billie did as instructed and waited as Christie added more ropes above Piper and Paige's breasts. Then Billie tked them to a standing position, Christie tightened the three sets of rope, frown and then added more ropes below her victims knees to make sure the two Charmed Ones stayed standing.

"Make that real." Christie said and the now conscious Phoebe realized, 'Billie must be using her projection power to make one of the movie props real, But which one? And how did we end up with them capturing us?' "Paige can stay unconscious since we don't want her orbing but let's make Piper up." They did so and Phoebe heard her sister's muffled groans as smelling salts brought her rudely awake! Christie began addressing the sisters but her words were mainly for Billie's benefit. "You three have betrayed the greater good, you have been selfish, Phoebe is married to not just an ex demon but the former Source of All Evil. And because of your stupidity the current holder of those great powers is a raving lunatic with delusions of grandeur!" 'She acts like that is a bad thing.' Phoebe thinks and Piper wonders, 'Why the exaggeration? He's crazy but not raving. And if he was it would make him less dangerous. Anyone with a brain should be able to see that!' Then Piper shook her head and realized, 'Oh that excludes Billie. She is more gullible than a 2 year old!' Piper had tuned out Christie's ravings while she thought but the final, "So now you have to die in approved fashion."

Then she had Billie tk off the sisters blindfolds and they saw the means of their death. Looking above her Phoebe saw, 'A PENDULUM! They are going to cut me in half with a pendulum! For her part Piper saw that the post she and Paige were tied to was on a iron grate platform with wood stacked all around it. 'The old burned at the stake routine,' She observed and finished, 'it figures!' "Anyway we have wasted enough time," Christie continued, "it should take about 3 minutes for the blade to bisect Phoebe." With that Billie tks a switch and the blade starts to swing. "And not too long for the fire to reach your platform and then you two!" With that she uses her pyrokenesis to ignite the wood! So as the Pendulum descends towards Phoebe the flames begin to grow towards her sisters!

Part 11:"dead midgets tell no tales!"

Piper and Phoebe both struggled against their bonds as Billie watched and Christie smiled. as the Pendulum descended towards Phoebe Christie sent a telepathic taunt, 'You'll soon have a split personality you gullible fool!' "MMMPH!!!" Phoebe screamed in rage through her gag and tired to use her levitation to break free of the straps but they held her tightly to the slab! Then Christie turned to Piper and taunted her, 'Getting hot yet? I am going to enjoy seeing you burn!' Piper glared back at her and would have cursed through her gag but suddenly noticed a familiar figure in the background. As she stared in surprise Christie noticed and whirled to see a midget in a black suit filming the proceedings. Then she noticed a second midget filming Phoebe's struggle to survive and a third sitting on a crate watching with great interest. All three were identical and to Piper quite familiar!

"Who the hell are you?" Christie snarled and the seated midget got up and walked over and handed her his card. Christie and Billie stared at the card which read, OOTAT Henchman Supreme, No Job Too Tough, No Fee Too High!

"But who are these other two?" The befuddled Billie asked.

"Clones of course," He replied and explained, "see the part about fees!"

"But that's impossible," Christie objected "mortals can't gain magic powers. It drives them insane!"

"There are ways around that." He replied with a cryptic smile.

"But why are you here filming the end of the Charmed Ones?" Billie demanded.

"It's for the boss, he want everyone to see this done his way." He replied.

Her eyes widening in surprise Christie realized, 'He's one of them!'

Meanwhile being unable to free herself from the ropes and with the flames rising toward her feet Piper thought, 'Only one chance if I blast down with precisely the right angle and amount of force I may save us. If not well wooden shrapnel will be a quicker death than by fire!' And so Piper takes a deep breath concentrates and blasts straight down!

BOOM! Christie and Billie jump at the explosion and quickly turn to see Piper and Paige land on a half deflated air matress!

"Bummer," Ootat said, "looks like you will have to put them in another deathtrap."

"WHAT!" Christie yelled, "I want them dead now!"

Shaking his head Ootat said, "That's against the rules."

With a wild look on her face Christie concentrates and the two Ootat clones are incinerated. Then as the midget menace takes a step back Christie forms a fireball in her palm which grows larger by the second!

Meanwhile Phoebe is nearing exhaustion form her attempts to break free and the Pendulum is only seconds from cutting her in two! She sucks in her stomach to avoid a cut but thinks 'The next one will gut me like a pig!'

"You little rat," Christie rants, "you think you are going to report me to your boss don't you?" Without waiting for an answer she concludes, "Well dead midgets tell no tales!" With that she raises her arm to hurl the fireball as the Pendulum swings toward Phoebe for the killing stroke ...

Part 12:"Now you die!"

FREEZE! The Pendulum blade stops just 2" away from Phoebe! This causes Christie to turn away from Ootat and see a strange sight. Paige was now awake and tied but ungagged. Piper was gagged but untied and quite angry! BOOM! She blasted both evil witches and sent them flying across the warehouse! Later reviewing the video his clone had filmed Ootat would see what had happened.

Flashback: As Paige and Piper are hurled across the warehouse by her blast Paige revives. When Christie turns to argue with Ootat Paige orbs beside Piper with her face just inches from Piper's hands. Piper yanks the bandanna from Paige's mouth and Paige spits out the cloth and says, "Piper's ropes!" THe ropes orb off of Piper and to Paige's hands. Piper freezes the Pendulum just in time to save Phoebe! End Flashback.

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Piper blasts her foes again and again but Billie's projection power saves them from destruction. Meanwhile Paige calls for both Phoebe's and her own ropes and Piper's gag as well to continue freeing the Charmed Ones. Phoebe manages to unbuckle a couple of the straps holding her to the slab and sits up to undo the leg restraints. Then the Pendulum unfreezes and slice through the space she had occupied a second before! Telepathing to her sister Christie thought, 'Think of a shield between us and Piper, a very strong 3 layer shield!' As always Billie obeys and 3 walls of transparent red energy form between them and the Charmed Ones. 'The spells they cast to block my telepathy must have worn off.' Christie realized and reasoned, 'If I can just use my telepathy and time this right we will regain the advantage!' BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Piper blasts the 3 shields down one after another but Christie's fireball is in flight even before the 3rd shield falls! Boom! It strikes 5' in front of Piper and sends her flying! Paige orbs in front of Piper to catch her but the impact stuns both sisters! That leaves just the bruised and battered Phoebe to face them on unsteady legs. 'Just got the straps undone and now this. We've been in too many battles today!' Phoebe thought.

Forming a new fireball Christie says, "Now you die!"

From behind her a man's voice says, "Vell someone does!"

Startled the two evil witches turn to find that they face,

"The so called Emperor of the Underworld!" Christie snarls,

"Who has the powers of the Source!" Billie gasps

"AKA ..." Phoebe begins


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